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  1. we have 105 days to 2020 I would expect the spotless days to be around the 275 mark
  2. As you fail totally to understand the point I will give a bit of personally history (I am white british since 1066) my mother was one of 10 my mother had 6 children of those 3 have 2 children 2 have 1 and 1 has none. Of the 8 children at present they have 5 children. As you see a steady decline in population as such due to each generations increased 'wealth'. This occurs across all societies as people are able to look after themselves longer. The way to control population is to increase well being and wealth not by birth control. Having worked in the housing association sector I clearly know more than you. Your comments clearly show your right wing view point as anyone who shows any form of social responsibility must be a lefty. I suggest you grow up.
  3. What utter tosh. Firstly you don't understand or have not read previous posts. As previously stated a lot of migrant families take two or three generations once they are in a more stable economic environment to see a decline in there birth rates in addition to the cultural desire to be looked after by their families as they get older something sadly lacking in our 'white' society. Your comment regarding 'Inside Housing' shows a distinct lack of knowledge in this sector as it is the magazine and body representing housing associations not so called socialist unions. Lets not forget the fact that without unions our birth and death rates would be a lot higher.
  4. What we also need to remember is that those areas with high 'fertility' rates also tend to have high infant mortality rates due to famine poor health provision lack of clean water etc. As these countries prosper you see 'fertility rates drop as young people find they can work and look after family without having to have the backstop of more children. This is why in china families are now being encouraged to have children again as they see the potential for their economy to stall due to a lack of labour. We still use population growth based on old facts and as a result continue this anti human retoric
  5. yes it lasted two days with a count of 12 and 11 in days gone by it wouldn't have been seen
  6. Been away a very late 16.7 and 95mm and whatever punishment for such a late entry
  7. The posts are not self confirmatory they are exploratory yet when anyone posts anything that might suggest that other factors maybe at play you and others use your usual tactics to belittle the ideas being put forward. If you don't think solar minimum has any effect on our weather or climate say so once and then let others explore the topic as intended
  8. It would be an interesting exercise to do the same comparison for night time temperatures
  9. The question is are we in that very low cycle territory. I certainly don't think we are in grand minimum territory but certainly Sporer territory yes. These are exciting times for research and understanding how such low solar cycles may or may not impact our planet
  10. But the way you structure your response is such that you clearly think that is the case and low solar minimum is secondary. That is clearly not the case
  11. What's Piers Corbyn got to do with this unless you are of course lumping the scientists who's research I quoted into the same bracket as Piers?
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