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  1. its been poor for a few years now in east Yorkshire.
  2. The No Snow Club

    no snow in hull,last decent snowfall 2013,last heavy fall December 2010.
  3. the usual in hull ,few flakes of snow,now turned to light rain.north west winds don't deliver and when we get north east wind ,its not cold enough.modern winters don't cut it on the east coast.
  4. hull and east Yorkshire now showing just sleet then rain,another damp squib?.
  5. not looking that good for snow over the weekend for east yorks,snow weather warnings for the north and west.dry and cold in the east.could change I suppose,you never know.nw winds generally don't deliver that much to us.
  6. looking like dry and cold for us in east Yorkshire weekend,too much of a north west wind ,instead of a northerly.
  7. showers more sleety in hull now,no lying snow.thought we may have had a covering in hull today,but not to be.
  8. occasional heavy snow showers in hull,but only temporarily settling,soon mostly melting.still waiting for a good covering after few years waiting
  9. things may change,but I still see no sign that east y orkshire will see any of the white in the next week or 2.its been a long time since we had a covering.north westerlies are poor for snow here.i still don't think it will be cold enough for low lying areas anyway.
  10. Australian Weather

    lets hope the weather good for the rugby world cup that started today.the only world cup I watch,along with the cricket world cup.