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  1. Yep, remember it like it was last week! The forecast for that day was for possible snow late on so imagine my disappointment as I saw rain on the kitchen window as I washed up at nearly 5pm. Suddenly the rain turned haevier accompanied by squally winds and thunder and lightning. Very soon the rain had turned to snow and it was white-out conditions, the first time I had experienced such weather. you really couldn't see more than 2' in front of you! Within the space of 30 minutes we had almost 8" of lying snow. A very memorable event and definately one I can tell my children. Ah aint the wea
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't think that temperature was as important as the wya the pressure was set up [highs and lows]. And is it always the case that the weather patterns will always follow on from previous years set up??
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