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  1. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Now that's dedication never see that happen in our national game
  2. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    We must remember also the predicted level of cycle 25 is lower that this present cycle. Levels not seen in modern times last 200years or more. This is a great opportunity for science to better understand solar impacts over time
  3. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    and flux has dropped to 68
  4. I have to agree. Its not only how quiet the sun has gone but both the depth and speed of the fall off. Yes the sun has gone quiet before but not to this extent in a time when we have been able to record the levels accurately. This winter and the next few years are going to tell us a lot about the true impacts of the Sun on our climate.
  5. probably coincided with the big uptick in flux activity we saw in early october
  6. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Sunspot numbers in some form go way back to the last grand minimum. However our ability to record flux values certainly do not and probably only go back 50 years at most and certainly not back to the last grand minimum.
  7. but you forgot to mention we then reduced them to 25 for 7
  8. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I fully expect that we will see lower figures and would not be surprised to see sub 60. We have not had such a low minimum during the 'recorded' era so totally new setups for us all to digest and their associated impacts
  9. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    If you notice the sunspot number is always 11 when you can't see anything!!!
  10. 6.6 turning colder
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Spotless again today and F1o flux below 70. These single days are usually 11 or 12 makes you wonder if they would have been remotely visible using the old method!!
  12. If people can't make an argument or comment without swearing then I would question their ability to put together a sensible point!!
  13. October 2017 C.E.T. forecasts

    10 for me please