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  1. That one angry storm dropping cg and ic,whales mouth and rotating.i think she gonna drop a funnel/nado somewhere but i not see.this storm put me on edge.
  2. aww gawd,looks like the brum cell is gonna go north of me this time.one south,one north and im stuck in the middle.
  3. Yeah i dont get it as i thought they meant to be travelling ENE.was a bit lost when it dived south.good to know we still got a chance still.
  4. Sadly gone south of us and heading for Northampton,thats another miss for here.
  5. Story of storms this year,gone either side of me.so fingers and every thing else crossed and noticed its got a shift on.
  6. Thats the one im watching as hoping for a direct hit here.
  7. Been interesting skies again today almost similar to yesterday.was realy cloudy this morning with towers dotted about and odd bit of drizzle.not long had a short shower with sun out and blue skies.who knows whats gonna be thrown here.could absolutely be anything looking at how skies have been so far.
  8. Stiil cant get storm overhead,few distant rumbles no flashes as it went west of me heading NE.
  9. I know and sadly it really lacking storm wise here also.Been a poor year here so far.either north,east,south or west of me.Think ive had 2 thats been close.
  10. Sadly Mother Nature doesn't always do what she shows in forecasts.
  11. Still early.Got towering cumulus,blue skies and messy skies all mixed out there.patience is the key
  12. I think i be lucky to see any storms in these parts,feel im to far south.
  13. They probably die by then with the luck of storms here this year.Just so slow moving.Hoping as atmosphere cools it can trigger more cells.
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