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  1. Even as a heat lover, I do and have found temps of 28c and above difficult to work in. Sitting in the park, by the river or by a pool(if you are rich enough to have one lol) where you can enjoy it is one thing, but when you need to walk around in a suit, or work in construction, a hot office, I can fully understand why people don’t enjoy the hot weather. That being said, I have enjoyed the long sunny days, and early morning clear sunny skies. Something we were lacking for a month before last week, down south. So while I accept, it’s extremely difficult in the heat, it’s muc
  2. High teens is too cold for high summer. I think anything from 22c to 25c with sunshine is warm enough to not feel too hot, or too cold.
  3. I really hope this isn’t the state of play for the next few weeks. I don’t mind a cool down, but I don’t want to lose the sunshine as a side affect of lower temps.
  4. I think you will be right. Summer 2021 feels similar to 1987. The May was poor this year, and it was also cold and wet in 1987. June was cool and dull with a warmer end in 1987, while June 2021 was warmer and sunny in the first half, before turning dull. July 1987 was warm or hot for the first half, then dreadful during the second half. July 2021, started off very poor, while the second half has been warmer and sunnier. Late July 1987, until mid august was really bad, very wet and cool, followed by a hot spell between the 17th to the 21st, and some sever
  5. Who is everybody? I'm glad its still very warm where I am with sunshine. Turning more cloudy and the wind is picking up.
  6. They also get more storms and snow in winter months. Thunderstorms in summer, not winter storms lol.
  7. Hmmm. I can lie down on a beach or sit by a river when it's 30c. I can't do that if its raining and 15c. Its too wet and cold.
  8. Yeah, but we would still have people moaning about the heat lol. Im not looking forward to long periods of grey cloudy weather. I say that from a very warm control room.
  9. I think our climate would be more interesting if we had a mountain range to the west of us. More extreme weather.
  10. Yeah, maybe this weekend will produce something more extensive and eventful. It’s predicted to between now and Sunday. I agree about pre internet, up until 2004, thunderstorms were more of a surprise when they did show up, even if you heard a weather forecast. Nobody was discussing storms in a weather forum in large numbers in the early 2000s.
  11. I wish someone could remove the Atlantic and place it somewhere away from the U.K.
  12. I don’t mind those temps, but the south definitely needs more sunshine, and this past week has been a blessing. Granted, it’s been a tad too hot during the night, and my partner has been finding it difficult working in her client gardens, but we still remind ourselves how cold we both felt back in December to February, and also still freezing into May.
  13. I have a co worker from Nigeria, who will turn his heater on in the loading bay, as soon as we drop back down to 21-23c. I can’t sit in his room, when he does that.
  14. I remember distant booming thunder, maybe at least from 15-20 miles away. I would take about half an hour before the storm arrived, then become much louder and you knew it was getting close. Distant thunder booming during the night is quite eerie for some reason. I seem to associate it with ghosts and haunted houses lol. We had a few distant rumbles last summer, but the storms were hit and miss. I still have faith, we might still get something before September.
  15. Yes, I remember those plume events, where after 3-4 days, or a week or so of hot conditions around 26-30c mark, you would be guaranteed a massive storm. Thunderstorm events I remember and wish we would get again are : Friday 24th June 1994, late evening thunderstorm and with distant lightning appearing around 8-9pm. The storm went on until well after 10pm, and triggered an asthma attack for some people in the London region. Late August 1987, on a friday evening, with another storm during the night. It was hot all week, and london hit 30c on the friday. Overall a poor summer, but
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