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  1. Mum's only gone and hired the wrong type of skip, the right size but without a drop end door, somehow got to lift rocks almost the same weight as me over the side of it instead of rolling them in now, not impressed 😑

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    2. Snipper


      Why moan at Mum?  

      If wrong skip get on a deal with it. Not sure if some mum’s know of the different sorts. Why didn’t you help her bearing in mind you experience of such things?

    3. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      @Surrey All together there were roughly 15 rocks, I managed to load all the small ones into the skip, and the larger ones I rolled back down the garden as features, were just impossible to get over the side of the skip, even with the neighbours help.@Snipper I did advise her what was needed at the time but I guess she forgot, I don't live with her and can only help out when I'm around, she's almost impossible to get hold of via the phone lol. All done now though, finally!

    4. Snipper


      Frustrating. My mum doesn’t know who I am so hopefully things are better with yours. Rubbish getting old. 

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