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  1. obviously doesn't fit the right agenda ets face it we should be ice free by now!!!
  2. If its o2 your going too don't bother. Tried in both their city centre store and branch at the outlet centre and totally useless!! still snowing on and off here
  3. Several heavy showers all off snow over the last hour and just easing a little. About 30mm on the ground at present
  4. jonboy

    New Research

    A paper from Atmospheric and Climate Sciences titled The “Ocean Stabilization Machine” May Represent a Primary Factor Underlying the Effect of “Global Warming on Climate Change” https://file.scirp.org/pdf/ACS_2019010914482656.pdf
  5. There will be no legislation making anyone change existing fires. Those existing fires will become cleaner by burning cleaner fuel. The cleaner fuel like kiln dried wood burn more efficiently thus providing better heat. I don't see a problem with his at all.
  6. jonboy

    What ever happened to ?

    Still on channel 992!!!
  7. They are proposing banning the sale of the least efficient fires and the sale of wet wood and poorest coal. They are not banning wood burners
  8. jonboy

    Is litter getting worse?

    Of course its worse. Not only are there less general litter picking there is less kerb maintenance less general maintenance overall. All as a result of cutbacks in funding from the centre. You can't expect the same level of service if funding available is 20 to 30% less. As a result of less community people don't do it themselves. Fortunately on my street we all ensure litter is picked up and verges kept tidy can't be said for the majority of areas I know
  9. jonboy

    What ever happened to ?

    Got replaced by widespread frost
  10. jonboy


    Drones need to be properly controlled. They are a great tool especially for carrying out inspections of dangerous buildings or difficult locations
  11. No thats the day after tomorrow or 2nd week of jan in may terms becausr tomorrow never comes
  12. Why cant people accept the models havent a clue. They are numerical models based on recent past experiences and responses we are in territory not modeled before wait and in the next 4 days output will be totally different