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  1. lag times if the sun activity had such an immediate effect we would see it every day we don't. the changes are subtle and take time as patterns change and built up heat from the previous very high active cycles disapates
  2. I was talking to my sister in New York at the week end and their daffs are still to come out blossom is late and they have only just started getting seasonable temps
  3. Squaw Valley ski resort in California is considering staying open all summer due to snow amounts and not that long ago it was all doom and gloom due to lack of snow how things change!!
  4. may have called 1 spotless day but activity has been so low laymans sunspot count are on 10 spotless days. unlikely to last more than a day or two
  5. Well this was referring to undersea volcanic activity which we know little about and therefore cannot say whether it's increasing or not. However if such activity is driving the noted above Nino then it is changing climate
  6. 9.3 for me please
  7. I see there is talk of a super Nino forming which according to Peruvian scientist Jorge Manrique Prieto is because of high level of subterranean volcanic activity.
  8. So taking that to one of its logical conclusions might be that global temperatures peaked in 2007!!!!
  9. Cold winters but I do believe the next cycle is likely to be less active than the present one so yes two deep deep's and I don't expect cycle 26 to be as active as 23 but more like the present 24.
  10. I would hope for two or three!!!
  11. I notice they call 2009/10 a deep solar minimum. I wonder what they will call this one?
  12. Can't agree with that statement. It was politics that led to the unrest and it was politics that resolved the unrest and without Martin McGuinness it is likely we would still have the issues created by the wilful politics of the 60's and 70's and it was his unswerving drive for peace and accord that see's NI in a better place today
  13. Laymans has updated to 15 days but notes 0 pixels so I would think the 13 on spaceweather is a give me as they are a day behind.
  14. yes since 2009/10
  15. Perhaps the last of the heat stored saying a fond farewell!!!