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  1. Banned from Facebook for Copyright infringement ?

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    2. lassie23


      anyone been banned from tesco ?

    3. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      Not yet, thats the next on my list ?

    4. lassie23


      lol i highly recommend it

  2. cornflake downpour that
  3. Hope your ok EE ?

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    2. Dami


      That's great to hear. Rather gutted there's no f1 atm ?

    3. Essex Easterly

      Essex Easterly

      You should join the group I help administrate! TheF1Corner on Facebook, I've been busy downloading and uploading previous races for members to watch


      I've uploaded a lot of archived races which can be found by searching the group for #watchparty

    4. Dami


      I believe i am already a member:)I shall take a look.

  4. Could always grow cabbage and lettuce in plant pots inside and use that, as long as you're not planning on eating it after ?
  5. Same here lol, I just kept scrolling ?
  6. Was bad enough getting through that on PC, anyone on their phone may have ended up with RSI ?
  7. Due to coronavirus the Bahrain Grand Prix is to be held behind closed doors as a televised event only, no spectators will be allowed entry to the circuit. Bahrain F1 race to go ahead without spectators WWW.MOTORSPORT.COM The Bahrain Grand Prix will be the first Formula 1 race to be run behind closed doors as a result of the global coronavirus outbreak.
  8. Oh boy ? ? This forecasts certainly one that's been randomly pulled from a hat lol UK weather: Brits to sizzle in 20C heat blast next week in first sign of summer - Daily Star WWW.DAILYSTAR.CO.UK The Met Office and BBC Weather have already forecasted "mild" weather to sweep Britain in March, and now it looks like 20C could be on the cards
  9. It's brilliant isn't it ? The rustling trees help me get to sleep, I'm so used to constant whistling/howling now I think I'll miss it once we get a calmer spell lol
  10. I don't think so, plumes usually go upwards/northwards, we rarely if ever have cold air masses to our south, which is why cold masses are usually defined as troughs
  11. Here's our low about to leave the US east coast, already down to 980mb, right in line with the GFS forecast
  12. Believe it or not north Texas and the western coasts actually get snow during most winters, and more frequently ice storms, lol
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