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  1. whatever happened to the bitter north winds that brought heavy frequent snow showers to east Yorkshire?.totally absent the last few years.one of the main reasons why hull and east Yorkshire have seen hardly any snow since 2010.
  2. unless something amazing happens this could be the first winter in my 60 years that ive not seen a single snowflake fall in hull.we have had some very poor winters of late,but this winter has been the worst ive known..terrible
  3. this winter is about as exciting as a premier league football match.what a bore
  4. this weather is as tedious as an England football match,well almost.
  5. terrible forecast for snow lovers,thank god we have the start of the rugby league season very soon.that cheers me up.
  6. the weather at the moment is nearly as boring as a football match.
  7. looks like cool for the foreseeable.just need that high to move further away for even cooler autuminal weather.
  8. met office keep mentioning unsettled weather,but when you actually read forecast ,its anything but in the south.most of rain in the northwest.
  9. 2 storms moved through hull tonight,second one spectacular with numerous lighting flashes and thunder.amazingly not much rain from either storm,even though radar showed heavy rain.strange
  10. looks like a tedious September coming up,think ill have month off and take up stamp collecting.
  11. pity the test match wasn't being played in hull today,they would have got a full days play in.yet again any rain forecast has gone around hull,looks like they got a proper soaking in Lincolnshire.id like to know the rainfall stats for hull and east Yorkshire in the last 6 months,well down I think.
  12. well the forecast up to and including the weekend is for plenty of rain about,but as as been the case over the last few weeks ,hull and east Yorkshire seems to be dodging most of it.lets see how it pans out.
  13. bbc weatherman saying rain spreading across east Yorkshire on Saturday,caption from same bbc weather saying dry all day Saturday.they haven't a clue.
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