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  1. Unusual temp gradient here in Geneva this evening, with the strong N/Easterly Bize wind (anticyclones over germany / austria funnelling air towards lake geneva). Was wondering is there a technical term, or set up, to describe why it feels bitter at ground level due to the cold wind, but the actual freeze level is close to 3000m. Either way, nice to feel baltic air and get the fire roaring in October. Also hope some troughs sneak into central Europe at the end of the week.....if you keep an eye on the geneva area you'll see over time how rare it is to experience pressure below 1020. If the Azores isn't in town, it's evil Euro twin is in charge.
  2. Been reading this site for a few months, learning a lot. Feel bad for you UK dwellers re. the 'summer'....I lived there for 12 years before moving to central europe / alps. It is sunny here about 300 days a year. Am fed up with hot dry weather like today and can not wait for temps to drop. Last 4 winter seasons were relatively mild and dry, so I have built up a strong disliking for the Azores.
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