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  1. There are indeed some really nice ensembles showing around day 10 onwards on the GEFS .
  2. How has it become the ramping thread ? Because a few including myself posted about the back end of the GFS op run . It shows cold it’s gonna get mentioned because it’s not showing the norm (ie mild , wind and rain ) .
  3. Ready steady GO . The chase for the Beast from the east begins . A cold end to the GFS 00Z op .
  4. Still some nice looking charts appearing. Here the GFS 18z around day 9 . Hopefully there still be there in 6 weeks time , just with colder uppers .
  5. GFS 12z going for quite cool conditions around day 10 onwards . Not often you see a low in the Atlantic move west towards the USA they usually head east towards the uk , very strange run .
  6. That would be a freezing Northerly in winter . Nice charts appearing at the moment. ECM 00z T216 . And by the end it gets pretty chilly for the end of September.
  7. Stonking Greenland high on the ECM 12z . Please be there in late November early December.
  8. Let’s hope these big fat Greenland highs keep on coming as we lead up to winter . GFS 6z 1040mb high over Greenland.
  9. Here’s the real ones . Aberdeen and London . come on Ed sort it out .
  10. I prefer the op Frosty . Nice cool N wind setting in at days 9 and 10 . -3 850s into Scotland if we get light winds and clear sky’s at night Mr Frosty will be paying us a visit .
  11. Oh go on then let’s start early . Here’s the 850’s to go with your chart feb . Hope we see plenty of these come off .
  12. The op sits pretty well within the ensemble pack tho . So it’s not an outlier and there’s quite a few cooler runs in there .
  13. Wow next weekend looks very stormy . ECM 12z for Saturday and Sunday.
  14. Saturday is looking pretty wet and windy nationwide. Autumn’s coming and we no what comes after autumn . (Silly season) .
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