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  1. lets hope the weather is good for all the important rugby league matches this weekend.
  2. Saturday afternoon in hull the snow showers were getting heavier,it was white over,with the met office amber warning of snow showers getting even heavier and more prolonged in the evening and night,i was confidently expecting the heaviest snowfall in hull since 2010 by sunday morning.amazingly the showers suddenly petered out as soon as it turned dark.very disappointing weekend.seems heavy snowfall has become a thing of the past in east Yorkshire.
  3. hopimg its warmer for the hull fc v catalan match next friday
  4. had to wait till march 17th to get the best snow showers in hull.blizzard conditions
  5. east Yorkshire didn't get that much to melt,i tried to build a snowman last Thursday,but ran out of snow when I got up to the kneecaps .not a memorable spell of. cold weather around hull.
  6. well after all the forecasts of the big freeze lasting well into march,im surprised how quickly the cold has been shunted away.after all the hype this cold snap never lived up to its top billing.
  7. big letdown in east Yorkshire,yet again.been a few years now since we had a heavy snowfall.
  8. at least weather improved enough for hull v warrington match to go ahead.great win for hull
  9. at least the big match at the kcom has survived the weather hull fc v warrington.leeds v catalan postponed.should be a big crowd at the kcom despite match being on sky.its not all bad news then.
  10. lying snow now thawing in west hull.we have had 3 days of lying snow,about an inch in depth.but ultimately could and should have been a lot better.east Yorkshire must be the most unluckiest place in the uk regarding snow.nw winds are no good,we never get the northerlies now and now easterlies are skirting round us.
  11. plenty of snow showers rattling through hull now
  12. well in hull its certainly cold,but from a snow point of view,its been very underwhelming.we have a slight cover,but even when the showers have come along,theirs been no real intensity to them.
  13. snowing in hull at last
  14. wheres these frequent heavy snow showers?,been nearly 3 hours since we had a snow shower in hull.you can bet if that snowstorm spreads north on Friday ,it will be rain in east Yorkshire.its been that sort of winter,the last few winters as well.
  15. got a covering in hull,but yet again we seem to miss the heavier stuff.been a disappointment so far.