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  1. Heavy snow shower just now in Stow rapidly covering previously thawed patches.
  2. Noticeable thaw now in Stow for the last couple of hours. All of that will freeze of course in the next couple of hours so some tricky conditions later.
  3. Snowing heavily in Stow more convective flakes this time unlike the long duration powder from yesterday and earlier today.
  4. About 7 to 8cm have fallen in Stow from 0700. Still snow blowing around now. Took this earlier
  5. Not surprised. Wish him well in these conditions. The biting wind and drifting is a problem
  6. Raging North Easterly and snow on the ground here in mid Suffolk near Stowmarket. Wasn't anything at 6am
  7. Yes lived in Canterbury in the early 90s and the snowfall of Feb 1991 was exceptional. It settled quite quickly once it got going! Looking like East Kent up for some more decent snowfall from this favoured set up
  8. It's quite possible these snowy scenes from 2nd Feb 2009 could be repeated in London again this weekend? Certainly looking snowy for Suffolk!
  9. Flash in the pan cell here in south Essex but certainly interesting photographically!
  10. If nothing else, at least the sky is more photogenic than recently even if there are no storms for this corner of se Essex!
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