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  1. Winter 80/81

    Like 79/80, winter 80/81 seems to be another forgotten one. Another snowless one for down south if memory serves me well. I was only young at the time, but don’t recall any snow for London, and this was the second year in a row during this point. Anyone else have any memories of this winter? Apart from ABBA having their last number 1, and Ultravox appearing on the music scene.
  2. February 1998

    I remember it well, and it was one of my least favourite weather events. Mild sunny weather in Feb just seems plain weird. It happened in 1990 and 2004 I think, but the 98 one felt really warmish. The depressing thing about it though, was how bad the summer was that followed. April was cold that year, and the summer was dismal and cool, apart from some warm sunny weeks in August.
  3. Winter 1979/80

    82/83 was much milder than 81/82. And wasn’t 83/84 even milder, with a very mild December?
  4. Winter 1979/80

    I think that was one of the better years of the early to mid 1980s period, in terms of music. Still has a 1970s feel to it, while the gradual transition was happening with the New Wave bands coming through.
  5. Winter 1979/80

    It was indeed. The last number 1 of 1979, and the first of January 1980. The weather looks dull and grey, but mild, in the music video.
  6. Winter 1979/80

    Following the severe winter of 78/79, can anyone remember if the following winter had any cold spells? Looking at weather archives, it looks like an average to mild winter, with a mild February.
  7. White Christmas 2017

    Staying with 1981. It seems that most decembers since then have been milder than average.
  8. White Christmas 2017

    I was hoping for another 1981-82 winter. A winter that has only been bettered by January 1987, Feb 1991 and the 2009-2010 winters.
  9. White Christmas 2017

    Despite the mild week running up to Christmas, including Christmas Day itself, it has been anything but mild throughout December. This felt like the coldest December overall since 2010. I work outside, so noticed it more than others, but the windchill at times made it feel very cold. I work in London.
  10. I often thought 82, 84 and 85 were cold ones for some reason.
  11. That’s true. Mild weather is almost always accompanied by cloudy dank weather.
  12. I just remember one Christmas from my childhood being sunny and very mild, and at the time it felt strange. My family made a big deal about it though. Think it was Christmas 87 or 83.
  13. I was having this discussion with a co worker earlier this week. I told her I much prefer the winter weather, when it’s either cold and sunny( my favourite), or cold and cloudy. Both provide fresh crisp air, and although I like snow, I still prefer cold, dry and sunny. My co worker disagreed and said she likes mild and sunny. Not for me thanks, during the December to Feb period, as it feels unseasonal. Mild and sunny is worse than mild and cloudy for some reason. What’s does everyone else think?
  14. I wouldn’t go that far. Octobers of 1985, 1995 and 2011 had warmer temps. October 2017 was mediocre at best, for any attempt at an Indian summer. Most of this month has been cloudy and dreary, with very brief warm spells. I’m also glad it’s turning colder as fresher now.
  15. Maybe the mid July thunderstorms on the 18th of that month, was the start of a shift to cooler weather. Since then, warmer spells have been less frequent, and even the sunny warmer days have been in short supply. This could have been the start of a new climate shift, without anyone noticing. Temps have been lower than normal since, despite the slightly warmer October.