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  1. Are the WMO responsible for collecting and sorting the global observation data though? If they only release the 12z data at 1530z then no model can run any earlier. As somebody else mentioned, the model runs are relatively fast and I think we see their output in close to real time.
  2. I think it's because the models have to wait for 12z real world observation data before they can run. The 12z can't instantly get a snapshot of real world data and start running immediately at 12z, the data would have to go through verification and other processing first.
  3. For the record, Met Éireann warnings are both threshold and impact based. "Given that the thrust of the Weather Warnings service is on potential “Impacts” of weather rather than on the numerical values attained by the weather elements themselves, it may on occasion be appropriate to issue warnings at a level higher than that strictly justified by the anticipated weather elements." https://www.met.ie/nationalwarnings/warnings-explained.asp
  4. Here's one in Waterford City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfklK-8O_fA
  5. Keep in mind the weather forum on boards.ie is just a small subsection of a hugely popular Irish forum. When a weather thread gets popular it appears on the front page of the whole forum and chaos ensues. In saying that, the mods and regulars in the weather forum do a great job of keeping things somewhat under control
  6. Shirley would definitely be overblown by Ophelia if she was anywhere near those massive gusts. The ICON model does look like it's gone off on a mad one, but it can't be dismissed yet. The high res models tomorrow will be interesting.
  7. The Irish boards.ie weather forum is almost up to December 2010 snow event levels of activity right now!
  8. That's the ICON model's take on things, switch to the GFS and it's a lot tamer for the east coast of Ireland. I highly doubt it will verify like the ICON is showing, but it is possible.
  9. Here's a live youtube stream from neighbouring county Waterford. Pity there aren't more trees, but could be interesting to watch on Monday.
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