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  1. It was 28C downstairs and 34C upstairs on Weds and that was only from a temp of 27C outside. It's regularly 5 - 10 degrees hotter in my bedroom than it is outside so anything above 20C starts to become uncomfortable for sleeping. Having 10 foot windows really doesn't help for keeping a consistent temperature...
  2. 25C, 27C and 26C for the last 3 days here. A bit warm for me but at least it hasn't been as uncomfortable as that spell in 2018. This is the 23rd day of 20C + temps so far this year where I am, i've got no idea how that compares to previous years but it does seem to have been a consistently warm summer since late June.
  3. Ah apologies I just saw posts edited all over the place and assumed somebody had went on a deleting spree.
  4. Really so posts calling other members racist and nazis and disgusting are fine but others are deleted?
  5. So not only can you not provide an example of something racist that i've said but now apparently i'm justifying racism, again can you point me to a single post where i've suggested that racism is ok? Or does stating facts count as racism these days.
  6. Really point out anything racist that i've said?
  7. Exactly proving my point from earlier in the thread, anyone who disagrees is wrong according to people like you. Talk about intolerant of differing opinions.
  8. It's a proven fact, i believe the exact figure was 17 times. Should the thread be closed because it doesn't fit your narrative that all the worlds problems are caused by white people?
  9. If it worked surely less people would be getting abuse? By that definition it definitely hasn't worked. No gesture or condemnation or anything else like that is going to work. In fact I very much doubt that anything is going to work, racism has been around for thousands of years it's not going to disappear over a few months or even years. Cancel culture and wokery is doing nothing other than irritating the majority who aren't on the far left.
  10. I can't be bothered going over the same things again but I would like to point out that police in the US are also about 20 times more likely to be killed on duty by a black person so is it really any wonder that they're a bit more trigger happy when trying to detain a black person...
  11. About 40% of people polled said they don't support it so are you saying over a third of the country are racists? I don't think it's anywhere near that, maybe 5% max and the other 35% have valid reasons for not supporting it. Something that irritates me about the whole thing is if you try to explain why you don't support it your reasons are just dismissed or people call you a racist. I get the other side of the argument but from what i've seen and read (even on this thread) those who support it tend to be very intolerant of anybody who doesn't agree with it.
  12. That's fair enough but footballers, sky the fa all know that taking the knee has become a divisive issue so if they want everybody to be onside and fighting against racism rather than arguing over the merits of an anti racist gesture then why would they keep doing it? What was wrong with show racism the red card, nobody booed or complained about that. Has kneeling been more effective than holding up the red card before games? Considering the fact that racial abuse seems to be on the up I would say no it hasn't.
  13. Yes but if one has 100% support and the other has only 50% support surely it would make sense to go with the one that everybody supports, no?
  14. I think the point he was making is that most racists are in the white working class group.
  15. The problem is that a lot of people don't agree with taking the knee so why would they keep going with the more divisive gesture...
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