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  1. I'm really concentrating on the build up in France - er....not. Daughter and wife have just brought an 8 week kitten home. Can't concentrate on anything now!! Think of me, watchers...
  2. I see we're beginning to get cumulus bubbling here. Been another scorcher, 32c so far. So perhaps we'll see occasional storms cropping up now? Something fired up east of here so watching that carefully... and it is tracking NNE not NNW.
  3. As the Sun Newspaper would say: phwoar what a scorcher. Another baking day here with cloudless skies. Please can someone move the severe weather zone to Surrey? Thanks!
  4. I'm going to have to go up there and have a few words with it. It's a very naughty storm. To be frank I've had so little storm activity here I'd watch a guy with a flashlight on the beach right now.
  5. Google is your friend. I have not found another yet. This one is below the tower looking south and west. Rain coming down hard now! Could be in for a show! Shame the definition is poor...
  6. Blackpool webcam: Live Cam Blackpool WWW.SKYLINEWEBCAMS.COM View of the Promenade and Central Pier from Viva Blackpool There may be others. Two cells look active, one to the south and one out west. For us storm-starved southerners, this could be the next best thing!
  7. You are doing well in the north west! Nothing for us in the SE. Anything importing from France is drying out, and where developments have tried, they swiftly fizzle out. I have often mentioned my theory of the "Thames Valley high pressure zone" and (regardless of the accuracy of my theory) it seems to be well in force at the moment. (My theory goes that the horseshoe of low hills surrounding London acts as a local weather influence). Unless the pressure slips (it has moved one millibar down here) and the cap comes off, we're stuck.
  8. West country - enjoy! Some beefy stuff on the radars. Here in the SE temperatures are rising for another low 30s by the looks of it. A little more haze in the air. I am thinking any chance we have will be an occasional pop-up storm. I'll hope for imports from northern France (where Estofex give a Level 1) later. Or not. I think my PC chair is beginning to melt...
  9. Ermmmm as a retired librarian of uncertain disrepute, I confess I haven't the faintest. Judging by the MO pressure charts the rotation is slow and could be into tomorrow morning. Then again, given the uncertain low-pressure mess over northern Europe and UK, it might not do anything. Alexisj9 felt the outflow from central French storms was pushing it, so it may disassemble before rotating.
  10. Met Office forecast a short trough forming in northern France / Belgium. Those Channel showers look like they are the beginning of it. I'm not really sure of the Met Office's pressure charts, but I think they forecast it rotating and heading into SE England as a north-south aligned trough tomorrow. I think this might be worth watching. The south-west showers do not (yet) appear to be electrified? Fingers crossed....!
  11. Some nice mid-level instability forming. Don't know if it will progress anywhere yet. Hot at 28c. I also managed to fix that banana brolly (as featured in bottom of piccie).
  12. Here in the SE it's a slightly hazy, humid and hot morning. A little instability mid-level but the air it has that "feel" to it. It's a pretty moisture-filled layer on the ground and I do not feel it would take much to start some action. If anything crops up, I'll shout! Meanwhile, repairing that banana patio umbrella yet again...sigh...
  13. The "Depression and Counselling" comment made my day. Thank you! Well, I've got my hopes up for once. Surely three DAYS of nationwide yellow warnings of severe thunderstorms has got to entertain us! When not watching the skies, I'll be watching the radars, the sferic maps and the comments. (If I can just see my monitor through the flies, moths and mosquitoes...)
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