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  1. Jemma Croton

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    Was that a fluke legit guess or have you been stalking? He is Steve. Steve Roy Rothstein. On Christmas Day I was seeing the kids off in the afternoon to go have dinner with their paternal Grandma. Shut Steve in because he gets Whitney and pesters everyone. Go out in my PJs. Say good bye... they drive off... get back to the door and it won’t happen. I try for a while before it sinks in that while I could hear Steve clawing at the back door... he must have somehow hooked his foot into the keys or through a keychain and turned them in the lock. So I’m stood there in PJ bottoms, socks and a strapping vest top. No shoes, no keys, no phone, no coat... not even a bra on. I think “it’s ok, I’ll call and get Ian to drop the spare key”... NO PHONE. ”I’ll walk to collect the spare key - 3 miles or so but it’s not like I had plans for the day”... NO SHOES. Tried all the other doors... no joy. No windows open either. I had to go, totally disheveled, barefoot, in PJs to beg a neighbour to take me to get the spare key. ON CHRISTMAS DAY. I got in eventually and drank a LOT of wine
  2. Jemma Croton

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    I see your cats and I raise you one dog. Whoever guesses his first name (he has 3 because he’s pretentious) gets to unlock the heart warming story of how he locked me out of my own house on Christmas Day.
  3. Alas no. 2/3 kids went back to school today. 2/3 kids have been puking since 9pm. I’m up and down like a yo-yo dealing with puke-maggedons. Mistakenly brought one to my bed thinking it was a one off... back to school nerves kind of thing. So now my bed is trashed in puke and my mission for the night is to try and prevent them trashing their own beds with vomit when even at ages 6 & 8 they can’t seem to aim it in a sick bowl. So no... not on the wine. Bloody wish I was though Ohh if only this happened on a school snow day instead of first day back (trying to make it semi relevant for the thread). Woo snow... much excite/many happy. Models do cold stuff etc
  4. Nowt tastes better than wine when you’ve stuck them out in the snow to chill some. Adds magic to that there wine it does!!
  5. Oh now see... that’s just beautiful
  6. Jemma Croton

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    Honestly had someone said even 6 months ago I’d be with someone 15 years younger I’d have laughed. I mean I’m 2 years younger than his exes Mum!! That’s a bit He was 11 when my son was born. He was a year old when I finished school. Like so many age facts freak me tf out. Honestly. Especilly having a some myself. Like to think of him one day with someone who is already an adult in his childhood years is somethings I wouldn’t make peace with at all. It sounds so wrong. But you take all that away and we’re just 2 consenting adults who have an electric connection that’s on a whole other level. Age really is just a number and the only sad thing would be to pass up something potentially amazing because you can’t get past the age issue. I mean... even his Mum likes me and has no issue despite my being a Mum and closer to her age than to his. Because she can see how we are I think. Sorry this was all about me when your response was to another, much bigger age gap but the proof is in the pudding there... together a long time and so very happy.
  7. Jemma Croton

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    Smooooth I mean sure I could lie to myself that it would work but even if we survived basic training he’s then going to be posted elsewhere in the U.K... and then likely abroad. At that stage in a relationship usually a partner will go along. I’ve no chance of going to see him regularly wherever he is. And my kids have a wonderful relationship with their father so even if my son would cope with moving to bases etc... I could never take them away from him. It’s a conversation I’ve had with myself a lot but... it really just wouldn’t work. And he doesn’t see the army as an experience to do 2 years service and move on. This is his chosen career path currently.
  8. Reminder again that at this exact stage in Feb the models flipped from showing the jackpot to us not getting anything one day/one run to the next. Stay calm guys. Will be a good few days yet before the models have a grip on the SSW fully
  9. Jemma Croton

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    I don’t know what wibbleing tweed is or how that happened but it’s funny sknut can stay
  10. Jemma Croton

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    Exactly this. I haven’t connected with anyone in a very long time like I have with the 19yo. He’s mature for his age... like literally this kid wears wibbleing tweed and a flat cap... not ironically. But personality wise he’s an older soul. And when I get to let my hair down I’m an immature child. We balance and just make sense (off paper). If it wasn’t for the fact he is leaving for the army in Feb we’ve both acknowledged we would pursue it as a proper relationship with all that entail. But sadly with him being in the army and my having 3 kids, one with autism who wouldn’t cope with moving one place let alone place to place down the line... it’s just terminal. Age isn’t a factor in who you just click with and who speaks to your soul
  11. This is a bit OT but after the stonking charts last night I want to just remind everyone what happened last year in the lead up to the BFTE. Last year because it’s most recent but those who aren’t new will know this is pretty standard while the models get a grip on a SSW. SSW happened. Models took a while to show any response. For a while it looked bleak. Then models started to show a BEAUTIFUL response... Then literally one run/one day to the next the response would TOTALLY DISAPPEAR/DOWNGRADE. and then appear again. and disappear and appear again. I want to make a dirty innuendo but I’ll just allude to one instead. My point is. Expect the next week to be a bloody rollercoaster and for hope to feel snatched away and then given back repeatedly.
  12. Do you also stand outside Santa’s grottos handing kids notes that say Santa isn’t real??? Seriously though the excitement is justified because while yes these are FI charts... they are in the right frame of time and the right response to be an entirely plausible and “jackpot” response to the SSW. Rather than it being pie in the sky charts to lust over this is a situation where these are the expected charts to give the money shot and almost dead on when it comes to trop responses. These aren’t just yet more 240+ exciting charts
  13. Jemma Croton

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    Oh totally. I joke that I’m training him up.
  14. Jemma Croton

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    Thanks. I look and act younger than my 34 so it’s not quite as weird as it sounds on paper. Though people dontotally baulk.