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  1. Spawney

    Orange sun

    Strange looking orange sun due to the Saharan dust and smoke from the Spanish/Portuguese wildfires blown over by Ophelia.
  2. Spawney

    Sea Surface Temperatures

    It's not an official animation, I'm curious to see how the surface temp changes throughout this coming winter so I knocked up the animation from the daily images to get a better idea of how the North Sea is cooling. I'll be adding more frames to it so eventually I'll have the entire winter's changes animated.
  3. Spawney

    Sea Surface Temperatures

    Oh yeah, so it does somehow I'd missed that I must be going blind or daft, possibly both
  4. Spawney

    Sea Surface Temperatures

    Hi I've been keeping my eye on the North Sea surface temperatures for the last week now on the BOSS4GMES site(http://project.ncof.co.uk/B4G/indicator.php?indicator=sst ) and up until the 6th of December there appeared to be cooling of the North Sea then the temperatures have shot up. What could be causing the temperatures to rise so rapidly?
  5. Spawney

    Grimsby Weather

    Weather photos from around Grimsby
  6. Spawney

    Grimsby sunset

  7. Spawney


    snow in Grimsby