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  1. A couple of warm days predicted on the east coast then back below zero so winter is not over yet
  2. Well that big ball of fire has ramped up from zero last week to a heady 26. In December 2012 it was 82 hardly the same level of activity. If such activity played a significant immediate role we would see a lot more input into the models. Solar activity if anything plays more to the broader teleconnections over a longer time span. For me the talk of this record breaking SSW may well be down to the level or not of solar activity but research will determine the impact. For now I would suggest this increase will not impact on whether an easterly occurs or how intense it is.
  3. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    been the case for a while now counting spots that would not have been visible previously making it impossible to compare historic records!!!
  4. The Thames Frost Fairs

    Even with the same temperatures today the Thames wouldn't freeze totally because the flow is to great. So anyone using that as a barometer of climate will be sadly wrong
  5. I hope I'm wrong as I have major external works to complete by mid march!!!
  6. Just started to snow here in York
  7. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    In the ski resort of Stowe in New England temps were around 8F on Tuesday today they are 42F and tomorrow 48F before dropping back to -3F Saturday afternoon. A 51F change in 24/36hrs
  8. I understand there have been a number of avalanches over the last few days around Zermatt
  9. All models have slightly different algorithms otherwise they would all churn out basically the same, equally I'm sure inputs for each are not the same hence the need to take each with a pinch of salt and see how each handles different situations. Gem does has its moments and if the scandi ridge does come off then your right it pick it first. I'm not sure why some get so het up about individual models if you don't trust it don't use it
  10. Tony47

    What some will tell you is that there is greater volcanic activity the deeper you go into low or very low solar cycles. This is thought to be due to the weaker protection the sun offers earth in the form of its magnetic shield. So climatologists who suggest volcanic activity is the reason for climate effects like the maunder minimum fundamentally misunderstand cause and effect. The sun's impact on earth is wide and varied.
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    I don't believe we are entering a grand minimum such as the 'Maunder minimum' but we are entering a significant minimum which is likely to extend to until at least 2050. Given that the last few cycles where very active and greater than that seen in recorded time its is no wonder global temps reached the levels they have. I am convinced we will see global temps start to fall back which will be claimed as man's efforts reducing CO2 etc and not the sun's effects. Sunspot activity will be a lot lower than 2009 over the next 2/3 years. Seasons will become more defined but overall temps will be reduced.
  12. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Its always Fahrenheit in the states. For instance in the ski resort of Stowe in New England over the next few days the max temp is -4F and lowest is -16F then add on windchill!!!
  13. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    F.10 flux below 70 again also