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  1. Amber for the South East, eh? Well well. I'll watch with interest now, and observe the hole in the potential storms developing that will ensure they completely miss Reigate! Looks good for October. Fingers crossed!
  2. Cracking photos, Mr Frost! As for today: if the Met Office's Weather Warning of Yellow Rain is to be met, the weather needs to get a move on. The boring regular rain is clearing our area and there's nothing much in France. Are we in for yet another "cry wolf" from the Met Office?
  3. Anyone got any live webcams of this stuff? I had a look at the Redcar one stored aside, just cars driving past.
  4. Looks like some good storms going on. Enjoy! That video from dapick2002 seems to show a well electrified storm. Thanks for the video. Dry, boring, here in Reigate. Met Office Yellow Weather warning out for Surrey for Severe Drizzle. Time to take cover I guess...
  5. Is that a rotating cell in northern France? Some awesome lightning in it. The storms have some weird shapes. Bone dry here in Reigate. Hot sun. Baldy the Blower next door busy with his leaf blower...b*st'd...
  6. I see Estofex have popped a '1' warning over the area folks have been discussing above. As usual, it misses my place (sobs quietly into handkerchief). Time to get the crap from a house clearance taken in from our patio. With the dry weather it's been laying around there for a few days. Don't want that getting wet.
  7. Can someone send a huge storm over Reigate? I've an infected tooth, and being struck by lightning right now feels like a God sent release.... Thanks for the Thessaloniki cam pictures! Another live camera for my database.
  8. Here in Reigate the odd rumble of distant thunder and some heavy rain. Showers appear to be parting around our town as usual...
  9. Woke up with the idea of mowing the lawns (based on Met Office forecast yesterday afternoon of sun and occasional showers ). Absolutely chucking it down here under one of those freshly popped-up cells in south London, and my place. No electricals, though. Cool and grey so far.
  10. Quite an experience! Many years ago at home close to Durham, we had a thundery wet day. The storms faded away so after dinner I had a bath (20:00). It was pouring down outside, and everything went really quiet while the rain intensified. The flash of lightning was like an arc lamp shining through the window, power browned right down, count to 4, and then loudest blast of thunder I have ever heard (and this was 40 years ago, I've seen a LOT of storms!). It was so loud, deep and intense I thought the bathroom ceiling was going to come down! It landed a mile away and the local Fire Service saw it. They didn't even wait - pulled out to the houses. A pal of a close friend's house was struck and he was electrocuted through listening to music on headphones. Glad to say he survived! Two houses had a hole punched through them but due to the Fire Service being there in moments, the fires were put out.
  11. Thunder. Storm. Lightning... Ladies and gentlemen of the Academy, these are things not known to mankind in the South East corner of the UK. Our scientists are working hard to find out what happened... And the consensus is now facing us in this peer reviewed paper by Doctor Grim R. Eaper. It's Climate Change. Yes folks, the Met Office's prediction of the entire Mediterranean climate moving into South East England happened last week. We knew this was going to happen. Just not which day or which month, nor if would be after teatime. Our storms are...no more.
  12. You really must learn how to draw the UK. Teacher wont be happy with a rough outline on top of a fried egg.
  13. Naming UK storms is not a concept I have ever valued. The majority of "storms" consist of weather that 99% of UK citizens are perfectly familiar with (think: Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day). How many named storms have I 'endured' where, on meeting a neighbour, we shrug and say "A bit windy out." Most folks I know have no interest in naming storms, which are considered normal weather anyway. The system feels like a useless virtue-signalling exercise that entertains the tabloids. UK storms are nothing compared to the hurricanes and tropical storms experienced elsewhere. If the Met Office feel this naming system is worth the money, time and effort wasted upon it, then names should be reserved for the rare but significant storms that really punch above their weight. But that depends upon being able to forecast them accurately...eh? (Hello Mr Fish...) And please do not get me started on the dreadful Yellow Weather Warnings (which should be named to "Weather Advisories" and toned down a bit).
  14. Estofex have issued a forecast that is interesting. Mostly for storm gusts and a very slight possibility of brief tornadoes.
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