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  1. Nope and had some chilly nights,living on a narrowboat sure does feel a chill.
  2. Ndc Ozzie

    Anxiety & Depression Support Group

    I came across this site that may hopefully help someone https://suksesenisov.com/high-functioning-depression-16-truths-sufferers-wish-you-knew/ I suffer with anxiety and depression myself for many years and have attempted suicide on a few occasions.most recently a couple of years ago.so I know the dark lonely place where you think there is no light at the end of the tunnel. What I will say is just hang on and keep going cause with the right help and support you can get through it.I know it will be hard and you think it easy to give up,I know I've been there and can happily say I have got through it and plan to get married to my lovely partner in 18 months. Stay positive... Keeping striving to defeat the dark days to enjoy the sunshine. "Remember.. "To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world""
  3. Ndc Ozzie

    What did you think of Summer 2018?

    I would say it has been a good summer but at times it was too hot for me personally and august was too wet.I shall keep dreaming of my perfect summer for now.just would have liked more thunderstorms with the heat TBH.
  4. Ndc Ozzie

    Autumn 2018

    Sounds like living on my narrow boat.oven in Summer and freezer in winter. Been close to firing up the fire but been holding off so far.
  5. Ndc Ozzie

    What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Underground Hard dance that i produced this week,only listen if you like the style.
  6. After doing some research.it was not the roof that caved it but the narrow boat had submerged one end into the water with occupants trapped inside.full story here https://www.rugbyadvertiser.co.uk/news/fallen-tree-capsizes-canal-boats-in-clifton-upon-dunsmore-and-traps-people-inside-1-8642591
  7. I'm Afraid storm bronagh had caused issues here.got awoken just before midnight to find emergency services outside..The misses went to investigate in the pouring rain and howling wind to find that a tree had fell on to one of the narrrow boats here and the roof caved in.
  8. Well that was typical.get a shower and as it moved away it became electrified still booming away to the east off rugby probabout 20 odd miles away now.some nice cc and cg but in frequent.
  9. i live in rugby and got a text from the lovely lady saying she got thunder as i was at work.i was a at work at the royal mail site Royal Mail Distribution Facility at Danes Way, Daventry International Freight Terminal, Northamptonshire.19:35 I had text her and said i not surprised as it chucking it down here by 19:45 the sound of the raid on the metal/perspex roof waas incredible it was like listening to white noise at full volume.people where looking at each other laughing,myself included as you couldn't hear yourself speak due to the intensity of the the rain.by that time it was thunder and lightning every couple of mins or so with what seem to increase in frequency.people out on the ramp filming the rain.20:00 the rain had stopped.soy i decided to go to the carpark for a vape and oh wow was i in for a treat.The rain wall had passed and what seem to be the battery of the storm was giving a wonderful display of vivid white lightning straight in front of me.Just to the right the clearly defined CB.beautiful cloud to cloud jagged bolts zig zagging across with the sun right behind me as the cloud clearing the sun.That was probably the most photogenic storm i've seen in daylight hours.I was in awe of such wonderful display of lightning and cloud definition but sadded couldn't get any pictures of such beauty. I Wasn't expecting Anything as nothing forecast but what a pleasant surprise.
  10. Im in rugby and been keeping an eye on that lot
  11. been raining light to moderate back to light for around last 10 mins in rugby
  12. here are the couple i managed to grab in rugby
  13. after a will it wont it sort of night here finally had a storm around 2.30 am which delivered a few cc.i.only managed to get a couple of phots as it woke me from about to give up lol..not the best but it justified me getting a new camera and think i may fall in love with the 1300D.was a nice night here with being able to see the lightning from the storms south of rugby around 22:30.
  14. my dilema is do i rush buy a canon eos 1300 D or hold tight to see how things pan out,both my nikon d70s died with in 2 weeks of each other.with my last one dying on the storm that developed over leicestershire the other week.will it wont it,same old situations regarding storms and if they pan out and if all the elements come together at the right time.
  15. last shot before camera packed up,no storm and now no camera.oh life how cruel you can be.haha