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  1. Overnight minimums at chesham -7.3°c and Redhill Aerodrome -7.1°c. , meanwhile here in Meopham, North kent our first proper air frost with a minimum of -2.0°c
  2. Coldest I can see Dolau in Powys new Amateur station which went live last month -8.8c
  3. Lowest I can see is Amateur Station at Symington (South Lanarkshire) with -7.7c. Meanwhile here in Meopham, North Kent patchy frost on roofs with our coldest night so far this Autumn with an overnight minimum 1.0c
  4. Coldest night so far this autumn in Meopham, Kent, overnight low -0.6c slight air frost
  5. Overnight minimum in Meopham, Kent this morning 0.3c. Frost on Roofs and ground, Half a mile away in Shipley Hills Road Frost Hollow, car temperature -3c
  6. First Air frost in Meopham, Kent with an overnight minimum of 0.2c
  7. Overnight Minimum of 1.7c in Meopham, Kent. slight frost in places, car windscreen.etc
  8. Sadly we only got down to 5.7c here in Meopham North Kent, whilst many other parts of Kent down to -1 and 0c, Here are minimums from a selection of Met Office and Amateur stations I monitor, this morning:
  9. Met office station at Tyndrum in scotland down to 0c this morning and met office confirmed first official air frost this autumn, i monitor over 50 or so frost hollows, in UK and also this morning Glendevon in scotland down to 0.7c and Llanllwni in carmarthenshire down to 0.4c, here in meopham, kent our first air frost usually November but hopefully we'll get one in october, coldest minimum this september 6.8c
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