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  1. They were real fast moving storms but intense and produced half inch hail in places
  2. Cloudy all day in N.I, no heat from the sun all day, might just be a wash out instead of a lightning show.....
  3. Was watchin the met office forecasters expression when he is describing the potency of the storms that are forecast, could we see a once in a lifetime event this week?
  4. Over here in Northern Ireland, we have had an annoying NW, E winds from easter, not much rain with exception to the weekend past, just poor temps.
  5. I hope NIreland will get a rumble or 2 today, but only 6c at the minute!
  6. I was working at the airport at the time, i remember one morning leaving the house at 3am and the temp was -16.5c, never felt the cold like it lol, brrrŕrrrrr
  7. Im amazed that some people dont understand the weather, dry heat will get u no thunderstorms, uts only when moisture is introduced that covective weather happens
  8. If anyone has seen a dawn and a sunset, tell me its all science..........
  9. I remember coming home from holidays late august 2008 in belfast, as we drove on and on inland the heat coming through the opened windows of the car was extraordinary to say the least. We passed through a large hail shower then the flashing started. My mum and sister were terrified but me and my dad were peering out the window at that amazing storm, rumble after rumble, it continued for most of the night
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