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  1. I’m Swindon and watching closely. Something very light is falling currently. Extremely light at present.
  2. Hello guys, Wondering if you might help? Not about a specific output but I believe still quantifies as model discussion. I don’t post here all that much but am autistic with winter weather as an SI. Like many of you, I’m on the models multiple times a day this time of year and putting hours into poring over days etc. I’n very lucky that I seem to usually back the right horse so to speak. I’ve had a good run for a number of years at calling which events will be snow and which will be a wash out etc. I’m used to being fairly accurate. I can’t even now cats this year with
  3. Fairly chunky flakes falling fairly decently right now in Swindon. Started about 5 mins ago
  4. We’ve had some fall in Swindon but literally only enough that I can see a slightly paler path than usual and maybe .5cm on the top of fences etc. Poor show. Also, I’m currently helping a local feral cat. Couple weeks before Christmas I found he was sneaking in my window at night (windows open all year in my bedroom because I have brittle asthma and the airflow helps at night) and setting off my asthma. We’ve made him a waterproofed outdoor bed (enclosed box waterproofed with bags hot glued to it to keep wet out and filled with straw) and trying to build some kind of friendship so I can ge
  5. Nowt yet in Swindon. We’re kinda stuck under the centre of the low right now.
  6. Aren’t we all used to this by now though? Models seem to flip back and forth for a few days when colder weather is upon us. I’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve had a snow event show, then we have what seems to be a day of downgrades with everyone upset, only to them flip back overnight etc. Not every time but this is part of the process I expect now (I’m autistic, I need to be able to anticipate things) and even happens after a massive split SSW. Haven’t most of us been around at this now long enough to know there are always bumps in the road? Of course, we all know the pain of things
  7. Been back and following the model discussion and charts with all fellow cold hunters since October but haven’t posted this season yet. Shame for my first post of the season to be a moan but so be it. It’s just SUCH an annoyance when you have cross model agreement for so many days of runs showing promise only for it to all slip away. 10+ years of doing this every darn winter and you’d expect to be used to it but it’s no less gutting every time. It’s hard even to get excited, outside of a major split SSW, for a decent snow event when it seems almost every one slowly slips away. I’ll st
  8. My son in particular really struggles. Especially after Feb last year we went out and the snow started up again and felt like hail pellets stinging your face... so now he thinks snow will hurt. Bless him. Luckily though with it looking likely to continue this afternoon and hopefully little chance of thawing overnight they get to play in it tomorrow
  9. We’re stuck indoors until it stops. 2 of my kids have autism with sensory issues and can’t bear snow falling on their faces etc. Steve the dog is loving it though
  10. I’m honestly baffled by it. Happy but baffled. Kids moaning though as can’t go out to play in it until it stops (kids with autism/sensory issues/averse to falling snow)
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