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  1. intense looking cell in the east, it has purple rainfall intensity
  2. today could be the day we finally get some action good luck everyone
  3. again here in the centre of englanď nothing (sigh) havnt had a good storm in 3 years
  4. the rain has alot of energy further sputh west coming this way could turn thundery
  5. rain getting intense in the south west and there are some strikes on blitztorung
  6. anything possible for this part of the country tonight and tommorow?
  7. lets hope we get something today this summer has been bad for storms here but the chesterfield storm sheild will probaly activate again and ruin potential
  8. rapid delvelopment just south of my location we may get somthing after all
  9. bust tonight i hope tommorow gives us somthing however at 1040 pm we did get a small storm 2 flashes 3 rumbles but it wasnt directly overhead night all good luck in the morning
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