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  1. Yes will be gone by tomorrow evening once the mild air pushes in over night. Was nice to have a week of lying snow but looking at the charts an early taste of spring could be on the way, sunny with highs of 15c. Given the hole covid situation and being trapped indoors quite a lot id be happy for spring to now come.
  2. The angle of the showers, there development as they move closer to land tells me any coastal regions plus up to 15 miles inland from NYM to Berwick will get something decent from this over next 4/6 hoursm
  3. Early morning showers have given a decent top up here and more on the way by the looks of it.
  4. Today has definitely delivered was worth all the missed opportunities of past few day.
  5. The key tonight is getting snowflakes and not graupel, there'll be more than enough showers for everyone but most places will only notice it come 7am if it falls as snowflake snow.
  6. Not quite would be my guess, probably more North Blyth/Bedlington, need a NE feed to push that your way.
  7. Generally better for those closer to the coast, further in land no so much but as always these things can be very unpredictable.
  8. Proper flakes of snow finally coming out of the sky when i was leaving work, bodes well for tonight if the showers intensify, as i think they will, and temp drops....im hopefully of waking to proper snow tomorrow.
  9. Finally its snowing and lying, still graupel but heavier than any point all day. Wind has picked up significantly also in past 15 mins.
  10. As the low pressure, now over NW France, moves away it will allow the unstable air to our north (currently circled in your pic) to move south and allow the north sea to create convective showers which will be pushed in on the easterly wind.
  11. There is southernly movement in the Scottish band of showers but maybe no more than 25 miles over past 2 hours, at that rate that unstable air would reach Northumberland in about 5 hours. Apologies 10 hours not 5.
  12. Nothing really coming from these new shower formations currently hitting Northumberland coast. Had a few pass over according to the radar but just light graupel, you wouldn't even know it was falling if not specifically look for it on the pavements. Still early in the hunt though.
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