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  1. Plus 1 to that Sky full at 7am here on the coast there wasn't a breath of wind in my garden and I also saw the odd glimmer of blue sky. The local weather station (approx 2 miles from my house) recorded a min pressure of 969mb.... It's currently rising slowly as it's now 972.4mb. I'm now uptown a slight breeze in the garden.
  2. I never comment in this thread but thought you might like to know that the eye tracked right over us here in Pembroke on the coast. At 7am this morning in my garden there wasn't a breath of wind and the local weather station (approx 2 miles ) from my house recorded a min pressure of 969mb. It's currently reading 971.9mb
  3. Ok the 'pfhutt' flakes are larger and now starting to settle on the roads and pavements as well as the cars and grass.... Still not snow though as they are noisy on the conservatory roof!
  4. Ding ding... Well Round one goes to the 'teeny tiny' white stuff that fell from the sky and settled on the cars and grass... Upper atmosphere is colder than I thought !
  5. Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope! Pembrokeshire Dangler incoming... 2.1C, Dew point -2.1C
  6. Yea 3 miles from the coast we have 'farty' little white stuff starting to stick to grass and cars !!!
  7. Apologies I'm on a laptop... Fresh East is just a 'good' walk from where I live... lol ! Already I'm feeling the effects of the occluded front bringing the system in... I've warmed up a 'tad. Temp is -0.5C and dew point is -1.3C
  8. The clue is under my name James, Pembroke, West Wales coast. Go the very end of the M4 and keep going until you get to the sea. I live on the edge of town and approx (as the crow flies) 3 miles from the coast x
  9. I know they use 2 different systems, Met office has 'flip flopped' me all day at every update between hail, snow and rain. Tonight I've ended up with rain. Hence the 'zipped' mouth until I see the model runs for the morning. The other day I was hopeful of a flake or two of snow as the rain predicted was due to last well into the afternoon and 12 lunchtime was the clincher for me on the coast as that was when the upper atmospherics would be conducive to me getting a chance at some 'possible' snow. As it was that weather system zipped through us much faster than forecast and was sunny by lunchtime just as the temps would have been more favourable. We have cloud due through the night which will raise the temp to approx 4C and I might just end up with no snow but at the moment even on the coast we have a temp of -1.1C and a dew point of - 2.09C The upper atmosphere is cold even for us, for a change and I'm just hoping it stays cold enough for a days snow...
  10. Has anyone else seen 'derektheweather' tweet not long ago, it seems even us coastal dwellers can now have some hope It seems Met office have me down for heavy rain tomorrow afternoon and BBC weather have me down for heavy snow in Pembroke I'll have to wait until morning to see if Met Office upgrade me or not
  11. I think it's impossible to call from Derek's point of view... From what I've read I think only the best possible models from the UkMet can only foresee the cloud and rain cover 6hrs plus in advance .... He's damned if he doesn't and damned if he does... I'd hate to be weather forecaster in the UK at the moment..
  12. Evening all from a remarkably bright sunny Pembroke today! I'm not discounting snow for us on the coast just yet, for one thing the 850hpa has us in the -5C, and as of noon tomorrow we have the 500hpa showing us in the -10C plus. The UkMet pressure charts also show us going into the 528dam sector which is conducive for snow. I'm waiting to see how the rain progresses over us. If the rain is gone by approx 1-2pm like some weather charts show then I expect us just to have hail or sleet and freezing temps. If the rains lasts longer after 12 lunchtime then I expect us to slowly go from hail, sleet to big fluffy snowflakes and if the dew point drops low enough during this time then it will start to stick! Ever hopeful from the coast, good luck all.
  13. Oh Pixel well done, that's a lot of hard work there and your garden looks fabulous x
  14. I thought it was just a 'tunnel cloud' I spotted in the garden this afternoon but apparently it touched down!
  15. Evening all For a change West Wales has been blessed with some fab weather the last fortnight, haven't even had any rain!!! Although we are supposed to get some of the wet stuff (finally) tomorrow. As a result it's like every plant, flower and weed in the garden is saying "flipping heck gang... Warm, dry, sunny... Quick... Grow like 'stink' and lets all flower before the weather changes" lol... The lupins in the small bed in front of the house are looking stunning.. It's a shame the light on the pic makes them all look pink as there are some stunning shades of purple/orange in amongst them.. pic 1 pic 2 is the the 'veg garden' at the bottom of the garden... bed 1 on the left at the back has some onion sets from wilkos, stuttgarter and red karmen. At the front is Globo and red baron grown from seed... They have until the summer solstice to produce a decent amount of leaves before they start to bulb and then we'll see what we get. bed 2 has Oregon sugar pod mange tout at the back left, (when will I learn.. don't feed them Jen just because they look sad... lol... As a result the last couple of weeks they have grown fab but no flowers yet. From the front of that bed some swede, behind them celeriac and behind them beetroot. bed 3 still looks sad it has the rest of the onions grown from seed in them... Bedfordshire champion, some more globe and red baron and at the back some red shallots and white shallots. I've had to lay sharp hawthorn twigs all over it as there is a cat in the neighbourhood who has decide it's an ideal place to do 'it's business' . It hasn't revisited since I've laid them pic 3 is inside the net tunnel ... from the front to the back we have, spring cabbage, kohlrabi, early heading broccoli and at the back is purple cauli. pic 4 I already have a 'Latah' bush tomato which has finally set it's first fruit, it is a cherry tom so hopefully 3-4weeks before it's edible..I'll let you know pic 5 the wisteria which is growing through the cooking apple tree is filling this area with a 'heady' perfume and I've got 6 rooted 'runners' to pot on although having read various articles it seems they may have trouble flowering... Oh well it's all an experiment I'll keep you updated. I have masses of other shrubs and plants in flower including one of my favourites 'lily of the valley' all these were inherited when we moved here and as such our garden is an ongoing refurbishment/experiment... I LOVE it x On the birding front . The dunnocks that nested in next doors box plant have happily reared 2 chicks, there was a 3rd egg which never hatched. The sparrows have definitely reared a clutch as they are everywhere and they 'bloomin' things love beetroot leaves... lol... The blackbirds just 'scuttle' and 'bicker' between themselves... And it's just sex. sex. sex for the goldfinches and the chaffinches and boy.. they aren't shy...
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