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  1. Ross90

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    If necrophelia, paedophilia and people eating somebody don't put you off then yes it's worth watching.
  2. Ross90

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    I saw that last year too, possibly the most disturbing film i've ever seen.It was actually quite good though.
  3. Ross90

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Honestly i was between Steve and Dave, just guessed he'd have a people name. Sounds like a great way to spend xmas... don't know why i had visions of Elisha Cuthbert turning up at her neighbours door in the girl next door.
  4. Ross90

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

  5. Ross90

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    Not weird at all, people like what they like.Most of my female mates are early 20s and i'm 28 so i suppose i'm the oldie in the group too.
  6. Ross90

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    This thread would be better if people rated the film so we all know whether it's worth watching Bird box... yes i'm one of those who saw the memes and decided to watch it, if you haven't seen it i wouldn't bother.The decent cast just about make it watchable but it's pretty boring and the ending was utter rubbish and so predictable. 5/10
  7. Ross90

    Members Photos - Show Yourself !

    surprised it took so long for somebody to pick up on that but each to their own and JC i'd have guessed mid/late 20s.
  8. Ross90

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Both aimed at a completely different audience, doubt there's many people who would like both of those.
  9. Ross90

    Things that tick you off?

    So apparently you'll need proof of age to view any sites with adult content as of April can't see many people wanting to put their card details on pornhub, fab swingers etc...
  10. Ross90

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Predestination - If you like weird time travel films with a lot of unanswered questions then this is the one for you. 6/10
  11. Ross90

    Premier League Discussion

    Anyone else find the commentary on BT quite cringy and pathetic especially from Keown who was clearly desperate to point out how JM was holding Utd's 'stars' back... we get it you don't like him but the constant drooling over OGS was embarrassing.They'd have us think that players have no responsibility and it's all the managers fault.I mean seriously he actually said something like 'Sometimes you just have to tell the players how good they are incase they've forgot' get a grip...
  12. Ross90


    They can be pretty useful for various things but like many things some people just have to be idiots with them.
  13. The MO had a 10% chance of rain from 3pm onwards today but there were a couple of heavy showers around 4/5, some of their short range forecasts have been a bit dodgy for me over the last few weeks often missing out on rain... got a good double rainbow over Motherwell earlier today though...
  14. Missed all the fun here, have to say this was one of the biggest let downs from an amber warning i've ever seen.Nothing more than rain at lower levels through the central belt.Fair enough higher levels got some snow but an amber warning over such a big area clearly wasn't needed, even a yellow warning is pushing it where i am.
  15. Ross90

    Winter 2018/19

    Chances are it will be milder than the long term average, most recent winters have been.