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  1. The humidity here in Essex is some on the worst I've ever felt, painfully looking at storms to the south and hoping one forms further north.
  2. Better get a good storm to make up for liverpool losing.
  3. I think wind could be an issue if it gets up, not only will the ground be soggy and the trees in leaf but the wind is coming from the north. Reckon alot of branches might come down and trees.
  4. Huge anvil from that storm over Cambridge! With it being surfaced based might even have some rotation to it. Supercell?
  5. Im not attacking you but Im suggesting that some of your comments are trying to insight responses and cause trouble.
  6. What do you mean? Its 8:30 and I have a good few cms already and the night is still early?
  7. Decent covering here a good few cms, although have the feeling it will be over soon as the heavy snow is moving away east and not anything heavy coming from the north sea.
  8. So we have swapped out the idea of snow showers with more organized snow but not as intense coming of the north sea?
  9. anyone else have this weird rain/sleety stuff falling?
  10. Doesnt look like its turning much to the north east, looks northerly too me might have 2 snow events left of this spell.
  11. Listening to Essex radio it sounds like the end of the world in some part with many towns and villages being cut off. reckon we could get a side swipe today from the snow or will have to wait until tomorrow?
  12. only a dusting here today in Essex not had much at all from this blob of snow. Hopefully a different story tomorrow morning.
  13. A few cms aswell here in Essex, not too bad but fell as though not as much as everyone else.