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  1. Surprised this thread isnt more busy tbh, looks like a serious storm considering its August
  2. Looks like a serious flooding concern for those in the dartmoor area and river torridge, anyone got any updates from there?
  3. The main concern for serious flooding looks to be over Devon and Cornwall at the moment, that area has a history of vulnerability to storms it doesnt look good.
  4. Looks like the Essex desert is going to remain a desert for the time being
  5. Just heard another distant rumble must be from the stuff south of London which is very far away
  6. I swear I heard rumbling thunder I promise but it couldn't of been from that crap nearby 😂
  7. Am I going crazy or did I just hear thunder near Chelmsford area? Nothing on lightning maps?
  8. Reckon the cell making landfall will intensify as it goes over land, clutching at straws here?
  9. Interesting line structure development, might see some gusty winds and a shelf possibly
  10. Looks like some big flash flooding concerns under the new storms
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