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  1. BBC forecasts are bought from the lowest bidders now.
  2. Really starting to pick up here in the Stoke area, looking like there's a squall line coming through here soon.
  3. The problem as I understand it is that although the raw GFS data is released for free (see https://www.ncdc.noaa.gov/data-access/model-data/model-datasets/global-forcast-system-gfs), it costs money and takes a lot of effort to run a webserver converting this data into something that us common folk can access at home. The datasets are quite huge and unwieldy so for most companies there's really no good business model to produce global charts for us. There are a few options, https://www.metcheck.com/WEATHER/gfscharts.asp# is decent but quite low resolution and low quality compared to
  4. Adding to the list of complaints about the BBC: They're using the exact same photograph next to the stories about Barrow AFC and the football club in Ireland getting their roofs blown off.
  5. I wonder how much it would cost for a seat on that plane. Looks like a fun ride. Eyes gone again. Masses of convection on the west half of the hurriance, but the east half is stubbornly inactive.
  6. Pressure has dropped a little since yesterday, now down to 952, winds at 126mph. Looks a lot more symmetrical than it was yesterday, and the eyes cleared out too. She's completed the turn towards North, and travelling out into open sea. (Image http://tropicalatlantic.com/recon/recon.cgi?basin=al&mapping=cesium)
  7. Looks like it might be finally starting to re-intensify properly. Some strong convection on the North side, and an eye is starting to reform unless that's just a momentary blip.
  8. Not much of an eye left, and recon is having trouble finding the centre. The latest dropsonde is in, readings at 959hPa. Still no signs of intensification, every now and then there's a burst of strong convection, but it looks like with the colder waters to the North and the landmass to the South the driving forces just aren't consistent enough.
  9. Whatever it's doing, it's definitely shrinking now. And for no reason at all, here's a nice desktop background.
  10. She's really struggling to hold together. Looking really lopsided, seems to be plenty of heat input from the south, but with the land interaction and less heat coming from the North it doesn't want to form up. Pressure is still around 960.
  11. Very strong convection showing again. It's not so bad now, the hottest waters waters were to the south of Puerto Rico. There's still some quite hot waters ahead for Maria, but it depends how far west she tracks.
  12. I think the eye might be getting ready to reform, and convection is starting to pick back up on the east side now that it's cleared land.
  13. Mike Theiss is hunkered down. He even has a "safe room" in his hotel.
  14. I guess dropping dropsondes over land is frowned upon too. Also, teeny weeny little pinhole eye?
  15. It looks to be about half an hour or so from passing directly over San Juan. The eye is closing up as it passes over land but recon found nearly 100mph winds just off the cost of the city an hour ago.
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