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  1. Glad you could meet him. I love his videos, his laid back approach and his wonderful music (as you know he composes it himself!). And his fascination with the wildlife is a bonus. Great guy. Tip him a nod from a fan when you next chat to him!
  2. Gah! In Reigate we're on the southern limit of this weather again. We're catching an occasional heavy shower but that's all. Most of the time the sun is out. Enjoy your storms!
  3. We've had some heavy rain on and off this morning. But the southern generation limit for showers looks like it is moving north away from us, and now it is drying up here. Sun trying to push through.
  4. Three rumbles of thunder, then heavy rain. I started drowsing off in the patio doorway to the sound of the rain. Plenty of dark and impressive cloud going past. Funny, some of the scud looked exactly like a giant V sign as it marched past our house. So much for a storm! Oh well.
  5. Loud thunder to Reigate north - here we go! (Computer explodes in sparks...)
  6. I've been out in the garden trying to spot some lightning but no luck. Plenty of grumbling thunder. not even a flight from Gatwick could irritate the cell enough to trigger lightning. Low level winds are west to east under these cells, while the upper progression is north east to south west. I think there may be enough for a feeble funnel cloud but that's a guess.
  7. Looking at the radar, and hearing frequent thunder, it would look like we will be under a storm here before long.
  8. That would give me the willies, seeing that. Good photo and thanks for sharing. Keep away from metal structures!
  9. Bah. I'm just a wee bit east of the Amber Zone. I can see the storms over Dorking way. Enjoy, @Bumpydogz!
  10. We have thunder here in Reigate! Stuff passing to the west of me but too far away to see lightning. At least the humidity has dropped off. As usual, activity actively avoid Reigate. Sigh.
  11. In Reigate I'm watching the progression of cells just to the south of me using the rain radar. I think we'll cop them in due course, later this afternoon. But the low pressure is keeping them just south of us at the moment. Naughty low. The sun is trying to get through and outside it's very humid, almost tropical-humid. As I don't drive I can't go south to view anything, so I rely on the weather to come to me. Fingers crossed!
  12. There are some nice storm cell cloud structures on the Lagrune Sur Mer web cam looking out onto the Channel. No lightning. Vision-Environnement WWW.VISION-ENVIRONNEMENT.COM Visualisez en vidéo et en direct la webcam touristique de la ville de Langrune-sur-Mer, localisée dans la région Normandie, France. Moving off now...
  13. Gah... the "Severe Drizzle" at Reigate has turned to steady rain. So much for gardening. So much for thunderstorms. Eyup, wet day in t'garden again. The seagull business makes me chuckle. The channel owner says they're seagulls, so that's that.
  14. The cloudy murk over Reigate has intensified. I see no chance of any storm coming out of this stuff. More likely to be drizzling before long. Anyone for a Yellow Warning for severe drizzle?
  15. You can join me in my Ball Lightning blooper video! I put the same sort of thing up here last night. I was told these are seagulls! And I think I can even see the wings flapping. They do look like meteors (or ball lightning ) don't they?
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