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  1. Latest radar shows a few very light showers developing around the Thames estuary/Essex coast area. Not likely to be anything but maybe a few flakes of snow possible.
  2. Some beefy looking showers further north out of our region towards NE England. We need this precip hanging around EA to bugger off so we can get in on the convective action.
  3. The last beast spoiled me, my expectations of this again were silly. Still nice to see snow falling though.
  4. With the last beast there was no mud to be seen. Was very alpine like
  5. Crazy chart. If you looked at this chart not knowing the date, you would think it's mid winter not almost April!
  6. Things beginning to look very interesting now regarding another beast/easterly.
  7. Looking at the radar, where is this afternoon's possible snow supposed to move in from? Doesn't appear to be much showing up.
  8. The precip on the south eastern flank coming up from France could be a nice little surprise, especially if it keeps pushing north towards our region.
  9. Looks like tomorrow evening/night is our last chance of any snowfall across the region. I was very disappointed with this beast from the east on Mon/Tues, but boy yesterday changed my opinion completely. Almost heavy snow showers nonstop all day, leaving around 6-8 inches by sunset. This morning's snow was also a nice little surprise, and to have daytime temps of max -3 for two consecutive is amazing at any time, especially at this stage of winter. And to top it all off today's snow drifts are a thing of beauty. 10/10 for me this cold spell.
  10. Been snowing lightly all morning here just outside Bury St Edmund's, Suffolk. Flakes now starting to get bigger and with more intensity.
  11. Looking good on this radar. https://www.buienradar.nl/nederland/neerslag/buienradar/3uurs
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