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  1. Not a cold winter, but whenever I hear Sad Cafe’s Every Day Hurts, it reminds me of end of autumn/winter 1979, heading into 1980. Also, Walking on the Moon, and Video Killed the Radio Star.
  2. And while on the subject, I’ve moved from November 79 to November 1980. Disco has faded during this period and less dominant, new wave has become more popular, while punk is also on the slide. Loving to two tone ska stuff by Madness. The winter of 80-81 was mild in London. We moved before the Christmas of that year.
  3. Wrong. It was from spring of 1980, late Feb or March of 80, but maybe it was getting AirPlay in late 79, although I highly doubt that was the case. I was listening to a retro countdown from this time in 1979, so I’m looking forward to hearing Pink Floyd and The Police when we move into December.
  4. I think some of the 90s winters were pretty decent compared to 79-80. 90-91, 93-94, 95/96, and 96/97 all produced some cold spells and snow across many parts of the country.
  5. And I don’t like mild and sunny, instead of cloudy and cool. At least the latter makes it feel more wintry, but I appreciate why some folk may prefer mild and sunny.
  6. Have a feeling it will be a 1979/80 type winter. Nothing special, but maybe a cold dry period without any snow, followed by a mild February, but nothing exceptional.
  7. Ah yes! Waiting for a Girl Like You, reminds me of early January and cold weather. I tend to like listening to it during the festive and new year period.
  8. I thought jan 83 was very mild, wasn’t it?
  9. I remember those 90s songs, but lost interest in the mainstream by the time we got to 2008-2012 winters. Another Brick in the Wall always reminds me of Christmas and new year/ early January 1979/1980, but that winter wasn’t a cold one.
  10. January 1987 - Sometimes -Erasure, Caravan of Love - Housemartins Feb 1991 - Sadness - Enigma
  11. January 1979 - A Song for Guy -Elton John. December 1981/Jan 82 - Maid of Orleans -OMD. Easier Said than Done - Shakatak (guilty pleasure)
  12. No, parts of the country had white Christmases in 2009 and 2010, but 04 was the last one where snow fell on the day I think. Also 2001 was white in places, but the last one to have snow in London was all the way back in 1981, with 1995 and 2000 as near misses, as snow fell a couple of days after Christmas.
  13. I recorded a colder day than that in London. I’m sure it was only 2-3c max. I remember it being very cold.
  14. And people laugh at my last comment, but you never know
  15. I’m going to predict it will be actually the coldest and driest since 2010, and possibly rival 1995 and 1981. But, it will be a dry cold and grey Christmas Day, followed by a sunny cold Boxing Day. This will be followed by a new year cold snowy 2-3 day spell.
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