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  1. Gutted is an understatement for my neck of the woods(Anglesey) We were under the warning area for most of the day. My concerns were raised by the later warnings by netweather and convective, which moved us to the edge of the warning area. And so it proved to be. I did witness a few flashes from a small cell towards Llandudno, but that was it. I took the dog out about midnight and there was a cool onshore breeze. I knew it was game over. Made up for everyone else
  2. Is it to do with them being elevated? Whereas those leaving Ireland are usually SB?
  3. I'm hoping something may develop in the Irish sea and clip Anglesey
  4. Yes,you have a good stream of showers set up there. Just missing the island unfortunately
  5. Could someone explain why Anglesey has been left out of the warning area? Is it because it'll be a sleety mix,and therefore not cause disruption? Or is it the fact that the mountains will shelter us from any meaningful precipitation?
  6. Updated warning https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/mobile/warnings/wl
  7. Any showers should turn to snow in the early hours
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