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  1. Long time lurker here but the storm that just passed overhead rather made me sign up to share my experience... Arriving home from work I caught a bit of mammatus cloud which I've never seen before so my hopes were high that I would see a storm local to me. What a beast it turned out to be! I've seen many a continental Europe storm and even African storms but all never matched this storm. I've put myself into storms before but this was the first time I felt genuinely nervous. I've never seen such frequency of CG's dropping into the fields around me. I was unable to retrieve the camera from the roof of the car for about 20 minutes. After a four year drought of storms during darkness hours this was worth the wait. I captured lightning on every single one of my photos as it was so frequent. I've uploaded a couple pics below, and a few more can be found here on this link https://flic.kr/s/aHskZJddAX Later today I'll hope to have posted the video from the camera on the roof of the car but for now its bedtime!