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  1. That is a funnel cloud. was it rotating when this was taken. looks like an F1 tornado. you can see the wall cloud which summoned the funnel cloud. good picture. as far as i know england does get tornados. this looked like it almost touched down
  2. we had a loverly group of storms develop here near torrevieja last night at midnight. some spectacular lightning was on display. but there wasnt much rain which was kind of good because i could enjoy the storm without having to close my window and shutter. thursday looks promising here in torrevieja spain. with day temps in the high 20s low 30s with some cooler air inland. should be a pretty good day. with heat here and cooler air inland. good luck to you peeps in england you need somthing good and ì wish you luck.
  3. Just some pics of storms here and also a really nice anvil in the distance one summer evening
  4. its a great country for storm enthusiasts like myself to live in
  5. Yes there even was a tornado that touched down north of here last september caused some damage to the motorway and knocked a few things flying. in Guardamare del segura. north of torrevieja. when it rains it pours we never really get light rain here
  6. I hope Y 'all get somthing good next week when the plume event happens causing a sudden spike in temps.
  7. We get Mad storms here in Spain especially in Spring Summer and Autumn
  8. check out this amazing storm that happened yesterday here in spain
  9. WHY does chesterfield always never get storms its so rare here ?
  10. intense looking cell in the east, it has purple rainfall intensity
  11. today could be the day we finally get some action good luck everyone
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