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  1. Live webcam at LeHavre showing occasional nice lightning off to the west. Shame the camera is on auto-pan! Meanwhile, the mass coming off the Channel is now preparing to split to go either side of my house. Sigh.
  2. I'm watching the Channel mass with interest! The early showers only gave a few drops of rain here. It didn't even move our cat from his sunbathing spot.
  3. Destabilizing nicely over here. I see some echoes from showers moving north towards me, but small fry at the moment. Looking wider afield, the compression from the encroaching front is beginning to make itself felt. It might shove all the interesting weather further east before it develops over here. But I confess it has pepped up in France much further west than I thought it would. I still have my fingers crossed for seeing some action later today.
  4. Thanks for the forecast Dan! I'll go out and tighten the bolts on my lightning conductor array....
  5. And the Met Office have issued a warning for the SE. This will be interesting (well, for me), because Estofex has a much reduced risk compared to other forecast models. I'm happy to go with Nick here (above), and the Met Office. However, I must be cautious (as per my name). A week last Friday, the storms actually parted and went west and east of Reigate! While others enjoyed storms, we got a piddly shower of rain.
  6. Thanks for the new thread. I'm eyeing the developments over west and northern France. Radar echoes show fast building showers, and the airflow direction is good. I have a faintly good feeling about this for my area. (Famous last words...)
  7. It looks like we are now done and finished. Not much for Reigate, a few storms rolled past nearby and a good amount of rain (at LONG last!). Looking at the radar, it seems the warnings are on the ball. Masses of storms and rain to the east and north. Have fun and take care under that lot.
  8. I know the feeling! Hence my name: StormLoser. Hope you have some luck later!
  9. At last! Some rain. A mix of sun and cloud around, though. One cell appeared to be raining over us on the radar but none reached the ground. But now we caught the tail end of a new cell. The smell from the ground is amazing! It has not rained here since 7 June. All sorts of aromas including ozone, so maybe the air is charged? Good to have even a small amount of rain. I can hear thunder around, but can't see the source.
  10. I don't believe this! I can see dark masses to the west as storms pass through Dorking, leaving me dry. Maybe I'll get lucky later. Meanwhile, garden, lemonade, listen to distant thunder.
  11. Thank you! Though the Met Office has extended the warning area to the south, now. It matches Estofex's Level 1 area. So, I'm going to remain stubbornly hopeful!
  12. Ugh those things! I remember being absolutely swarmed by them in France many years ago! The car windows were coated in them, and they got everywhere. Yuk. Bad luck.
  13. At the moment it is very hot and bright down here in tumbleweed-town (Reigate). I see good radar echoes popping up in northern France and heading north into the Channel. Our area looks like it is in line for these so I'll be watching them with interest. And I see (sorry, a bit belatedly) the Met Office have updated their warning to cover the south and east. Even if I don't get action, I will appreciate any rain that comes our way. I have noticed for some years that the Cherbourg area often gets large storms. It must be something to do with the geography there.
  14. You could not move that easterly line a few miles further east, could you?
  15. Brentwood. But all the cells are short-period jobs. They go up, drop a bit of rain and collapse. Is this it? Or will it build more generally?
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