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  1. I believe it is something more likely to happen during solar minimum as our magnetosphere tends to be weaker at this time and given the depth of this minimum its something that can happen more often.
  2. a crack in out magnetosphere allowing even slow moving solar wind to cause aura. Not unusual but not predictable either.
  3. Lets hope even with poor finance and brexit no deal looming this government has the sense to spend on infrastructure as a means of bolstering the economy
  4. I am a luddite to when it comes to tech but came across this How do I unlock my iPad passcode? Setting a Simple Passcode Swipe right on your iPad's screen to unlock it. Open your "Settings" app. Scroll until you find the "Passcode" option, then tap it. Tap "Turn Passcode On". Enter a passcode of your choosing. Confirm your passcode by typing it in again. Press your lock button to lock your iPad.
  5. Do you have an apple account with you iPhone if so you could try that password
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