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  1. lightning map seems to suggest potential from Blackpool down to North Wales right now.
  2. When I was younger a lightning bolt struck the hanging basket in our front garden and incinerated it while we were in the living room, think I've always been fascinated by such storms ever since that day really.
  3. Did anyone get any nice panoramas on the coastline, saw a few people had said they went to the cliffs and got a good view of it all developing.
  4. That's one I caught on my phone last night of the first cell that went over Reading, that Lightning was out towards the A4.
  5. What's a good setup for a amateur to capture some amazing Lightning Strikes, last night I was just using my phone and captured a few strikes and mostly flashes from more distant activity. It didn't do it justice compared to what I saw with my own eyes. Some lovely shots in the Bournemouth Echo website, some people clearly on the beach or cliffs snapping away even as it was starting to move inland.
  6. The amount of rain we got in an hour last night from the first storm was apparently a record amount in Reading.
  7. Hi, Have any good videos surfaced showing the south coast at it's most electric last night, must have been a golden opportunity for some magnificent shots. I've never seen so much Lightning on webcams before like last night or to have it go on as long as it did, felt like 5/6 hours solid in some places, what a show.
  8. Feels like Reading might just miss this one, Lightning all around to the North, East and South but seems to be distant enough to not actually go straight over.
  9. The earlier storm and the current storm might merge at this rate, one is chasing the other pretty quickly.
  10. It's moving much more to the East than it was earlier, the band from Brighton split across London, Essex and the far reaches of Kent now. Seems a lot weaker at the tail end, the end that resides towards Dorset way. Still some good Lightning coming in bits and pieces.
  11. The one from earlier, it's still going in bits and pieces, seems to have split in three but still producing thunder.
  12. Catching some big forks from over in Bracknell, 4/5 strikes at once it seemed, then nothing for minutes, then a couple more. Very impressive when it happens.
  13. I'm not getting much yet, but what I am seeing is huge, orange glow in the distance looks menacing.
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