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  1. @Kirkcaldy Weather nice posts mate . That’s what you called buried. I really wish we could have a day like that over here
  2. Now maybe that would warrant a cold weather alert . Can’t believe ones been issued for this weekend. #stupid
  3. Definitely a trend for height rises to the NW . ECM ends on a good note .
  4. I agree mate these are the best set of ensembles we’ve seen this winter , loads of decent runs in there on the GEFS . Like you say let’s wait and see . If the 12z’s continue down the same path then happy days . There’s nothing to say the op run won’t jump ship on the next few runs to one of the colder ensembles. See you in a couple of hours
  5. Hahaha . It’s been hard times since the 2018 beast and we’re all desperate for Cold and snow .
  6. And then a battleground snow event . Nice run that one .
  7. I thought it looked ok at day 10 a north wester about to pile in at day 11 with a ridge building north in the mid Atlantic.
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