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  1. The day turning into night storm was early August 1981, over much of south, or south east England. Although, early June 1982 had a day of violent storms, during the day and into the night. It was during a hot and humid spell. Someone mentioned earlier in the thread, regarding storms from late May/early June 1999 and early July 1999. How could I forget those. It was a very warm to hot period, only let down by a poor June, and overall August was average I think, but May and July were warm and sunny. I also remember the ecilpse from August that year, as I flew out to Canada that day, and stopped off in Paris along the way during the eclipse. It was completely dark for several minutes. We were given special sunglasses to witness the event. As per usual some Pratt turned around and said ‘it’s not that special’ and a few of us looked at him and said ‘this is a once in a lifetime experience’. What a fool! Sorry for the pointless rambling.
  2. Still a decent start to June in the London and southeast area. Long may it continue. I think August will end up being the poor month now, and maybe another late warm spell in early September will follow, before the cools off towards winter.
  3. And No Doubt About it by Hot Chocolate was a number 2 hit in the uk charts in June 1980. That song tends to remind me of the thunderstorms of the early 1980s for some reason. It has that spooky vibe.
  4. I think the 1980 storm your referring to was the June 5th storms, which were severe. My family told me about those storms, while we were on a canal boat holiday up in Broxbourne/Bishop Stortford. I was only 4 that summer, and barely remember the trip myself, but recall the period being warm to hot, even though much of that summer was poor. I do remember the August 81 storm, when the sky turned completely dark over the London area, and I would have guessed that was the storm you were talking about, but the schools were already on summer break by that stage.
  5. 2001 was nice, but I recall August being rather dull and unsettled. I think the early 2000s were quite poor for summers, in terms of cloudiness and lack of sunshine. Obviously 2003, 2005 And 2006 were improvements.
  6. I also forgot May 1988. Sometime mid month I think, there was a warm humid spell with thunderstorms. It was a Sunday afternoon, warm and sunny. It became very humid and we got caught in the storms, while walking the dog in Battersea Park, London. Fork lightning could be seen in the distance. Does anyone remember this storm? Maybe I’m getting the years mixed up.
  7. May 2018 thunderstorm, night of 26th. Continuous flashes and loud thunder on and off for almost 2 hours in west London. Also, followed by a thundery spell of weather, with more thunderstorms on the following Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon. The Tuesday afternoon storm lasted for about 2 hours. July 18th 2017 storms, Tuesday overnight. Seemed to go on for more than an hour or so. June 2016, the referendum storms. This and 2017 for me heralded the return of some decent thunderstorms for the London area. July 2014. Overnight storm. July 2013. Another storm that seems to be forgotten. August 21st 1987. Friday night after a long hot spell, which lasted a week, during one of the hottest periods of the whole summer of 1987, which was poor overall. Lightning and storms moved into the London area around 8, and the main storms hit us after 9. I also remember more storms during the night while lying in bed, and feeling spooked about it. This thundery spell is etched into my memory for some reason. August 6th 1981, storms caused daytime darkness over London and the south east region. It was pitch black at 11am in the morning. The weirdest thing I have ever seen. June 1994. Violent storms broke out on a Friday evening, during the World Cup. june 1996. Another violent storm.
  8. It’s that time of year again. When we had the heat in late April and early May, we still had the clear chilly nights, and also cool in the shade. It always seems from late May until about mid September, the nights become more humid, and if you’re in London, the subway becomes hot. It also retains the heat until about October.
  9. Yes it has been nice and a pleasant May. Probably the best May for at least 3 or 4 years I think, although last year wasn’t too bad in terms of sunny spells. 2016 was chilly at this time though. Im happy with a warm June, although I would much prefer a good July and August. But, having the hot sunny weather at this time of year is a bonus, with the longest days, so one can’t grumble. What we do need though, is a decent dry sunny spell in August, which is something we haven’t seen since 2013, in my neck of the woods.
  10. So, is it possible we may see another 1981 type storm this summer? I would love to witness something like that again. Hopefully not the first week of August though, as I’m flying to Latvia that week .
  11. Looking at the August stats, and although it was a poor month, the nights appear to be very warm. My guess is, it was a cloudy and humid summer month, similar to 2002. Almost as bad as a cool and cloudy summer month.
  12. This May has already produced some spectacular storms, and this is only the early part of the summer season. My question is, will we get more severe storms during the course of the summer, and have a storm that produces daytime darkness?
  13. This is already turning into an interesting year for weather. The cold snowy late winter, cold spring, warm May, and now some storms.
  14. I think you might get some. This storm event seems to be quite widespread.
  15. Just like early June 1980. Storms are quite widespread. Been raining with some hail, plenty of lightning and thunder in west London for the past hour.