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  1. High pressure losing control by day 8 on the ECM . I’m with a few others on here we need rain the ground is so dry here .
  2. It’s so annoying we get dream charts in April . This place would be buzzing if it was Dec , Jan or Feb . We could still get some cold from the north or north east a bit further down the line .
  3. One thing I have noticed over the years is the gfs is very good at predicting Northerly’s . Let’s hope it’s nailed this one .
  4. I seem to have woken up from hibernation because the ECM is starting to catch my eye . Nice run on the 00z . Just need the high further west and north , then we’ll have one last shot at winter proper .
  5. Evening Nice latter stages on the GFS P 18z . The output definitely looking better for a more wintry flavour in the next few weeks . It’s not deep winter by any means but will be better than what we have now . Can we upgrade and see one potent cold blast or spell to turn the country white for a few days ?
  6. Perfect ?? The ECM is disgusting it’s meant to be winter . Everyone wanting warm/heat in February ? Can’t put the words together to describe it . Horrid charts .
  7. Evening Yep I agree I hope the Atlantic just come’s blasting through and give us a spell of zonal ( this mild sunny weather is boring ) . A change in pattern to zonal may give us a cold shot down the line . I really hope and prey that high pressure doesn’t rule the rost this summer , I won’t be able to take another summer like last year . A nice cool damp summer with a few nicer days thrown in would be perfect.
  8. And all my positivity from yesterday is blown away this morning. No dressing it up it’s a bore fest . This winter just will not deliver . Have a good weekend . See you all around November.
  9. The high really pumping up at the end . Good to see . Only trends at the min .
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