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  1. Oh boy This forecasts certainly one that's been randomly pulled from a hat lol UK weather: Brits to sizzle in 20C heat blast next week in first sign of summer - Daily Star WWW.DAILYSTAR.CO.UK The Met Office and BBC Weather have already forecasted "mild" weather to sweep Britain in March, and now it looks like 20C could be on the cards
  2. It's brilliant isn't it The rustling trees help me get to sleep, I'm so used to constant whistling/howling now I think I'll miss it once we get a calmer spell lol
  3. I don't think so, plumes usually go upwards/northwards, we rarely if ever have cold air masses to our south, which is why cold masses are usually defined as troughs
  4. Here's our low about to leave the US east coast, already down to 980mb, right in line with the GFS forecast
  5. Believe it or not north Texas and the western coasts actually get snow during most winters, and more frequently ice storms, lol
  6. @feb1991blizzard Just sending you a PM now
  7. Crikey, that is the worst thing to do.. That will just increase your tolerance 10 fold and do further harm at a rapid pace, making the cravings and withdrawals even worse. Do you not have a local charity recovery unit you can get a detox from? I have another detox next month which I'm hoping will get me off the poison once and for all
  8. Just found a link to a live tracker here: Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS GISANDDATA.MAPS.ARCGIS.COM
  9. I had the same issue with mine but reading high, mines a german analogue barometer mounted outside, that also reads up to 1050mb, but it went over the top of the scale at 1052 which obviously wasn't right, it's usually pretty accurate but I suppose if the pressure gets extreme then maybe the accuracy can sway a bit
  10. Are you using a PC/Laptop or phone? As the toolbar should come up like shown below on a PC, with the font size option near the end If the text has already been typed up and needs a size change, drag your cursor over the text you want to change, and just select a different size from the drop down box
  11. Does your station have options to input altitude, because if not you'll be seeing absolute pressure which does get lower at elevation, if you're altitude adjusted you should still be receiving the relative sea level pressure
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