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  1. One of the best gifts I've received in a long time! A spark plug from the 2005 Minardi F1 car! Actually from the 2004 PS04B chassis but was used for the first 3 races of 2005 🙂 


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    2. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Not really no, £16 from the websites I've seen so far, probably won't go up much in value in the future as Minardi was a bottom ranking team and never even got onto the podium during their 9 years of racing lol

    3. Dorsetbred


      Apart from a hose-clip, I bet it's the cheapest part in the engine bay!

    4. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Lol, the price doesn't really matter much to me, just knowing it is race used is enough! Genuine parts are hard enough to find as it is, and you probably know, anything off a recent car is super expensive!

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