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  1. Wind is picking up here aswell from the north east.
  2. Yeah just looked at the loop, the rain is moving very fast.
  3. Don't see why the warning for rain was dropped just look at the radar.
  4. Just had a large damaging gust come through, always amplified where I live which doesn't help.
  5. Winds have suddenly picked up again some nice gusts. Who knows what waits for us when the cold front comes though
  6. Starting to hear the usually familiar whistle and rumbling from outside now.
  7. Looks like the storm is now below 990mb, right now it was forecast to be about 5mb higher or more.Not sure how this will affect things but the storm is a tad more intense than forecast.
  8. A strong possibility but it has been recording accurate data beforehand and its not a random gust, the thing to takeaway is to not let your guard down when the coldfront comes through you could have some pretty big gusts. most likely the data was not accurate but who really knows.
  9. It was recorded at Gwennap village in Cornwall. The gust was 35.9 metres per second although you never know it could be an error. Its also recording gust of 70mph so who knows.
  10. Cornwall just had a gust of 80mph so be careful guys.
  11. Its rare with these storms that the strongest winds arrives with the rain, most of the time strong winds usually follow the rain.
  12. Pretty gusty here in Essex, I guess it's Just down to your location and wind direction.
  13. Sad that I didn't get a storm today although heard a few rumbles and got some rain, you win some and you lose some.
  14. Dissapoiting here in Essex but to be expected as too far south of the storms, hopefully some storms will develop over the channel.
  15. over 36 here now constant sun all day.