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  1. The nights have been warmish, but not oppressive. That’s probably due to the recent warm days. Nights will become colder this week though. Might be time to start putting the heating on again.
  2. It’s a pity we are heading in the wrong direction. I’m dreading the darkness, but will probably get used to it in the next few weeks.
  3. In some ways it’s a shame it’s happened like this, as the evenings are much darker now. If this was a month ago, it would only be getting dark right now.
  4. Not one of my favourite years, but here goes. https://www.mixcloud.com/kickup80s/uk-top-40-14-20-september-1986/
  5. I think we will be looking at the last period of 20c plus(apart from a very mild blip in October), until next March or April, unless there’s a really mild spell in late Feb.
  6. You’re right about the storms. Most years when we go, there’s been an overnight storm or a morning one, but they usually blow over, followed by more sunny warm days. The evenings can still feel quite warm or even hot. Our last visit was the Malaga like I mentioned earlier. Murcia is very nice.
  7. It’s possible lol. But, September is still too early to be talking about Christmas.
  8. This is the weather we should have had during July and august, instead of just a handful of days during those 2 months.
  9. Last time we were out there was in September 2019. We went to a Spanish village town about 10 miles east of Malaga. Was predominately a Spanish speaking area, which made it feel more authentic. 2021 was another year of putting off a holiday abroad.
  10. Sunny76

    Film thread

    Inception was enjoyable first time round, but I feel Nolan was trying to be too clever with the story he was trying to tell. Not one I’m keen to return to.
  11. We usually have a holiday in Spain during September, so for me, it always feels like the height of summer still. I can imagine the autumn feeling arrives in Spain during October or early November.
  12. Yeah, the daytime maxes will start to drop below 21c regularly from the coming week. Currently enjoying this warm period with lovely sunny weather. Would also like some Indian summer weather in October if possible, even though by then it feels like autumn even if it hits 20c.
  13. I like mince pies, but not until November time. I also enjoy Christmas pudding, but it is rich.
  14. Sunny76

    Film thread

    Another issue I have, is he uses too much music in his films. The Dark Knight for instance, is a good film, but I wouldn’t class it as great. Heath Ledger is what made it, but there’s way too much music during certain scenes. That being said, I can’t knock the film too much, as I must have watched it about 4 times within the first 4 months of its release, 2 of those at the cinema. Was that really 2008? Lol
  15. I understand what you are saying, but for some reason I never liked Radio 1. I used to listen to Capital in the 90s, but developed a taste of KissFm around 1991 when I turned 15. This was partly because I started listening to house, acid jazz and anything KissFm would play, as opposed to the regular chart music of that era, which I was still interested in. However, 1991 was also the time I started getting into the late 70s/early 80s new wave stuff like The Specials, Madness, The Jam, The Police, Adam and the Ants, Gary Numan, alongside David Bowie’s 70s and early 80s material, some early 80s funk from bands like Light of the World, Incognito, and Freeez.
  16. I don’t know if anyone on here listens to Steve Allen on LBC between 4am and 7am on weekdays. I listen to his show when I get up at 5am, and always find him quite witty. But, there’s one minor issue I have with him. As soon as midsummers day is over, he starts prattling on about bloody ‘mince pies in the supermarket in September’, or ‘Christmas department will be opening in august’. And to annoy me even more, he keeps banging on about the cold and frost. For crying out loud! We didn’t have much of a summer, so let us enjoy the nice warm weather this September has to offer, before talk of mulled wine and that fat bloke with a beard who drops presents down chimneys.
  17. It's age I think. 33-34 seems to be the common age when you lose interest in new types of current music. 2010 seems to fit well with me, as that was the era when I made a determined effort to avoid and block out anything in the mainstream. People who are 25-30 now, will already be looking back at the 2000s as a golden era and probably thinking the 2010s were the last great decade.
  18. Sunny76

    Film thread

    It was a pile of Chris Nolan self indulgence. A few people have taken it personally when I said I actually prefer The Black Hole to Interstellar. A lot of younger viewers seem to think anything Chris Nolan directs as the second coming lol.
  19. Shiver and Don't Panic by Coldplay still for me had that hangover from the Britpop era of 94-97 in some ways.
  20. Thanks for that. I will give it a bash this weekend and come back to you.
  21. Indeed, which is why I forgot about the list you made. Alison Moyet would probably chin me for leaving her off the list lol. Teardrop Explodes, Cameo, Earth Wind and Fire(big in 1979), Blondie, Culture Club, Duran duran, Spandau Ballet, Pretenders, Martha and the Muffins etc.
  22. Sunny76

    Film thread

    They've been talking about a remake since about 2011. I hope they make one, but don't want it to be weighed down by politics and diversity box ticking or leaning too much on science fact. Just make a film to entertain. I don't want another Interstellar, which bored me to death.
  23. Opposite to you on New Order. I think their best material was from 81-84, where they still had some Joy Division elements lingering, Everythings Gone Green, up until about Thieves Like Us. Didn't really care for them when True Faith came along.
  24. Yeah I like Dark Side, but was worried someone would call me out and say that album is not from your beloved 1979-89 era lol.
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