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  1. Last night's storm over London was by far one of the best UK thunderstorm's I have ever seen. The sky alit with strobe lightening and CGs every couple of seconds. It was extraordinary! I'm all tired and groggy for work now too, but hell it was worth it!
  2. I caught the edge of the storm that passed just the west of London at about half past 8. I seen a few lightening flashes and a few rumbles of thunder. Now I've got another one too
  3. 1. Lake District 2. Devon/Dorset border 3. North coast of Cornwall
  4. Been a great Summer in London. Lots sunshine and days in the high 20s and low 30s at times. Perfik!
  5. Give me a hot September with plenty of lightening storms. October can start off with a 2011 hot spell before turning cooler and fresher with some crisp Autumn sunshine. November can then start off by blowing a few hoolies before turning bitterly cold and snowy
  6. Hi guys. Does anyone know if London will catch a storm this week?
  7. Another warm Autumn if those examples are true. The Winters interestingly were cooler however and I'd rather sacrifice Autumn for Winter imo
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