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  1. Fabulous snowy scenes in East Dorset, haven’t seen snow like this for at least 2 weeks!!!
  2. Just seen this weird yellow thing in the sky....oh hold on!!! On another note, will all this snow help out on the low water levels especially in south east??
  3. Just been out for a fab walk with dog in the snow, home for mulled wine now, it just keeps coming! As does the snow....#verwoodsnow
  4. Lamppost watch confirms flurries in the East Dorset/Hampshire border area! good luck for everyone tomorrow!
  5. We still have our snow covering from yesterday afternoon, good base layer for the next couple of days hopefully!!
  6. There may be a chance on Tuesday depending on where in the South you are.
  7. Am 43, and we lived overseas in 2010, so v. excited! Everything is crossed!!
  8. Send a glass of something lovely to the back!!
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/features/43164159 I think this is the link to the full BBC weather forecast...I think I'm lurking in the duty free area and holding my boarding pass now.....
  10. Yay! Finally have our share of the dandruff!! Will I wake up to a sparkling winter wonderland I wonder?!!