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  1. december weather looking as tedious as a football match in the uk.
  2. looks like another mild november coming up.last week of november 2010 produced some of the snowiest weather east yorkshire has seen.we ve had nothing like it since.
  3. thursday should be good for lighting my bonfire and getting the fireworks going.
  4. well i got that wrong about no thunderstorms in hull,just had a torrential downpour.it came from nowhere
  5. despite all the warnings its looking like east yorkshire will miss the storms.
  6. lovely sunny day,weatherman forecast cloudy with rain or thunderstorms.they are as clueless as boris the clown.
  7. I notice nights are a lot warmer now,partly due to all these idiots concreting their front gardens for pollution machines,no wonder the planets dying.
  8. not my favourite weather in east Yorkshire at moment,humid,but with not a lot of sun,low grey cloud that takes a long time to burn off.no chance of any lively thunderstorms for east Yorkshire in this type of set up.hope it changes later in week.
  9. I cant remember the last time hull had a really wet day ,must be going back to march,been dry all this month and april was very dry.and looking at the latest met o outlook till june 21st.not much rain on the horizoni
  10. looks like more boring weather coming.what a drab spell
  11. looks like Thursdays thundery breakdown going to be a non event,still no decent rainfall in sight for east Yorkshire.
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