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  1. Sad that I didn't get a storm today although heard a few rumbles and got some rain, you win some and you lose some.
  2. Dissapoiting here in Essex but to be expected as too far south of the storms, hopefully some storms will develop over the channel.
  3. over 36 here now constant sun all day.
  4. Over 35 here in Essex now in the shade
  5. Guys I think it's happening, rising towers starting to emerge on Essex.
  6. A wave of high level cloud seems to be traveling north over east Anglia, anyone else see it?
  7. Upper level instability already in essex
  8. Have not had any rain since late may here, wondering what impact an intense downpour will have here in terms of flooding and sudden river rising.
  9. I think tomorrow there is a good chance of 37 if a spot has sun all day, thats a big if.
  10. Me and my brother verbally confronted one as he was the slowest of the bunch, the thing is they ran and left it burning which if we hadn't spotted could of got out of control.
  11. Some idiotic kids just set a field next our house on fire and ran away leaving us to put it out, although we caught up to them and gave them a good lesson.
  12. Dbarb

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Last time we had rain here was the 30th of may. Over a month already!
  13. Have not had any rain in a month here and everything is bone dry, and now the models suggest none for a few weeks still...
  14. The grass is dying and the rivers are drying up, are we officially in a drought yet?