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  1. Well good luck everyone, not expecting anything up here which is a shame as it's been a real ice day here today no sign of anything wintry yet this winter aside from a few wet flakes last week. Keeping my fingers crossed for an Easterly in Feb, enjoy it if you get it
  2. Amazingly heavy snow, huge flakes settling everywhere up on N Norfolk coast. Fingers crossed for a few more hours of this!
  3. Can't believe the eastern side of that is breaking up over the wash so it's completely fizzling out before it gets here, grrrrr
  4. Heavy sleety stuff at the north Norfolk coast with some roads flooded already. Fingers crossed for later or next week.
  5. Few patches of snow dust on the roads on the way home but just wet & miserable all the way back between Norwich & N Norfolk, it's cold but just damp & was starting to get misty too. Don't think we'll see any significant snow tonight, off to bed as fed up with shining a torch out the window (no streetlights here) Hope some of you get something enjoyable, can't remember the last time I got to sit and watch snowfall as it settled. There's something really magical about watching it settle & turn the world white. My favourite memory was crunching thru the snow to the pub when I was 18 then sitting with a pint watching a load more fall, sigh. Fingers crossed we get another chance sunday/Monday
  6. Just come out with friends Mark Watson gig in Norwich and snowing here, wet everywhere but gone from sleet to grains to flakes so here's hoping for overnight a good covering for Norfolk especially North Norfolk a streamer up the Glaven Valley would be nice lol.
  7. Got the sledges ready, they've not been used since we bought them! Fingers crossed North Norfolk isn't too far east and we get a pasting this time around. It's looking pretty good over the next few days anyway, will have to dig the torch out (no street lights).
  8. Snowing in Lowestoft apparently. Nothing in North Norfolk at present just blowing a good un fingers crossed for the northerly blowing us some snow
  9. It hasn't really started proper yet and you're already writing it off? We're not back to the Atlantic certainly for early next week either
  10. I love the forecast for tomorrow from xcweather for the North Norfolk coast If only.....
  11. Rich44

    Snow pics

  12. Left a bottle of pepsi in the car last night, frozen SOLID this morning

  13. Hey where did that cm or two of snow come from???

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