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  1. Might not be very warm here yet but what a change it makes to wake up and see blue skies and the sun streaming in. I feel like I’m betraying my winter loving heart
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    Beats by Dre... headphones
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    Ahhh go on then, have a snow selfie or two
  5. We enjoyed a nice trek to the supermarket. Pulled the babes here on the sled and then the shopping home in it. Got some enviable looks from people wading through the snow with laden arms. My crazy kids wanted lollies in the way home too
  6. Before this snow/cold weather event arrived there were lots of posts comparing the possible outcome to be like 1991, 2009, 2010 etc. Appreciate it hasn’t ended yet but I though it would be an interesting discussion to look back at it and see what big historical snow event 2018 has compared to
  7. Get your mind out of the gutter Karlos
  8. Can anyone in Brixham area confirm if that funnel/tornado is legit? Also, managed to sweet talk more precise locations of potential freeIng rain from Aidan “I’d do him” McGivern
  9. This from my “husband” at the MetO
  10. I’ve deliberately not had him trimmed so he would stay warm and he had ice balls hanging from his under-belly
  11. Not here. I got a talking to from the head for suggesting school might be cancelled.
  12. Just defrosted the sledge which had 7cm thick ice filling it. School closing early x
  13. Think we may have a red before this kicks in. Oh my gosh. After waiting all week seeing snow everywhere else our payday is finally coming