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  1. Nice to see the pretty blue colours back on the ECM . Wonder if the PV will ramp up early this year ??
  2. ECM nice and fresh from the NW later next week . Polar opposites to this morning run . The summer is slowly petering out .
  3. Autumn is well and truly coming in the later stages of the ECM . It would make a nice change for charts like this to come off .
  4. Looks quite average on the GEFS ensembles after the next few days are out of the way . And the ECM 00z looks average after the next few days too .
  5. It certainly could be different on the next run , but that's a few ecm op runs now Witch keep it warmish but not boiling . Hope it's right . This hot weather feels like it's been down here forever . The big question is is there a pattern change coming ?
  6. Thank god the ECM 12z is not a hot run . It keeps the the real heat away right from T48 all the way to T240 . Still warm but nothing like this weeks heat . Good job as well
  7. Nice try ? Wasn't saying the hot weather was cancelled . Try a pair of these fella . I said pressure starts to fall over Europe and the Atlantic . If you run it through from 192 to 240 hrs pressure starts to fall quite a bit . But like you say could change in the morning .
  8. Yep noticed it to on the ECM op as well , pressure falling quite a lot over Europe and the Atlantic . Had to happen at some point .
  9. I don't usually post in here in summer , I can't stand hot weather and it's all bout cold and snow for me . But come on mate you can't moan about this weekend not being as good as recent weeks . The hot weather has lasted since April down here , we need a break from it . A nice cooler wet weekend will do me fine . Bring on the storms . All I have left to say is roll on winter . Hope it ends up like the chart below .
  10. Yep the ECM 12 not as good for you summer lovers as the 00z run . By day 9 850s are 4 or 5 lower than this morning . 00z - 12z - As we say in the winter that's a downgrade
  11. ECM 12z 850s not as high as the 00z run . Which is better for everyone , as it's more bearable .
  12. Evening Everyone Looks like this cold spell is not gonna happen this time round but never mind we didn't have a to bad winter . Had 2 snow falls in December and 2 falls out of the beasts , so a lot better than previous years . So given all that I'm now signing off until next winter. Have a brilliant summer everyone and see ya next winter it's been emotional . PS - This did happen , just though I'd say that as it proves the people wrong who say we can't get cold weather in the uk anymore. Well we can and look at this bad boy chart .
  13. GFS 6z and ECM are just a tad different at only day 5 -