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  1. Anyone else think this has been one of the coolest and most cloudy July's in quite a few years? It'll be interesting to see the stats...
  2. This! Personally i'd hate to have the south east climate up here, 20C is high enough for me, 25C + just becomes uncomfortable especially when you're at work. We maybe only get about 25 - 30 days a year where the temp reaches 20C here and it never exceeds 30C.That's a more comfortable summer for many, well if you discount the other 25 - 30 days during the summer where it's dull, raining and 15C.
  3. Let down here as it usually is with any unusual weather.The lower parts of the central belt really do miss out on interesting weather so often.
  4. 10 foot west facing bedroom windows aren't fun in the summer ? had the sun on them since 3pm and currently feel like radiators.
  5. 28C in Motherwell, hottest day in 2 years here since the failed attempt at the record which was later downgraded to 29C.
  6. Well that's a bit embarrassing, not even halfway through the first game and technology already failing them.
  7. Ross90

    Did you know.

    He's always been terrible, doesn't listen to what the person he's interviewing says and proceeds to talk over them then ask them to stop being rude for trying to get a word in...
  8. I would suggest he looks at himself for being stupid enough to post or send it anybody.Some footballers really just can't help themselves.They're representing the club, posting questionable views on any social media during their playing/management career is just idiotic.
  9. So that makes it acceptable for white people to be racially abused?
  10. Nonsense! The police knew that they were being recorded do you think they were that stupid that they deliberately tried to kill somebody on video? Far more likely that they saw a big, strong looking guy who they thought would be difficult to control if he resisted but they went too far in trying to restrain him.I've no doubt whatsoever that they didn't take that call thinking 'we're going to kill this guy'.
  11. Most of those people rioting weren't alive during that era Yarmy... Even the premise of one of their main arguments is racist, 'the police are too white' i mean seriously can you imagine the uproar if a white person said the nba is too black.Apparently pointing out that white people suffer more racial discrimination than any other race is a big no no. If it doesn't die down soon all it will take is one trigger happy national guardsman or somebody defending their property with force, a few protestors die and it'll turn into a full scale race war fuelled further by the mass unemployment and dislike for Trump. I've no doubt that there will be a big rise in far left and right extremists in the US over the next few years because of this.
  12. You think George Floyd was killed because he was black?
  13. The whole black lives matter thing is nonsense, every life matters but i've noticed that the numerous white people who have been killed in questionable circumstances by the police in the US haven't sparked riots and looting...
  14. Of course this is a good reason to loot and burn down innocent peoples property.Clearly the police involved were at fault but a lot of the rioters couldn't care less about what happened they just wanted an excuse...
  15. There's usually at least one weak-ish stormy spell between late spring and late summer.If there was a stronger one at this time of year it would be more problematic with a lot of trees down but this weekend doesn't look that severe.
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