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  1. Spent the evening up at Mam Tor watching the cell come over from Nottingham,not much in the way of lighting over the peaks,one decent CG seen. Was pretty surreal as the most intense part of the storm approached seeing the Hope Valley completely disappear with visibility for about 30 seconds down to no more than 50m. Strong winds followed straight after and could see full distance again within a minute. Attached image is as the storm headed towards Manchester seen from Ladybower Reservoir.
  2. Bit of footage as the Squall Line passed over me near Wakefield. WhatsApp Video 2020-02-09 at 11.23.02.mp4
  3. The cells from the midlands are still just about alive as they clear the Peak District towards Wakefield/Leeds but only seeing occasional flashes at present.
  4. Friend of mine in leek reports seeing multiple flashes and CG lightning from the cell around Cheadle
  5. The East Yorkshire storm was a beast,unfortunately no amazing pics but one just for the record of it heading away from Goole. some impressive wind speeds as it’s back edge went through,easily gusting 40mph or so.
  6. That's just passed over my head,nothing special bar heavy rain for 5 mins,few rumbles of thunder but we've had better this morning. Looks like it's brightening now.
  7. Nice bright flash south of me,somewhere north of Barnsley,also some distant thunder,probably the cell to my E.
  8. Nice little storm built up as it's headed north from Barnsley. Nothing special yet but it's just nice to finally get some rain!
  9. Heard my first thunder from the cells pepping up in West Yorkshire,might Be worth keeping an eye on?
  10. The Dawlish Beach webcams are providing some good views of the cells down in Devon: https://www.dawlishbeach.com/cameras/free-cameras
  11. Really heavy inside the "blob",not big flakes,but plenty of them!
  12. Nice long shower here seems to have got bigger on the radar as it's passing.
  13. Doing pretty well here near Wakefield,constant snow heavy at times since about 9 oh and the bobbys turned up to knock someone’s door down ?
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