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    Cheeky. No, was waiting on the train platform headed out for the day
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    Just a tad
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  4. Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Well you have my attention
  5. I’m so out of the loop right now. Trust half term to fall on prime model watching week. Can some one sum up the past few days runs to me to save me having to read pages on the MOD thread?
  6. I put out a tweet to Ian Ferguson. He’s replied they are looking around the 18th still to see effects. Plus this from MV gives hope
  7. Did you know.

    They have to learn about the ways of the world. Puts hairs on their chests
  8. Did you know.

    Did you know male mallard ducks that don’t find a mate during breeding season isolate and GANG RAPE other single ducks... even males?! Something the kids and I got to witness at Slimbridge 🙈
  9. Jesus. Even I need a shot of Kraken with the models this morning. Dismal viewing. Lucky I have blind hope that things will change for the better the next few days, this is more tense than some choice episodes of Breaking Bad.
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    Awww you’re beautiful sweet xx
  11. Ugh. I forget how mean the cold, dry air is for us asthmatics. I have type 1 Brittle asthma which is nasty but better since I was moved to Symicort turbohaler. It’s an expensive drug so sometimes hard to get prescribed (I had to have a very nasty attack and hospital stay to get it) but it’s really good. Might be an option to help you with the cold. In regards to the weather for this month, I’m staying irritatingly optimistic. We’ve seen the models get it wrong time and time again and my snow starved self HAS to believe that the ECM has it wrong these past few runs. I need it to be wrong. It’s been one heck of a crappy winter (for other reasons besides weather) and snowmaggedon would be it’s one redeeming quality. So yes, optimistic.
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    I don’t know who that is even 😂
  13. We have. I’ve sat through it all painfully year after year but this situation is markedly different. We know that this SSW is happening and, not only that, it’s set to last 10 bloody days. This is phenomenal stuff and there’s no reason right now to throw in the towel. Come on... cheer up Charlie etc xx
  14. Guys. Come on. The models are topsy turvy and swinging one way to the other but don’t get disheartened yet. The SSW isn’t underway yet and until it is I don’t think any models will have a proper handle on how things might progress. Ride it out and wait for the runs tomorrow onwards xx
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    Gosh, thank you. I haven’t studied formally but I have autism and winter weather has always been a big interest of mine. I don’t think I’m particularly knowledgable but I am willing and eager to learn as much as I can. I need to learn more than I need to eat if that makes sense? I have such a thirst for it xx