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  1. 2002 Had a very sunny April here, sunnier than any of the actual summer months
  2. Apparently they usually have a cold bias for us at this point, but im not sure tho
  3. Best Springs for Me 2017 2009 2007 2011 2012- Although April was not warm enough but still March and May brings this Spring as one of my faves (Esp March) Worst Everrr 2013 (WORST EVER SO COLD IN MARCH UNREAL, the SPRING WAS TOO COLD OVERALL) Never again please. Dont really have any other bad ones as of now
  4. Cold winter is what I want. But I'm sensing a zonal, not too stormy winter, and probably a cooler than usual zonal winters
  5. September: 2016, Beginning of October: 2011. Mid-End: of October: 2012, November: 2010
  6. December 2010 (Cold, lots of snow on the ground, blue skied crisp days.) April 2011 (Dry, sunny and warm March 2012 (Quite warm for me, and sunny) October 2012 (Snow in October) March 2013 (Cold, very cold) July 2013 (Warm and sunny) July 2014 (Lesser than 2013 but still a nice memorable sunny and warm month) August 2016 (A nice August one of the best August's of this decade, warm spells here and there) June 2017 (A very hot month, remember a lot of hot days in the middle of the month, and remember seeing a lot of days in the 30s) Generally sunny too. November 2017 (Remember seeing early snowfall on the 30th, probably the earliest snowfall in a number of years, maybe since October 2012) December 2017 (Not so much memorable for overall cold weather, but memorable for some heavy bouts of snowfall here and there compared to previous years, not extreme though) February 2018 (Remember the cold snap right at the end, probably the most memorable part of the winter of 2017/18) March 2018 (Quite cold, remember the record breaking at the start of the month, and the extreme 'feels-like temperatures around -7 - 11 Celsius) May 2018 (Very, very sunny over 250 hours, dry too, with rain at the end of the month, missed the thunderstorms though) June 2018 (Hot, and dry, not as hot as 2017 though) July 2018 (Hot hot hot, sometimes unbearably so. At one point I was expecting it to break records as the hottest july on record, it looked likely for a while, remember some heavy storms too towards the end of the month, breaking the long dry spell)
  7. Just a guess but I feel like that's how it'll end up, I'll probably be wrong. But Idk if we'll be due a cold November this year because 2016 and 2017 both had coolish Novembers, Nov 2017 was milder than 2016 but still cool. And I think those Novembers were relatively quiet.
  8. I think the autumn will be cold for the first half, September and October, and switching to mild in November. With North easterly winds predominant.
  9. 1995 was boring anyway, I prefer mixed summers like this one. 1995 was just too dry imo. Not interesting enough
  10. August 2006 was slightly cloudier than August 2008 here apparently
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