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  1. I agree, if they're going to take action they need to sort the lot out at the same time, although I'm not sure what they could replace plastic lids with, plastics are 1000 years to decompose and the equivalent, polystyrene can take much much longer.
  2. slowly healing! Never dig trees out in a drunken state and then scratch them due to the grazing , dreading the next lot of antiseptics for redressing again later 😬



  3. It could be worse - http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-weird-denim-panties-that-cost-235-go-viral-20190329
  4. Nice 6 mile walk round the coast today 🙂 

  5. Been very lucky so far today with the showers in Benfleet, dodged every single cell, no doubt will crop something later though!
  6. Met a mate I've known for 14 years from Bedford NH 😄 Great guy!


  7. Currently reading Happyslapped by a jellyfish by Karl Pilkington, very good so far, and a bargain at only 60p from the charity shop. I think I may pick up some of his later books
  8. Same here currently in Pitsea, have had a few 30-40mph gusts earlier in the day but very quiet right now.
  9. wibbleed off the NHS, going private instead with the priory again, assessment on the 23rd then into rehab :] 

  10. Naming storms isn't for everyone, and at the same time the Irish met/ and UKMO can get it wrong, but it gives the general public a little more awareness, it's easily shareable on social media with a name to spread awareness. The trouble we may find is when Storm "Grace" hits and causes no issues, Storm "Harry" May hit, and give major impacts, this makes it inconsistent, and if there's enough named storms that don't have much of an effect, when something damaging comes along people aren't going to take notice.
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