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  1. Autumn thoughts

    I'm glad to be off to Latvia for the Christmas holidays. At least there's guareteed snowfall. Plus, I love those cold minus temp days with clear skies. Wish we could have more of those winters from the 2008-2012 era back.
  2. The autumn of 87 was the start of it. The great storm in October, was one of the first signs of a shifting climate.
  3. Yeah, I lived in TO( as the locals know it). It has proper seasons there, but sometimes the winters can be too cold, while the summers can be very humid at times.
  4. Btw, it depends what part of Canada. The Atlantic provinces don't get very hot summers. It can be cool and rainy at times. Same goes for Vancouver.
  5. It's a shame, because it spoilt our holiday. We were just unlucky I guess. Mind you, on the days we had the sun, temps were in the 27-31 region.
  6. It doesn't always work that way. 1989, 94 and 2001 had fairly warmish octobers, along with 2006. All the winters that followed were mild or very mild.
  7. Seems strange. I was in Mallorca 3 weeks ago, and we had several days of rain.
  8. I have a feeling it will be a continuation of the run of winters we had between 1987/88 to 89/90, going by the Indian summer coming up next weekend. I hope it isn't though, it just seems like so many winters now are like that post 87.
  9. I think it's possible. Another 1987 or 1991 could happen again.
  10. I lived in Toronto from August 1999(just after the eclipse) until march 2001. The summer of 99 was very hot, right through until mid September. Temps were hovering between 25-32 or up as high as 34-35 on some days. The cooler weather sweeped in by mid September, and the first snows arrived just after Christmas that year. Jan 2000 was snowy, and although it snowed for a week, most of the people I spoke to, said this was a mild winter in comparison to the previous one. Summer 2000 wasn't as hot, although warm to hot spells occurred in June, July and August, I remember some periods of cooler and thundery conditions. Storms in Toronto are quite widespread, due to Lake Ontario on its doorstep. The following winter brought tons of snow, almost to the point where I felt slightly bored with it by the time we reach Feb 2001.
  11. Maybe a 1981-82 would be the best we can hope for. 2010 winter is less likely.
  12. Autumn thoughts

    Maybe a cold snowy spell will happen between December and January. The recent cooling trend since August, could be a hint.
  13. Autumn thoughts

    September 84 was cool overall, following a hot July and August. The October and early part of November was warmish that year. The winter that followed was freezing cold. This was the start of a run of cold winters, and poorer summers during the mid 80s
  14. Autumn thoughts

    I'm hoping we don't get a long run of boring mild cloudy days, mixed in with several days of rain throughout the coming winter. Much prefer some sun and drier conditions. Cold and dry.
  15. Yes, but that doesn't make them great summers does it. I also know the 1985-88 era had poor summers.