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  1. Don’t no what all the moaning is about . The word blocked is how the weather is going to be for the foreseeable. There should be no complaints. Something very tasty is around the corner . The GEFS ensembles are brilliant by the way . And the op was an outlier between the 24th and 27th . And the new GFS para was an amazing run . Time will tell if it’s the new top dog model .
  2. And the block starts to build again towards the end @Steve Murr . Repeat,repeat and repeat . That will suit us all fine . EDIT- posted wrong chart
  3. That’s one messed up PV . And warming up nicely up there . SSW ?
  4. GFS = superb GEFS = Superb ECM op = good (could be better) ECM eps/clusters =superb Add all this together and you get an upgrade on the METO outlook . Sounds very good .
  5. He such a mild ramper Liam Duntton . I remember in feb he was playing down the Beast From The East .
  6. To be fair mate they were at days 15 and 16 a few days ago . There now coming into the mid term . If anything the process has sped up .
  7. @Steve Murr is this what your thinking on the lines of , as in the GFS 6z run ?
  8. Yep definitely pushing high pressure further north here at T177