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  1. The gfs has been pushing that low further south over the last couple of days, any further and it'll be over the channel.The ecm has it centred about 300 miles further north...
  2. The low doesn't look quite as deep on that run as it has on previous runs.990mb on Nov 5th, i'm sure it was 975mb yesterday...
  3. Central Scotland looks fairly similar.A couple of clear days and a couple of quite wet looking days.
  4. I've never had one! But time heals all wounds as they say plus things rarely go well at the 2nd attempt.
  5. Been constant moderately heavy rain here since this morning, occasionally easing to lighter rain but never going off.The gardens starting to look a bit puddley.On a positive note this is the least humid it's felt in a while and the coolest it's been in about 6 weeks.
  6. 24c yesterday and 25c today, not quite the 29c we got here last year but it's still been at the upper end of comfortable for me.16/17 next week sounds better...
  7. Why have the cl finalists got about 45% of the tickets while the el finalists only get 25%? Surely more neutrals/vips would want to see the cl final...
  8. The seeding system makes the groups far too predictable, how many times have the same teams been in a group 3 times in 4 seasons! Country protection in the early rounds should be dropped too, you should get who you get whether that be a group with Barca, Man City and Juve or PSV, Zenit and Sporting.
  9. Saw triple frontier the other day, was it expecting it to be typical big names/big budget rubbish but it was actually pretty good.
  10. Shame they cancelled it... been watching daredevil and thought it was pretty good.Much better than i expected although my expectations were low as i was comparing it to the film.
  11. Heavy rain only in Motherwell, these borderline snow events almost always fall on the rain side here.
  12. They should be based on the severity but also partly on the area in my opinion.The highlands and islands for example don't really need a yellow warning for 45-55mph gusts as it's unlikely to cause any disruption in those areas but it might through the central belt.70mph might be worth an amber through the central but in less populated areas a yellow would suffice.The difference between amber, yellow and no warning is the problem areas.Red warnings are usually reserved for the very worst conditions and often don't get used at all during a year so i'd keep them as is.
  13. I saw that one too, didn't think it was quite as bad as the critics said i mean it's suppose to be way out there.It was quite entertaining silliness just don't expect much from it.
  14. Quite bog standard where i am, i'm sure coastal and upland areas were worth a warning but most of the central belt didn't even get gusts over 50mph.
  15. Pretty poor stuff in Motherwell as is often the case when it's windy unless a westerly gets funnelled through the central belt.Max gusts barely making it to 45mph.
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