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  1. Its not as bad as I thought it would be out there! Definitely blustery and cool, but I think a normal spring-like day??
  2. The sun was trying to peek through in Ringwood earlier, so I think we are done on this one! Lovely whilst it lasted, onto the next one!
  3. Just driven down a338 from other side of Ringwood, all clear this end!! Have fun tonight!!
  4. Snowing in Verwood for the last 45 mins or so but not settling, think the 20 mins of rain we had beforehand may have scuppered it, looks pretty though!!
  5. Great to see @Bring Back1962-63 posting in here, def know that this is something interesting now!! Good luck everyone!! ❄️❄️❄️??
  6. Ooh! Snow on the car! Thanks @mattyj for the very local IMBY forecast! Clear skies now over Verwood. Fingers crossed for Thursday!
  7. Do I bother going into the MAD thread tonight? What’s the mood like in there???
  8. Chucking down with rain here, feels too warm even for sleet!! The wait is still on, fingers crossed for Tuesday ❄️☃️
  9. It’s painful waiting for this cold weather! Looking forward to seeing some familiar names back on this thread as it starts to roll in and of course waiting to see what effect the M4 will have! No model can take account of that!
  10. @Dorsetbred hopefully something more interesting for us all in the next few weeks!!!
  11. What a beautiful day in this part of Dorset! Blue skies all day, frost stayed in the shade, kids smashing up ice puddles! Does anyone want to let the HFC thread that it’s cold right now?!!
  12. Fabulous snowy scenes in East Dorset, haven’t seen snow like this for at least 2 weeks!!!
  13. Just seen this weird yellow thing in the sky....oh hold on!!! On another note, will all this snow help out on the low water levels especially in south east??
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