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  1. Yes Mike it’s picked up the pace today big time . It’s heading one way , the cold way . Praying that we’re still heading the right way in the morning . Night All
  2. Hope your right C . This place will go into meltdown if it moves towards the EC
  3. Yep you got it the gfs has started to come round as the days gone on
  4. Just a thought they will be going off the 00z runs . GFS 00z had the high coming in from the west . The ECM 00z had easterly still same as tonight . There always work on the mornings runs data .
  5. They sure did . Watch this space . They showed the low sliding into Southern Europe. Think we’re take that one
  6. Yer that’s very true but I think the gfs has move towards the ecm solution through today . 75/25 blend in favour of ecm ?
  7. Crewe it’s been woeful the last few days . Even the stats that someone posted earlier, it was close to navgem
  8. Yer lovely end to the gfs . Here’s the uppers to go with your chart
  9. Interesting chart around day 9 on GFS 12z . Going for scandi.