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  1. Humm 2017-10-16 01:00 Local ⇄ UTC Seems interesting Notice how it is absorbing the warm air from land.
  2. 2017-10-15 22:00 Local ⇄ UTC I am reading 139 kph in the atlantic.
  3. I'm asking all to do research.....with a please. no matter of education.
  4. Ok please do stop, you guys keep forgetting the climate is changing, you have to accept this.....wow.
  5. I didn't say it would be a hurricane, but in nature it will stay out at seas to live(no I'm not saying this is a living organism), I already know weather systems can change it, but you seem to be treating it as a tropical storm in your comment, I don't believe it has to be over 26c water, it just needs to be over water no matter the temperature because that is how most storms like this form and live may it be hot or cold, and let me warp your mind even more...please do remember we are in a severe climate change so you and I both don't know what the hell we are talking about....the fact is...ca
  6. Can I take this moment to say and not contradicting your post but storms like this do intend to stay out in the ocean because that is what they feed from, it's as they say for every action there is a reaction :). This could in turn keep some form of strength for a little while, but I'm not counting on it.
  7. Join the club, I might stay awake all night and take footage.
  8. Without rain this could actually flood some Dublin areas such as Clontarf, it has happened before. Thank you. I have an old folk friend who lives in that area so the more I know the better :).
  9. I know that's why I said you and I know, I can tell you know what you're talking about . I like to explain further more in my posts to help others.
  10. Ah see..omg a pun is coming...see it's different out at sea, so what will be the swell when it hit land?
  11. No no it doesn't have to make landfall the surge is actually spread out and at sea heading to land, it's not a hurricane when it hits us. the surge can in fact go all around Ireland from 1 inch to meters ;).
  12. Slaps you in the face, come back to me when it's lower than 950mb
  13. Yes this has happened before, but in today's world it's different...you will see in the future...more to come lol...I'm to busy to explain.
  14. I've been talking about swells most of the day, but I don't see any information confirming any informative conformation about swells, we all know swells come with these type of storms, but it seems that nobody seems to acknowledge that these storms produce swells ....but I know and you know they can kick up a swell so my worry is with a tide (not a spring tide) could this cause any form of flooding? Now I know the ground is not wet enough to cause an major floods but with a swell it can change the effects of rivers, as we know Ireland has high mountains in the west so what if...just IF the rai
  15. I'm reading 9 meters out at sea. So this is why I ask is your readings for the coasts or the sea...open ocean.
  16. I've being saying it all night...Co.Cork is my worry.
  17. Is that inland or out at sea? There is a difference with coastal effects compared to the open sea.
  18. Ok, sorry :(, but cat 3 for sunday is what I am trying to produce, I just wanted to share that, I am unpredictable right now (I like to make you guys work), the seas are rather higher in temperature than usual, so I'm a little excited forgive me. I have begun to interact with winds from the north. This is a little too early for me but it does give me the advantage to transform more early. I'm not joking here when I give information to what I know. I just wish to share my information in a different view for others to understand...in a little crazy way.
  19. Well I did say cat4....some people just don't listen -_-. Ok ok cat 3 on Sunday.. I don't want to scare you :P.
  20. I actually like cloud structures,I take a lot of photos of thunderstorms, it can be annoying when shear winds rip apart a storm -_-. I would like to see this with my visit to Ireland but sorry guys the right conditions have not been set, it is disappointing but hey at least for now we have the swell and winds holding up....for now.
  21. It's not just the west, the winds will spread out, the Irish sea will see some action if.....IF...all goes to plan :D...I know people who surf in this weather...wait why do I know all the crazy ones?? Humm I better look into that.
  22. Best to wait until Saturday evening for the full or should I say best readings ;).
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