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  1. 21 minutes ago, Katrine Basso said:

    I wonder if the Thurrock QE2 crossing will be shut tomorrow.

    There are no current warnings for the dartford crossing according to.... wait for it.. Willyweather. 🤣


    Current active weather warnings for River Thames--Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, issued by the Met Office. Create alerts and filter by warning category.


  2. 3 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    You will not find one, their probability mapping does not cover any further than that which is shown. We had this a few years ago with another TS that crossed the date line.


    4 minutes ago, daveinleices said:


    You have to go into the graphics archive and move to the most recent frame

    Thanks! Odd that their direct link doesn't show up the latest time frame


    2 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    I am wrong then!!

    I originally though it was a time zone issue too but looking at the key message image could see the full probability track, which kept me wondering why the full image wouldn't show, I remember seeing a full image yesterday but couldn't find it today lol

  3. 37 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    Hi E.E.,

    Yes you are in pretty good "Thames Streamer" territory there. But this event behaved a little differently, than the norm.


    I do remember waking up to and recording a covering of around 13 inches the following morning over the garden, which was topped up on and off during the next few days! I don't remember it being extremely cold at the time. 2010 in the local area was almost the same in regards to snowfall, but without thunder, I think I remember that year being the year of the constant ice freeze thaw during the day & night, resulting in huge icicles hanging from gutters, some so thick you had to almost kick the door into them to get out of the house!

  4. 10 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

    I've just noticed, looking at that 2nd Feb.2009 Croydon snowfall clip, that Southern Region's Information Screens,


    I remember that event well! Had quite a bit of thundersnow overnight during a thick covering, which hit the local grid and took the power out, after the clouds had cleared and with a bright moon the scene was amazing with light reflections all over the place, made the night seem quite light and eerie!

  5. 6 hours ago, feb1991blizzard said:

    No - Found the URL somehow, can't remember how  but anyway  it just came up with an expiry error - wanted the North West one that friday night 17th Dec when we got pasted, guessing you got blasted with the channel low the following day.

    Yes I remember it well! Woke up at my mates house with almost a foot of snow cover, he couldn't be bothered to drag his cart around in the snow so I did it for him and he let me keep all the tips lol

  6. @Snipper I have the same issue, I used to be a complete mess with handwriting as a kid, but slowly got better, to the point where my writing was eligible, but after years of constantly only using a keyboard, my writing is now back to a mess, to the point where when I fill out forms and send them off in the post, they get sent back to me asking for corrections!

  7. I still think of mine, but never tried to get the relationship to work again, as we were totally different characters after a few different issues in the relationship, took us both a while to work that out!

    I know where she is, and occasionally make contact, but that's the full extent of it, trying to both make new lives.

    I look back with both fondness and some cringiness, but think that's perfectly normal. No candles involved lol

  8. Hi guys, I'll be moving shortly to an area with very flat fields at the back and looking for suggestions for an outdoor 1080p Wi-FI PTZ IP Camera.

    Any suggestions?

    I'd ideally like it to be able to stream continuously with the option to easily embed it's own software onto my website, such as a nest camera? I know you can do this with their indoor cameras. But do they also do outdoor variants?

    Also, is there an easy way to allow remote users to control the PTZ system themselves remotely via embedded UI on my website in a browser, is there any kind of cheap and easy solution for this? @Mapantz I think you may be the most knowledgeable in this area, any tips?



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