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  1. Surely making it a simple 'once it hits this point it's named' would be the best way to go.Say amber for wind and red for snow/rain.
  2. If the low on the 14th was that intense there would be red warnings all over the place...
  3. Damaging winds? All i'm seeing for the first week of November is bog standard gales mostly in the far north other than through Saturday morning where Wales and the midlands might get 50-60mph gusts.Doesn't look like anything overly stormy.
  4. So the met are going for wet and windy first few days in Nov while the bbc have it calm and quiet up til the 5th where i am...
  5. A more experienced model watcher would give a far better explanation, mine was just an observation on Kirkcaldy Weathers post.It looks like we're in more of a cool rather than cold flow for the first week in Nov.
  6. That looks like quite a big change from previous runs with the low further west instead of right over or just to the east for the first weekend in Nov.
  7. Being a bit of a noob when it comes to models does anyone want to hazard a guess what the first week in Nov looks like for Central Scotland? Being an events steward isn't much fun if it's raining all night.
  8. Ross90

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    The met have been steadily reducing expected wind speeds for central Scotland over the last day or so with top gusts only around 45mph here which is barely worth a yellow warning.Ali had gusts to 65mph where i am and unless there's a big upgrade i can't see this storm getting to that level at least not through central Scotland.
  9. It's actually not as bad as i expected here in Motherwell, quite blowy but the winds peaked around 65mph about an hour ago.No damage other than a neighbours fence down and some twigs and garden ornaments down.
  10. Spoke too soon, gusting near 60mph quite regularly now, sunny too.
  11. Seems to have died down a bit at the moment, not really getting any higher than 50 here.
  12. Frequent showers and gusting in the upper 40s in Morherwell at the moment, still about 3 hours til it peaks.
  13. Already gusting near 50mph here and it's not supposed to peak til between 1-3.
  14. Amber for 65-75mph inland sounds about right to me especially in early autumn.Red seems to be reserved for 90mph + in a built up area.
  15. Quite mild and humid in sunny Mwell, noticeable compared to the last few days.The warning for tomorrow looks of more interest here, the max wind gusts have been steadily going up from 40 odd the other day to 60mph at the moment so it looks like the first proper windy day.