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  1. jonboy

    Spain weather

    The Cerebral Palsy world games start next Monday in San Gugat just north of Barcelona doesn't bode well for these disabled athletes and then coupled with the wildfire risk in the area could be a very interesting week!!
  2. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    We are considerably lower than the last minimum. There will always be bursts of activity and this present activity is still low compared to past cycles Have faith in a couple of days we will be spotless again.
  3. Its bottled CO2 that's the problem the main plants in the uk are buggered!!
  4. There is a CO2 shortage according to the beer industry!!! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44545010
  5. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    2 days spotless
  6. and Ozone continues to increase
  7. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    sunspot number is 22 for two sunspots that makes both 11 as I believe that is the lowest we can go for one area. Tomorrow should be blank!!
  8. jonboy

    Antarctic Ice Discussion

    So lack of ozone depletion is now a bad thing!!!
  9. No Anyweather was making the point that when snoway said he thought cold spells late april early may where becoming more regular that this was nothing new and I remember in the 70's 80's this being true. Climate has always changed in cycles the only question is has man made those cycles more pronounced my answer is unlikely
  10. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Now updated to 56 days and a flux of 68
  11. jonboy

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Now 54 days and solar flux 68