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  1. Essex Easterly.

    SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 07/11/2018

    Extremely misty also in Benfleet, about 10 feet of visibility down the a13, not so bad in pitsea, likely mist rolling in off of the north sea?
  2. Thought I'd be adventurous with food after not eating for 28 hours, Potato waffles with ketchup and salad cream, what a bad idea that was, just a heads up 😂 Knew I should have gone with ketchup and mayo if I was going to mix anything

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    2. Dami


      I get stomach issues and I know how horrible it is. Fingers crossed it's not too bad. :) 

    3. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Back now, I spoke to a new doctor who checked BP and pulse, also checked my stomach, BP was slightly high and pulse was not too bad, 112 resting rate. I asked for my endoscopy to be changed to urgent instead of waiting for the 26th, but they said, even if I went to A&E I'd not have it done today as of needing a general anesthetic for it, which needs me to see a specialist first. He said the earliest that can be arranged is in 2 weeks, but that would take me to the 21st anyway, so only 5 days difference, they also refused to put me on any anti craving medication as I'll be going onto Naltrexone on the 13th anyway hopefully.

    4. Dami


      gah. Doctors. 

  3. When it rains it really does pour, with a full on monsoon, mum has just gone to her fiancees house to let him know it's over, after 14 years, and is cheating on him with the same guy as last time (who is a nice bloke). What else is going to go wrong next? 🤨 Not sure what to expect when she gets home. I must sound like I live with the family from hell with my status updates 😔

    1. lassie23


      any good news lol

    2. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Yeah, if tony moves out I may be able to move back in after the lodger leaves, apart from that, I finally got through to rehab and start on the 19th lol

    3. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      I've spoken to dad and he said its fine for me to stay here now with mums fiancee out of the picture, just have to confirm with mum, will make it much easier for taxis to pick me up the 6 days a week for the community rehab, from one location, all essex county council funded. Need to get that emergency GP appointment tomorrow though and try to sort mums phone out get it unlocked from her Apple ID account, confirm its network unlocked through itunes, apart from the fact I'm about a month from passing away I am all good, still trying to eat, but cant ant the moment due to stress/anxiety/alcohol/depression/ stomach issues, will find out what on earth is going on inside me soon! Just in a lot of pain, physically now more than mentally

  4. Finally sorted out rehab placement, after about 18 phone calls and miss directed numbers over 3 hours! Should get a welcome pack and call by the end of the week, all info is also going to the key worker, all that hard work eventually paid off! 

    1. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      That is wonderful news to hear that you have finally being given a rehab placement.  It's fantastic to hear that all the hard work and persistence has finally paid off.👍

  5. Thought Sundays were supposed to be relaxing? Today went down like a bag of horse poo, first find out dads been sacked for punching his boss, next thing I'm pushing myself out going to his girlfriends with him for dinner, sick again, ask to have a nap, go for the nap, they're arguing over bed sheets and the fathers girlfriends nephew comes storming down the stairs for dad exploding at his girlfriend calling her all sorts, fight breaks out and the police get called, im told to leave just before i go to sleep and end up getting a taxi home, throw up in that and had to pay an extra £60 on top of my fare for the clean up... Thought things were supposed to be getting better not the opposite? Oh and I have no idea where dad is.. I assume in custody 😕

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    2. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      Been calling his phone since the argument with the nephew but it's been switched off, so hes either at the pub and run out of battery, broken his phone, or is in custody and they have turned it off. I have no clue 😑

    3. lassie23


      surprised his boss didn't get him arrested

    4. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      The way he is at the moment, I'm suprised hes not in prison to be honest lol. He came home last night in the end and apologised for what happened, but refused to tell me where he went. He's gone to work now and switched his phone off again 

  6. Essex Easterly.

    New: Netweather Chat room

    As some of you may know, Netweather now has a chatroom, I am trying to help out the moderators to get it utilized, can people please post when the best available time for them is to use the room? We can then all then come in at a certain time and make use of the new feature! @Paul https://www.netweather.tv/forum/babble/ Thanks EE
  7. Today is going to be a good day!! I need to turn today around.

    Trying to ignore withdrawals, woken up by police trying to get into next door again, next thing I know im at the toilet throwing up blood. Lets turn this day around and do something positive with it 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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    2. Dami


      EE, I wouldn't wait till Monday, if you aren't already there get yourself to hospital. 

    3. snow raven

      snow raven

      Hi EE, you shouldn't be trying to detox from alcohol without some kind of medical help.  I had to go as an inpatient in a detox unit where I was looked after by qualified medical staff and given medication to help with the withdrawals.  Are you on a waiting list for a detox unit? If you are, it's best to wait until you are admitted.  If not, please visit your GP or contact your support worker to discuss tomorrow.

    4. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      I've already had a detox on librium but have relapsed, and now cant eat due to being sick all the time throwing up bile and blood, I'm going to see the GP tomorrow to see If I can get some valium to help me cut back down on the drink again, if that fails tomorrow I'll probably be sent to hospital for an emergency endoscopy, the one I have booked is not until the 26th and I'll be in rehab at that time if I can get myself well enough to start it, the placement is booked for the 19th, and I really don't want to be withdrawing in there, as its community based and they cannot detox you within the center

  8. Had it on for the last few nights, set to 19c, must of been a cold night here because the boilers conked out again, house is currently 15.8c but I can't start the boiler up until everyone's up as it's loud and takes about 15 attempts to kick into life! Will need to get it serviced before it gets too cold if this winter is anything like last year, back then it went off around 30 times overall and the house got down to 7.9c which was not fun waking up to at all!! The boiler temp itself in the loft was reading just 3c and condensation pipes almost to the point up to the bottom of the boiler were frozen solid, had to heat them up with a heat gun each morning to melt the ice down the pipe before starting the boiler up.
  9. Essex Easterly.

    Did you know.

    There's a good short video on space junk on YouTube I've watched recently. I think uploaded by a channel called reallifelore
  10. Essex Easterly.

    North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

    Its still 3.8c here lol
  11. Essex Easterly.

    F1 2018 season

    Great to see Vettel congratulate Lewis on his success as well as a lot of the Mercedes team in the garage.
  12. Dull day here, quite cold, constant cloud cover and not even any rain/sleet, fizzles out before it reaches me, more chance of rain in my area overnight/sunday morning time last I checked!
  13. Need to get out of this hell hole, attacked by dad last night but no police involvement as I defended myself, hands are wrecked through the scruffle, then I decide to do something positive by walking back to the flat from pitsea and end up with a group of kids giving me gestures and having a bottle thrown to the back of my head, next time that happens the offender is going to be in hospital

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    2. lassie23


      jesus sounds like the most serious bust up you have had

    3. Snowflake Queen

      Snowflake Queen

      Do you not have somewhere else you can go ? 

    4. Essex Easterly.

      Essex Easterly.

      I'm at my mums at the moment, at the dislike of her fiancee, I cant be at dads right now with the mood his in, my grandad is too ill to let me come over and my aunt isn't interested whatsoever, so at the moment im at my mums waiting for dad to come home so I can talk to him, just hope hes in a better mood today

  14. Essex Easterly.

    October snow index