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  1. I agree places in south Essex and coastal areas will get a lot of snow but further north up into north Essex and Suffolk im not so sure, but who knows it will all come down to the day and the direction of the streamer.
  2. I Im being really honest I think many places in east Anglia will not see much snow due to the direction of the wind. Places like London and Kent will do very well but i cant see showers/streamers coming into places like Norfolk,Suffolk or Essex except brushing the coast coming down from the north east.
  3. I made a 10 quid bet with my mate that Essex will get a lot of snow this week. Knowing my luck the streamer will go to the south and we will get a dusting.
  4. Never seen warnings issued for an event 4 days away. This will get upgraded to an amber before monday?
  5. I know places like Kent, London and areas inland from there will do well but what about places further north in East Anglia as I think they will miss most of the snow due to the wind direction. I live in mid essex and the showers tend to always go through Kent or hit the Norfolk coast and fizzle out as they head towards me. This is because unless the wind is directly east or south east the showers dont come here that often.
  6. Notice tonight how instability is already coming of the north sea as evident with light flurries, just goes to show how much more we will get with a lot lower temperatures on the weekend and next week.
  7. Just really hope the flow is not from the north west but directly from the east as it needs to be for snow anywhere away from Norfolk and Kent.
  8. Just thought about all the homeless people we see now in our towns and how they will survive. I remember walking through Chelmsford on a chilly night and they where all so cold and shivering. What will they do?
  9. Thinking about stocking milk, bread, salt and other things right now before everyone else catches wind of the beast.
  10. Thats because the meto only jump on at a short range, give it a few days and they will be the same as they are always behind on the models.
  11. The instability is created by the difference of the cold air and the water of the north sea, but at this time of year the sea temps are at there lowest so will this affect the shower activity?
  12. I work at Tesco in Maldon and reckon I wont be able to get there next week if everything goes to plan.
  13. I bet it will only be places like Kent with snow streamers unless the easterly is coming directly east not south east, we can hope.