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    Gravesend (by the thames) and work Borough Green deliveries on job around the South east
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    Sea fishing, food, football- Spurs and Dartford FC fan, tennis and of course weather and weather model viewing and analysing
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  1. Heavy blowing snow here by the thames for the last half an hour or so just a shame it's not really settling such a waste although it's looking great for later when temps drop more
  2. I'm a Dartford FC supporter in my rare spare time Welling like bexleyheath normally actually gets slightly more snow than Dartford due to the higher elevation even though it's closer to london
  3. Just started snowing here though facing the Thames it's ridiculously windy you couldn't make out the precip type
  4. Mine says heavy snow from 8am until 1am tomorrow very very rare for here that would give us more snow than 2.5weeks ago!
  5. Which models that I see the Hirlam is showing 10-15cms for most of the SE now
  6. Catching up with the thread a few pages back and I thought I had gone on to the alcoholics forum lol. Maybe I'm just a wee bit jel as I'm a delivery driver 6 days a week so rarely get a full weekend like most to have a few🍺. Kinda dreading driving round London/Surrey/Kent all day tomo! Might need to hit the whisky tomorrow evening and watch from my balcony overlooking the Thames the streamer set in🥂❄☃️ Before spending my day off sledging with the neighbours😍 goodluck to everyone in the region we deserve a second "mini beast" after the last few winters/Marches
  7. That's ok I'm flying to Mauritius on 30th March if beast 3 doesn't arrive lol. Also on that hirlam precip chart does it show 12 or 17cms over NW kent/SW Essex?
  8. Perfect right near the middle in NW kent😍
  9. I was hoping this would happen to minimize the warming effect of the sun on the ground so temps can scoot down quicker tonight
  10. So did we have any accumulation totals for the region for the last few days. It's very hard to judge with the sunny day melting half of ours on Wednesday when we were just missing the cloud cover and streamer that got Essex and London. but I'd guess overrall somewhere in north-central Kent or Essex got the most? I think in total we had about 8-9inches fall in Gravesend but only 4-5inches remained after the Wednesday melt day& extra small accumulations since. While Other areas accumulated more on other days. The drifts on my way to work between Gravesend and Meopham were very impressive several feet high above my car in places! I stopped to take pics. I was surprised by the lack of snow in Surrey! I was around Guildford this morning while delivering there was barely a cm before the PM snow came. Still a lovely spell of weather for us coldies to savour and a snow fix achieved for another year for us all- I'll leave you with my pics of the drifts just south of Gravesend today. Goodbye Beast from the east 2018!
  11. Tell me about it I've got to drive from slough past your end to Kent and dreading it lol only time you'l here me say that about snow! I'll love it again once I make it home😂
  12. I've literally been the dividing line just the wrong side all day-Can see constant stream of showers blowing through Essex up to London I'm just too far south yet last couple days too far north&West bloody typical! NE not good for here nor ESEly need ENEly again. Suns been out all day in Gravesend and melted half the snow😣
  13. And what' now annoying is being so close to the constant showers just passing by to my east😣 literally 3miles east of here has triple the snow cover
  14. Am I right in thinking that maybe Greenhithe/Gravesend area was the furthest West along the Thames to have a little covering. I stayed and watched our fall at 2.15-3am last night. Can' believe how just a few miles south and east of here there's like quadruple the amount of snow😲 My family in Dartford are now moaning at me they have no snow. Was it due to the wind direction being more conducive to a Kent clipper I assume?
  15. I used to live there many moons ago I've walked to cliffe from here in Gravesend before. We literally have barely a few flakes lying on the grass🤣 crazy difference for 3miles away