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  1. Brill..Just wish the Aussies had to play a test at the Riverside! stick them in Lumley Castle for FIVE days....and Nights :lol: :lol:
  2. PLacate northerners...well we have a beautiful ground at Durhams Riverside So what you are saying Nick is No tests should be played north of Watford!! As Mr Data says your attitude stinks :unsure: Regards: DON
  3. 18th June 1815... 190th Anniversary of the battle of Waterloo!! Weather today 190 years ago heavy rain which cleared to showery outbursts!! Weather 2005 at Waterloo warm sunny spells drying ground... Napoleon would have loved todays forecast!! ah well such is the fickle fate of history!!
  4. Hi Mr Data I wonder which test playing country has the worst record! for days washed out! I would think England must be the favourite place for wash outs! With maybe Australia the least! Regards Don
  5. A very interesting report Mr Data Thanks Don
  6. Very true Anti Mild, Russia has always been a very difficult county to invade with any sort of success owing to the harsh winters and indeed hot summers! Take Napoleons disastrous campaign in 1812, when he lead an army of nearly half a million into Russia and on to Moscow! only to lose up to 80% of those men on the terrible retreat, when most of the poor souls froze to death in the freezing weather as day time temps plunged down at times to -27. Regards: Don
  7. I wonder how many of you can think of when the weather has played a huge part in the outcome of history or a battle! That would have such a huge bearing on europe or the world for that matter! Some times a low pressure system or a high may have meant the difference between me writing this thread on net weather and not existing at all! Here is one instance, I think I am right in saying that everyone must have heard of the battle of Waterloo, between Napoleons French against the allied forces of Great Britain, Prussia, and Holland The night before the battle of Waterloo had been on
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