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  1. I wonder what 2020 will bring? A new decade is on its way.
  2. Too right. 2019 will be added to the poor summers of the 2010s. This decade will be remembered for poorer summers, with some good ones. 2013, 14 and 18 being the really good ones. This summer has been poor, despite the late hot blast we will be getting this coming weekend.
  3. I wonder how many people would have classed this summer if July was poor and August was hot and sunny with the 38c temps we encountered in July. Its a real shame august has been a let down so far, but I’m still hopeful the last week of August will give us a return to summery conditions. That being said, summer 2019 will still go down as average to poor in terms of lack of sunshine, damp conditions and so forth.
  4. I’m the other way, I really love the extreme heat, or when temps top around 28-30c, but granted, even 34c in late June and anything north of 35 is too humid for me, especially in London. However, if I’m by the sea, I need temps to be at least 22c and above to enjoy it. Everyone has a different tolerance level.
  5. I for one will be hoping for a late blast of heat in late August and early to mid September. I don’t want full autumn weather until after mid September. I have my light jacket on today for the first time since early July, so that’s a telling sign the weather is already starting to change. i can’t get over how many people on this forum wear just t shirts and shorts in winter. I have cold hands once temps fall below 20c, but feel the need for a jacket around 17-19c, the winter jacket comes out when we drop below 13c, and if I’m outside working in those temps, I’ll have a hat on.
  6. Dreadful summer weather today. It’s deteriorated so quickly since early August. Now we are left with wet and dull cool days. Hopefully another hot spell isn’t too far away, and I think there will be another one before the end of August and early September, before the true autumn shows itself.
  7. I remember 1995 as dry and sunny for many weeks with only the occasional dull day, and 2018 was the first summer to mirror that. We will probably have to wait at least another 4-5 years before we see a summer like those 2. Think 2019 until mid 2020s will be another poor run of summers, but hopefully a better string of colder winters. Only time will tell.
  8. I’ll welcome it, if it means more guarantee of a chilly frosty snowy spell between December and February.
  9. August has been disappointing since post 2005, but let’s go back to 1979, as for me this period could be classed as the christmas pudding (damn my phone for making typos) 1979 had a cool August, 1980 also had a rather poor one. 81 was dry sunny and warm, despite another poor summer August that year was the best month. 82 had another coolish August, with only a few hot days. 1983 and 84 were both warm to hot and sunny. 85-88 were all poor cool Augusts, with short warm or hot spells in 1987, and 88. 1989 and 90 gave us another batch of warm to hot Augusts, 1991 also saw a decent one, after the poor June and early July. 1992 summer started off warm and sunny, but August was overall quite poor. I also remember that summer being quite thundery. 1993, was another disappointing August. 1994 was another average August, after the warm and sunny June and July. 1995 was the best August since 1990, and the hottest and driest on record(the best one since 1976), and probably the last really good one until 2003. I could go on, but it just goes to show how more often than not August ends up being poor or average.
  10. I can’t remember much about 2005. I do vaguely recall some cold snowy weather in February or early March, but my memory could be playing tricks. The summer wasn’t a memorable one, apart from a handful of sunny warm days in August.
  11. 1980 had some thunderstorms, but the summer overall was poor.
  12. Regardless of warmer than average temps, it doesn’t stop some of us observing how unsettled and changeable the weather has been.
  13. It depends where you are, but I remember days in June where it struggled to reach even 16-17c in London, and some days were cooler than that. The last week was better, but it wasn’t enough to save what was a very poor month.
  14. I think 2018 was a nicer summer for long sunny clear spells, but summer 2019 is more typical of what a uk summer is like. I would say it still leans towards being on the poor side though. Yes we had the heat in mid to late July, and July was a good month overall, but the poor June and rather changeable August to date, has made it a disappointment. Temps haven’t been too bad, so I’ll give you that, but the cloud has been a regular feature with sunshine only appearing in the afternoons or later in the day.
  15. It’s not much to ask for more sunny weather is it, when we have so much dull conditions between October and March, sometimes into April. Yes, I know it’s usable, but even cold cloudy and dry wouldn’t stop me from going out. The lack of sunshine takes away the summery feel. I know it’s been quite humid and thundery, but so far in the south east even the storms have been lacking.
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