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  1. Have had little to no rain today, seems like the luck is going to run out.
  2. Looks like the rain missed most of the south east, was that meant to be the main event?
  3. The main focus was never really a storm threat but for heavy rain with the odd rumble, far from a bust.
  4. Just had very intense winds in that squall that came past, a warning ton anyone else in the path.
  5. Was expecting more wind today, forecast was for gust exceeding 40mph but I guess that's later.
  6. Lightning activity has gone now, seems like just a quick pulse storm but better than nothing.
  7. A plane just got struck I'm pretty sure omg I should of recorded it.
  8. Blowing a gale hear, cant imagine the wind in the actual storm.
  9. Looks like big standard rain headed into most of Essex at the minute, hopefully it can turn thundery and intensify.
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