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  1. We work outside in the gardens, so a wetter summer like 2007 or 12 would be awful. We lost about 3 weeks work between May and August in those years and it made a big impact financially. It meant we had to work on the weekends during September and October in those years just to make up for summer losses. Mind you, those years were exceptionally bad, and even in poor summers we can still get dry periods.
  2. I would like a warm and sunny summer after this winter. Even if the weather has been mild at times, we’ve had plenty of chilly days and quite a number of cloudy dreary days, that you usually associate with a uk winter. I wouldn’t want a cool cloudy damp summer, because it’s very depressing. No 2012 or 2008, 2007 summers please. They were the worst.
  3. You sound like the life and soul of the party lol. I will agree with you about one thing though, I don’t really like BBQs.
  4. I hope we do get a decent summer. I don’t expect a repeat of 2018 for a few years, but a few weeks of warm mid 20s with some 30c days would be nice, between June to August. I’ll gladly settle for a hot week or two, with a week or so of average 20-23c type days. Maybe the occasional rain or thunderstorm to keep pollution levels down and air fresher.
  5. Yes, it was 1989 and 90. I remember both, but 1990 seemed warmer in the late winter and early spring. St Patrick’s day was around 22-23 degrees in London, and at the time I don’t think I experienced a warmer period in early spring. 1989 had a warmish spring, but I’m sure February was chillier at times, and I also recall a very cold April that year. Springs post 1987 have been milder on the whole, but also still produce chilly March/April spells.
  6. And that’s something I don’t want. 1998 had a very mild January and February, followed by a mild March, but April was cold and the summer of 98 was very poor. July was a grey and cool summer month.
  7. Sunny76

    Winter 2018/19

    That’s exactly what’s going to happen, and I don’t write off the chance of a poor May this time round. I really hope I’m wrong, but if we have an early spring spell, it usually often leads to a poor early summer.
  8. It’s been a boring winter for lack of snow in the London region. I know other areas did quite well though. Here’s hoping this spring spell, doesn’t mean it’s going to be freezing cold come April. This is what I’m worried about.
  9. I don’t expect to see anything close to 25c until at least mid April at the very earliest. It probably won’t be until early or mid May before that happens. May tends to be the first proper period of heat, unlike April and provides longer spells of warmth, and the humidity starts to kick in towards the end. I have a feeling this summer will be thundery.
  10. Lol I like to entertain them and rub their noses in it when it hits 25 degrees 🤣
  11. I hate that. What I also hate are these non heat lovers(coldies who think anything above 6 degrees is a heatwave) who seem to think having a pint in the beer garden when it’s barely 10 degrees is pleasant enough in at this time. Hardly t shirt weather for many is it? I want winter to be chilly and snowy at times, and while this winter has delivered some frosty periods with long dry spells, as opposed to a two to three week wet spell(something that happens in milder winters), it’s been a disappointing one overall. I just Hope summer 2019 isn’t a cool damp one, because that’s just adding insult to injury.
  12. Don’t worry, it will be cold and dull by the time we reach mid June, and people will be moaning about how it was much warmer in early April 🤣
  13. Sunny76

    Winter 2018/19

    I thjnk 2013/14 was the worst one. It seemed mild all the way through, with long spells of wet and windy periods lasting for several days at least every few weeks or so. 15/16 was very mild, but I do remember some chilly periods in Janaury, Feb and March of 16. The spring felt chilly at times in 2016.
  14. 2018 was probably the best weather in terms of the length of the warm sunny weather. Think London had its sunniest mid June to early August period since 1995. 2006, 2003 and 2013 couldn’t even rival that, and those were all good summers. The only letdown with summer 18, was the cooler and cloudier second half of August. Still it wasn’t completely dire, just a bit cooler and cloudier at times.
  15. Yes 2018 was ideal heat, because it was dry, although once it hit 30 plus the humidity did become an issue. 2013 had dry heat also. I didn’t like 2016 because it was dull and humid.