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  1. Is this likely to impact Northern Ireland? The Irish sea side?
  2. Thank you so much. I'll look into those links. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys... can I ask where you get these models from? I've been following your threads for a couple of years, trying to learn about models etc. I'd like to try and start reading them myself and seeing what I have learnt from you all.....then looking here to see if I've got it right or completely wrong lol. Many thanks.
  4. Winds picking up here in Bangor NI. Getting quite gusty.
  5. Does this shift west mean that Co Down is off the hook and no longer under threat?
  6. Bangor Northern Ireland is eerily quiet. Not a single breeze. Very calm.
  7. I'd strongly advise leaving them out. Horses panic easily and will likely injure themselves if kept in a barn or stable. Horses are very good at seeking shelter and will be at a less risk if allowed to roam in a field.
  8. Hi Jo Is Northern Ireland likely to be upgraded to Red too? I'm in co down. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hey all. I have spent a couple of years watching your models and threads etc. Finally I've built up the courage to join in and say hi. I have a question for you fab people. I live in Bangor Northern Ireland. I love extreme weather and wondered if there could be a chance that the met office might upgrade to Red? Looking at all your charts etc, I get the feeling that things might get a lot stormier here than first anticipated. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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