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  1. Marko1690

    Winter 2009/10 memories

    I was working at the airport at the time, i remember one morning leaving the house at 3am and the temp was -16.5c, never felt the cold like it lol, brrrŕrrrrr
  2. No one in particular but im just enjoying the heat
  3. Im amazed that some people dont understand the weather, dry heat will get u no thunderstorms, uts only when moisture is introduced that covective weather happens
  4. I remember coming home from holidays late august 2008 in belfast, as we drove on and on inland the heat coming through the opened windows of the car was extraordinary to say the least. We passed through a large hail shower then the flashing started. My mum and sister were terrified but me and my dad were peering out the window at that amazing storm, rumble after rumble, it continued for most of the night
  5. Jetstream change on the way pushing warm moist air under cold dry air, sounds like a perfect storm!
  6. Dont know about anyone else but it's a warm night out there
  7. Working tonight till 7am, might be interesting☇☇
  8. Seen that, any idea yet about severity of these or is it too early?
  9. Towering clumulus clouds at ballyclare, N.I
  10. I hope its not the start of a trend, 4.2c on the way home from work this morning 😨
  11. Couple of small thunderstorms heading away from mourne mountains out to irish sea, dunno if they will gather any more energy before they contact the rest of the country?
  12. Marko1690

    Photos of sunrises and sunsets

    Sunset up at the airport, northern Ireland at her best
  13. Ni, my boat not rocking with this weather either lol😨
  14. Dont know about disgusting lad, we've still no cow's out but u hear about the african droughts and natural disasters throughout the world, be careful what u wish for, friend
  15. Serious lightning storm moira right now