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  1. Met a mate I've known for 14 years from Bedford NH 😄 Great guy!


  2. Currently reading Happyslapped by a jellyfish by Karl Pilkington, very good so far, and a bargain at only 60p from the charity shop. I think I may pick up some of his later books
  3. Same here currently in Pitsea, have had a few 30-40mph gusts earlier in the day but very quiet right now.
  4. wibbleed off the NHS, going private instead with the priory again, assessment on the 23rd then into rehab :] 

  5. Naming storms isn't for everyone, and at the same time the Irish met/ and UKMO can get it wrong, but it gives the general public a little more awareness, it's easily shareable on social media with a name to spread awareness. The trouble we may find is when Storm "Grace" hits and causes no issues, Storm "Harry" May hit, and give major impacts, this makes it inconsistent, and if there's enough named storms that don't have much of an effect, when something damaging comes along people aren't going to take notice.
  6. Finally got some quetiapine ☺️ just 50mg starter and increase 25 per day, until 450, stay steady until march, then reassessment on the 5th

    1. lassie23


      what's quetiapine

    2. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      mainly for schizophrenia / bipolar but also good for depression and sleep I have none of that but wanted something stronger to calm the intrusive thoughts and to help me sleep, dad came down the clinic with me at the assessment and they wouldn't do anything when I asked them, so he sat in there for 7 hours asking for the doctor every half hour, they eventually gave in an put me on the quetiapine, , it was the key worker that suggested it but doctors were hesitant due to it being addictive, have to see the GP every week until my next detox to make sure theres no issues, otherwise I'll be taken off of it and put on something else

    3. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Meant I have none of the schiz or bipolar lol ^^^^, depression and sleep issues are what the new pills are being used for, been taken off of everything else until I can get my mind straight and the drink down enough for certain meds to work

  7. Before the downwelling ends it'll end up in australia, and they will damn well end up stealing our cold
  8. Found the last set of keys 😄 Put them in a bag with all the window spacers! Have to hunt for the shed keys today, which I lost yesterday. Seem to be on an endless mission of losing and looking for keys Lol

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    2. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Probably faster just to grind the padlock off and buy a new one, instead of having the mower destroyed by water leakage lol

    3. lassie23


      is your mower an AI one, hopefully, it can become self-aware and move itself

    4. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Lol the last thing anyone needs are self aware lawn mowers, wake up in the middle of the night with an arm missing

  9. Looks like we'll have to put up with the guess from the west until then, hopefully more than just a dusting tonight though, unlike the last 2 tuesdays! I actually had a brief snow pellet shower yesterday shortly after 3pm, for all of about 30 seconds lol
  10. Lost another set of keys 🤬 Off to the house to go hunting for them, I want my memory back 😕 

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    2. lassie23
    3. lassie23


      i'm expecting some drivel this evening

    4. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Lol I am preying for snow, if we get a load of rain it'll just freeze into ice overnight and make friday morning hell

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