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  1. jonboy

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    and mine but I think its hedgehogs
  2. It is what you would expect as it takes time for these responses to work through the atmosphere. The interesting element is that we have come of a very low maximum so will the effect of a very low minimum be even greater? We don't have that sort of hard data to judge it by. The next 10 years are going to be very interesting especially if the next cycle is slow to uptake and as some think the next maximum may be the same or slightly lower than the last.
  3. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    They are both correct here is the explanation The Boulder number (reported daily on SpaceWeather.com) is usually about 25% higher than the second official index, the "International Sunspot Number," published daily by the Solar Influences Data Center in Belgium. Both the Boulder and the International numbers are calculated from the same basic formula, but they incorporate data from different observatories.
  4. If I remember rightly the winter of 47 was followed by a long hot summer perhaps the two go together
  5. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    What before the solar cycles become very active again around 2040/50
  6. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    The NO TCI data show that the thermosphere was “Warm” only for a brief period of time at the maximum of solar cycle 24 and thus experienced the coolest solar maximum of the past seven solar cycles. So the above is taken from the abstract. If the last 7 cycles have had the upper atmosphere warm/hotter than now is this the reason we have seen a levelling of of global temperature and could well soon see a decline. Could it actually be this that has driven so called climate change I wonder?
  7. Yet for many of the months that were above average it was the night time highs that ensure the high values. lets see if we have shifted pattern where the night time temps are low thus ensuring below average temps
  8. what relevance is that to the argument about racist behaviour. Its almost your justifying the actions if they occurred because he looks a little like him!!!
  9. jonboy

    Arctic melt Season 2018

    and that has never happened before!!!! Don't think so
  10. One of the theory's is that during a deep and prolonged minimum the earth has less protection from the sun's magnetic field which allows amongst other things greater cosmic ray activity to reach earth and it is as part of the process of decay etc that particles such as muons then penetrate the earths mantle and in decaying transfer energy into the earth's core thus slightly increasing its temperature and thus volume which in turn leads to greater volcanic and earthquake activity at times of deep prolonged minimum. Very over simplified but hope you get the gist
  11. jonboy

    Spain weather

    The Cerebral Palsy world games start next Monday in San Gugat just north of Barcelona doesn't bode well for these disabled athletes and then coupled with the wildfire risk in the area could be a very interesting week!!