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  1. Indeed very sad news no one should go to work and suffer such a fate. Thoughts with his family, friends and colleagues.
  2. Formal flood maps were first produced by the Environment agancy in 2013 and updated in 2019. For earlier maps you might need to go to drainage boards or water companies. Otherwise its searching flood events rather than risk maps. Hope this is helpful Jon
  3. I don't have a problem per se if this improves crop resistance to disease. However I do think this is the thin edge of the wedge and we will see a lot more 'relaxation' of regulation in the name of improving business and no doubt over time weakening safety.
  4. Somehow I don't think we will see 'lamp time for cyclists' again
  5. A really sad loss to the comic world
  6. James Hansen in 1988 predicted temperature increase of between 4-6c by 2010-20. In 2007 American scientist were predicting summer ice free artic by 2013. In 2009 Gore predicted an artic free ice by 2014. In 2013 this had moved to 2015. In 1988 the UN predicted the Maldives would be totally under water by 2018 and James Hansen equally predicted that that parts of New York would be under water by 2019. In all this time CO2 has continued to rise so forgive me for being sceptical about the impact of this gas on our climate.
  7. Isn't it time that we started to plan for the warmer world and the consequences be it more rainfall or more extremes. The world will not reduce its C02 levels to pre industrial levels. Population levels will peak in the next 20 years and then decline a very fact of an affluent world and equality between men and women. Plan for the future manage the resources available to you and don't pollute whether that is particulates, soot etc and plant more green
  8. My prediction is my prediction I don't go round saying yours are godswallop so don't do it to mine. I don't remind everyone that the predictions of 10 years ago of no artic ice or catastrophic failure of Antarctic ice have failed to materialise. So I stand by my prediction and equally why
  9. My prediction is simple. Any noticeable warming will not occur until after 2050 if anything we are likely to see a slight cooling with at least one if not two significant winters before then. Once the solar cycles return to the level of cycles 20/21/and 22 then the warming will kick in Snow is not something that will have disappeared by 2050 and unlikely to disappear from the uk ever
  10. Can I ask what the pattern looks like for Tokyo over the next three weeks or so. I'm not very good at interpretation of the charts
  11. No now bring on the real games the Paralympics.
  12. Actually I think this might be good news for the upcoming winter. I believe that the most brutal winters have come on the uptick of activity after minimum and I think even though activity isn't great it has ramped up against forecast which I assume is based on historic data which shows a slower increase in activity. I am a believer that this increase in activity is one of the drivers for the extreme weather events we are seeing around the world be it snow in brazil, extreme rainfall events around the world, heat in Greece/Turkey and on the west coast of the states
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