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  1. Northern Ireland doesn't get much electric storms but i remember 2 absolutely cracking ones, early 90s from my memory but never seen such lightning and the sharp cracks of thunder, not the usual far away low rumbles. My parents car caught a strike and it set the alarm off, my neighbour seen it and saw the car flash orange! The intensity was amazing, you could sense the pressure difference as my head got really heavy and gone once it moved over. Heres to a thunderstorm mega summer!?

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  2. 4 hours ago, IanR said:

    Its getting common to get a heatwave without any storms at the end now,  cant see anything happening on saturday,  bbc graphics did show some showery activity in the middle of the irish sea , pushing into southern scotland  . I suspect this will be the case , its happened a few times over recent years where the activity is over the northern irish sea     

    Hope you're right about that in NI ?

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