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    Winter 2018/19

    this winter has been really tedious,about has tedious as watching England play football.
  2. the hull and rovers derby is still on.
  3. after waiting the whole of December and January for any snow,we finally had a snowfall in hull,the modern day snowfall.woke up to about a quarter of an inch of snow,all melted by early afternoon.dont know why it bothered.
  4. yes 2010 and some of the heaviest snow came in the last week of November and very beginning of December.
  5. decent snow cover is becoming a thing of the past in hull,for whatever reason we just dont get the snow like we used to.

    Met office 16 to 30 day outlook

    looking like very cold weather highly likely now.
  7. been a few months now of basically tedious weather in hull ,no snow,very little frost,no that much rain,no storms or gales.high pressure constantly sat to the south or south west,giving the same old.mainly dry,mostly mild,fairly cloudy stuff.boring.
  8. cold,dry and sunny in west hull,very slight snow flurry at about 11 this morning,lasted about 5 mins.
  9. too cold to garden
  10. id even welcome a cold,clear and frosty high,these mild,damp and cloudy highs seem more common nowadays.
  11. yet another snowless December in hull,amazing to think that the heaviest snowfall in the last 20 years in hull was way back in last week of November ,early December 2010.even the much hyped megafreeze last feb prouduced barely an inch in hull..
  12. whatever happened to cold and frosty highs in a winter,with frost lingering all day?
  13. only people forecasting bitter cold and snow is the tory rag daily express.
  14. a good northerly used to be good for snow in east Yorkshire,but again these set ups seem very rare these days.