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  1. @Martin Auld can you get an Uber to Best Western Irving when you arrive? It will make sense rather thank searching for you. Also you on Facebook? we need to add you to the group chat!
  2. Yes, but I managed to get away with it back in the day!
  3. Haha just seen this ok im 125. Meet you guys in reception?
  4. Woo hoo we’re virgin chasers!
  5. Yep you heard right, It was about an hour wait for me.
  6. Just arrived into Dallas & checked in at BW! If anyone is also here let me know!
  7. It’ll be easier to meet you at the hotel I think!
  8. Great start for me.... Just missed my connecting flight to Dallas from Tampa - flights delayed coming in due to a thunderstorm. Looks like I’ll be staying overnight in Tampa tonight while BA books me on another flight! Where’s that gin!
  9. When do we exchange numbers? I’ll be dropping my car back to the airport around 3-4 ish Tuesday afternoon, I can hang around and meet you guys at the airport? @Tom Lynch
  10. 41c predicted ? perfect for thunderstorms right?
  11. Great! I should be back in time. I’ve rented a car to go and do some sightseeing so be good to all meet up. When do we expect the info packs? Do you know?
  12. Hey guys, do you know when we get our information packs?
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