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    Gravesend (by the thames) and work Borough Green deliveries on job around the South east
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    Sea fishing, food, football- Spurs and Dartford FC fan, tennis and of course weather and weather model viewing and analysing
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    Snow November to March. Heat and sun late April to early October

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  1. What was the max temp today then? netweather max temp only says 30c at Heathrow yet the radio stations were going for 32c at Gravesend and Uxbridge and 33c in London
  2. Sods law if it happens then when I'm off for my birthday the 15th is the famous St Swithuns Day 40 days and nights rainfall- which if it did happen would mean game set and match for the dry weather as last year proved the only time I've ever seen rain on 15th July here in Kent!
  3. Twas an amazing summer my grandparents from Mauritius were over and even they were saying how hot it was! On another note could Navgem be leading the way?Lol someone mentioned recently that it rightfully forecast the july1st record temp at Heathrow of a few years ago days in advance and stuck to it's guns when all the main models didn't want to know?
  4. Had a very light shower driving from Dartford to Gravesend I'm sure it wasn't forecast I commented on met office tweet too
  5. Was it forecast to be this warm and sunny today? 26c at London city airport apparently
  6. I'm sure I passed that cloud earlier driving on the m25 through Surrey lol
  7. Itv London weather tonight mentioned likely 30c by Monday in the SE
  8. Thanks for the heads up. I started and have ended the day in Gravesend where I live but I was at work through the day mostly around Surrey and Heathrow( twice) earlier and a little drive to the chilterns which was lovely windows down, all the pollen blowing around was a bit of a irritant) but its better than my usual drive into the big smoke of central London that I will be back doing tomorrow. It's funny how it's always the same 3 or 4 locations that record the highest temperatures depending on the wind direction.
  9. BBC going with 28c at Heathrow could we beat last month's 29c? Probably a stretch too far if only it was a southerly or swly then here in Gravesend would no doubt be close to the hottest place maybe a 30c
  10. As a driver was amazing to see the difference between mid Kent earlier with torrential rain flooded roads and a howling cold wind that blew a few trees down and then to get to west London and see it bone dry with not a trace of rain and jist a light breeze!
  11. I live in Gravesend and have been to Heathrow and central London today as a driver I can confirm it felt a lot warmer than the low 20s this afternoon. And tomorrow's meant to be a fair bit hotter still! Although the SE admittedly has naff winters in general I must admit we do ok in summer being pretty sheltered from the Atlantic influences that you northerners know all about. Let's hope we get some warmth for all parts. I remember in the September 2016 heatwave when Gravesend recorded 34c either the arome or arpege did very well with temp predictions I'll be following those models more closel
  12. Only because it won't be 26c in Manchester though?. Good old SE always the best place from now until autumn
  13. Perfect spring in my opinion beasts and snow aplenty to start March now temps in mid 20s here in the SE in mid April ?
  14. Beautiful clear blue skies for the first time since I left Mauritius on Tuesday. How depressing has the last few days been. Looking good next week ?
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