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  1. And there’s the 1000th op run outlier of the year . Cant believe how many there have been recently especially the GFS and that includes the dodgy GEFS . Definitely won’t be following it in the winter . I can see it causing mayhem in here when winter arrives.
  2. It’s gonna be a wild Saturday. ECM below.
  3. If only it was winter . Some stonking charts this morning if it’s wasn’t May that is .
  4. Bit of the white stuff falling from the sky here this morning and a raw wind to go with it .
  5. Bloody Nora I’m on a roll and so is the GFS6z . Just keeps giving .
  6. ECM mean going with the op at day 9 and 10 . That’s a very decent mean if your after a cold northerly like me .
  7. The mean is colder than the op for that time frame too ?
  8. The ECM Day 10 looks interesting too if it went a few days further on a stonking Northerly looks on the cards ??
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