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  1. I'm just south of Gatwick and there are multiple CG strikes happening in the last 20 mins or so
  2. Was cutting the hedge this evening when I caught the storm over Aylesbury on the horizon. Rather unexpected chance to try something new and went for a timelapse. Light wasn't on my side but it came out ok given that I was filming from Mid Sussex (some 60+ miles away) Must have been pretty epic underneath that lot! Link to the video here.
  3. Long time lurker here but the storm that just passed overhead rather made me sign up to share my experience... Arriving home from work I caught a bit of mammatus cloud which I've never seen before so my hopes were high that I would see a storm local to me. What a beast it turned out to be! I've seen many a continental Europe storm and even African storms but all never matched this storm. I've put myself into storms before but this was the first time I felt genuinely nervous. I've never seen such frequency of CG's dropping into the fields around me. I was unable to retrieve the camera
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