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  1. It's actually not as bad as i expected here in Motherwell, quite blowy but the winds peaked around 65mph about an hour ago.No damage other than a neighbours fence down and some twigs and garden ornaments down.
  2. Spoke too soon, gusting near 60mph quite regularly now, sunny too.
  3. Seems to have died down a bit at the moment, not really getting any higher than 50 here.
  4. Frequent showers and gusting in the upper 40s in Morherwell at the moment, still about 3 hours til it peaks.
  5. Already gusting near 50mph here and it's not supposed to peak til between 1-3.
  6. Amber for 65-75mph inland sounds about right to me especially in early autumn.Red seems to be reserved for 90mph + in a built up area.
  7. Quite mild and humid in sunny Mwell, noticeable compared to the last few days.The warning for tomorrow looks of more interest here, the max wind gusts have been steadily going up from 40 odd the other day to 60mph at the moment so it looks like the first proper windy day.
  8. Ooh first time i've seen my name on the list although it would need to be a very stormy winter to get anywhere near it.
  9. Plenty of flashes in the distance around Motherwell, very dark looking skies but everything seems to be skirting round the edge of NL at the moment.
  10. Ross90

    Europa League

    What's the point in trying to get a Europa place if you don't give it a go? Plus the winner gets a champs league place and winning it is a realistic target for English teams. Anyway it's nice to see the Scottish sides doing ok after some shocking results in these round over the previous 8/9 seasons.I still think Aberdeen and Hibs will go out in this round but Rangers have a good chance of making the groups.
  11. Light drizzle for half an hour in Motherwell earlier today, that's only the second time it's rained here in nearly 4 weeks.
  12. Ross90

    World Cup 2018

    Has anyone seen the post world cup song by an Ireland fan? Found it quite amusing although possibly best watched when in a better mood.
  13. Ross90

    World Cup 2018

    Like i and many others said, they basically played nobody until the semis and lost against the first good team they played.IMO if you compare the 2 starting elevens England are actually slightly better than Croatia so i wouldn't exactly say it's been a big achievement coming through an average group and beating 2 average teams in the knock out rounds only to lose to something like the 10th best international side.
  14. Ross90

    World Cup 2018

    To be honest i think Belgium would be a harder final.France rely heavily on Mbappe, Belgium have more attacking options plus nearly all of their players are used to playing with or against English players.
  15. Ross90

    World Cup 2018

    They're better than average, on paper they're probably about the 5/6th best European nation which was my whole point about people suggesting they've had a hard run, all they've done so far is beat teams that they should be beating.