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  1. TORRO SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 2019/002 A TORRO SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH has been issued at 23:45BST on Monday 24th June 2019 Valid from/until: 23:45 - 10:00BST on Monday 24th/Tuesday 25th June 2019 for the following regions of the United Kingdom: SE England E Anglia Parts of the E Mids, Lincs, and the east of Central Southern England THREATS Hail to 20-30mm diameter; wind gusts to 55mph; frequent lightning; local flash flooding. SYNOPSIS An upper short-wave trough is approaching southern Britain. Atop a cooling boundary layer, strong theta-w advection is occurring from the south-east as the 850 hPa flow backs into the south-east and increases, due to the approaching upper trough. Lift from the approaching upper trough is steepening mid-level lapse rates and inducing convective development from this elevated moisture plume across N France. Wind shear through the cloud-bearing layer will be conducive to rightwards-propagating MCS development (relative to the mean tropospheric flow), and cells within evolving mesoscale complexes may develop mid-level rotation. Any such cell will bring the risk of large hail to 20-30mm diameter, whilst any linear elements could promote strong wind gusts, although the elevated nature and moist boundary layer may limit this somewhat. The high moisture content of the plume will also allow for some intense rainfall rates, with an attendant threat of local flash flooding. To the west of this area, showers and perhaps one or two thunderstorms are also possible, especially across parts of the W Midlands and E Wales later in the night - which may also bring a flash-flood risk. Overall, this region has a lower risk of thunderstorms and hence severe weather - it is a non-zero risk, though, but a lack of organised activity due to the best instability being further east precludes issuing a watch, even though a local threat cannot be ruled out. Forecaster: RPK.
  2. Met office have a different temperatures range for early next week
  3. Was meant to be going to a concert sunday night,willing to cancel if storms look promising.coventry/rugby area
  4. I've just read PJB analyst on ukww,things could get interesting sunday.here's hoping
  5. These where taken around 17:15 at pitsford reservoir in northamptonshire.gave a couple of rumbles of thunder but did not see the lightning.
  6. True,filter won't let me type the word before cat as keeps putting feline lol.
  7. Nope and Miguel was a feline cat compared to this.The tree I drove past at Clifton up Dunsmore looked as if the owner had a lucky escape
  8. https://www.rugbyadvertiser.co.uk/news/police-branch-out-into-tree-surgery-to-clear-rugby-roads-of-trees-downed-by-heavy-winds-1-8959483 Just drove past that tree on way to mothers
  9. Keeps changing though as at one point was thursday and friday for storms,i also check the precipt chart and it shows area where storms may hit.This tuesday from 13:00 for SW if it pans out according to precipt chart
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