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  1. I’ve noticed a few people on here tend to be celebrating when we have the weather like it is today. 14-17c and grey, with a lack of sunshine. It’s not nice at all outside and my hands are starting to feel cold again. Want a return to 21c plus weather with sunshine.
  2. It didn’t feel humid apart from Saturday evening, but it’s still early in the year. April humidity doesn’t come close to the warm muggy nights we would experience between late May and late August. The humid and hot nights of last June I did find a little on the uncomfortable side. And I’m a fan of heat and sunny weather. That said, I was a fan of the cold snowy weather in February.
  3. My partner can’t work when it’s raining. Her job is weather dependant, so a wet day means no work. Dull and slight drizzle is once in a while is fine and the odd wet day, but I don’t like weeks of dull weather with one or two wet days on a weekly basis. This just makes for depressing weather.
  4. Plus it’s bloody depressing having to sit around in this current weather feeling uncomfortable, especially when it’s breezy. I work outside, and to be honest pretty fed up with the lack of warmth this year. Was hoping the warm spell of recent days would last longer.
  5. I’m going for a 2009 or 2010 summer. Both had a warm sunny June. But July 2009 was poor with rain and storms, while August 2010 was cool and cloudy. June will be the best part of the summer, before turning poor. We might get a warm September to follow though.
  6. I was hoping we would see the last of anything south of 17 degrees, and here’s hoping the 20c plus days will become more frequent from May until September. All I ask for is some sun and less rain.
  7. I think we’ll have to wait a while before hitting 30c. My guess is sometime between the 10th and 20th of June, around the start of the World Cup. This will be after a cooler start to June, but temps picking up around the 4th, then turning hot between the 10th until the 20th, and will end with some thunderstorms. The rest of June will be average with sun and cloudy days.
  8. Despite the recent heat, 1984, and 1987 still had better Aprils.
  9. Sounds like April and May 1980.
  10. People need to be less dramatic about this warm spell, the first one for many months I might add. Let’s just enjoy it! Beats weeks of dull cloudy cool weather, which is frankly quite depressing.
  11. Yeah, but we’ve had late October warm spells before, which have been followed by long chilly winters which last until mid or late March and even April ends up being chilly. 1995 was a prime example.
  12. I meant to say decent, not distant lol. July 18th was probably the last hot day of last summer, part from the late August bank holiday. Think it was about 30 degrees on the 18th, before the storms hit, then cooled right down and never fully recovered.
  13. Yeah, not a distant one since 2014, although last June and first half of July wasn’t too bad, if you were in the South east that is. This winter probably made up for all the moaning since the 2013/14 period.
  14. Despite recent mild days, the cold has always been a regular feature throughout March this year, and this looks set to continue into early April. My question is, are we looking at potentially a poor summer, in terms of colder than average temps, and less sunshine, but with some humid weather with storms in the mix. A summer similar to 1980 or 81 would be a nightmare. On the storm front though, it could be a positive.
  15. It’s very nice today, but I’m looking forward to the low 20s temps of next week. That’s warm enough for me not to wear a jacket.
  16. My flat still feels cold, despite the fact it feels warm outside.
  17. I remember the spring of 1996, following on from the very cold winter of 1995/96. Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ was the song I remember being big at the time, and went with the cold weather. It was relentless until late May, and we only had a handful of mild sunny days in between the cold trend. Then, the heat arrived in June, and if I recall, there were violent thunderstorms on the 5th or 6th of that month.
  18. I think the spring of 1982 was sunnier and warmer than average. We came out of the cold winter by late January, February was milder than average, and temps recovered during the spring. It was quite warm in April.
  19. Well, my hands are cold today and always feel cold when the temps are lower than 16 degrees, but mostly when the weather is cloudy and under 14 degrees.
  20. I guess we will have to wait until May this year, before any real warmth kicks in. This time last year, the weather was improving, despite still having some chilly days in between. The lack of sunshine recently has been depressing.
  21. It seems to be struggling to warm up this year. Maybe the February and early March snow and bitter temps have affected this?
  22. Are you insane? I like the fact we’ve had more cold during the past winter and first half of March, but I’m starting to find the cold and damp rather tedious as we move deeper into April. I’ll welcome a spell of warm sunny or even above average heat in place of the cool and damp weather we’ve had to endure of late.
  23. I agree with Staines. We’ve had way too many days and weeks of endless dull, cold and damp conditions, with only a handful of warmish days(if you can call them that, last Friday and Saturday were the only examples), and this dreary theme has been in place on and off since last mid July. The terrible second half of summer 2017, followed by a dull and depressing autumn, with only a few spells of bright days. Winter overall delivered the cold and snow, in between some milder interludes, and although February was sunny, the lack of daylight(despite the days becoming gradually longer) didn’t benefit many, because of the cold and longer nights. March is usually the time of year when our expectations turn to mild spring temps with more sun, and this hasn’t been the case for 2018. Actually, 2018 seems to be stuck in a prolonged winter. It has been depressing observing just how many people are still wearing hats and scarves, and this is coming from someone who lives in London. The people on here who find 24 degrees uncomfortable, are the same folk who were commenting about sitting in the beer garden, when it was sunny and 5-8 degrees back in February, before it was snowing, when I thought it was still too cold to be dining or drinking outside. I don’t feel comfortable sitting outside until it’s at least into the mid teens, (12-14c), and even then I’ll be still wrapped up. Sitting in the beer garden with only a t-shirt doesn’t happen for me until we hit at least 18 or 19 degrees with sunshine. And if you factor in the breeze, I’ll still have a light jacket to hand.
  24. Another 2007 or 2011, or 12 would be depressing. 2009 or 2010 wouldn’t be too bad, as these summers at least produced some warm to hot dry spells, in between the poorer periods.
  25. I think this summer might end up like 1982. It followed a cold snowy December and January spell. The summer was warmer than 80 and 81, but still poor overall, with lots of thunderstorms, and some hot spells in June and July.