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  1. I’m sure if we had a few years like 2008-2010 again, the snow novelty would wear a bit thin. I remember by 2011 or 12, I was becoming quite casual towards the snow events, probably down to the fact they were almost a given at some point during the winter. This was probably the case in the mid 1980s, when snow would fall quite often.
  2. I'll be out of pocket when I tuck into my turkey and Christmas pudding. I'm predicting -1c for Christmas Day this year, with clear blue skies. No snow though.
  3. Spiders, and also Uncle Mickey. He's one scary character lol.
  4. I hoovered them before, with the old type hoovers with a bag. You can imagine what that sounded like. Using a vacuum will not get rid of them. They will lay eggs inside.
  5. I think December 2010 and March 2013 were decent for cold and a bit of snow. Maybe we will get something like that again. Even London was fairly cold on quite a few days during those months.
  6. Yes, it’s good to have some cooler fresher air, but I hope this isn’t the start of more dull days and a lack of sunshine.
  7. Why? I was bitten by one a few years ago, and even before then, I wasn't a fan. People have to understand this, if you have a phobia.
  8. You might get one this year. I can smell a colder winter. Trust me, its going to happen. If by Christmas, we are still at 10-12c days, you can sue me!
  9. Lol, but we had several months of rain between september and earlly March. I don't want another mild wet winter. We could do with either a dry cold one, or a dry mild one, with the occasional rain.
  10. I don't think most people would want to see a 1947, or 63 winter again. It would be chaos, and potentially more devastating than a 1-2 week heatwave.
  11. Just had some heavy rainfall now in west London, with rumbles of thunder.
  12. They will be popping In for a cuppa when we reach September.
  13. I already told you this. It was hot here last night, but I slept well.
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