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  1. Can't believe I missed that was listening to music and thought it was a plane going past
  2. Heavens have just opened here absolutely tipping it down no thunder or lightning yet though.
  3. On holiday up in Scotland near the Mull of Galloway seen well over a hundred flashes over the last hour and a few lightning bolts looks quite elevated here not a lot of thunder or lightning strikes.
  4. Yep seen about 6-7 flashes of lightning and had about a dozen rumbles of thunder first storm here this year all be it not very impressive but I'll take it.
  5. Just heard several big booms of thunder and had a couple of flashes here.
  6. Yep it's a funny old thing weather i guess. We'll just have to see what happens really and i think we do sometimes forget about the fact that we are in the UK here and we shouldn't set our expectations to high i will include myself in that boat.
  7. Funny how our fortunes have changed and now we are looking at GFS and GEM with the better charts with the ECM looking pretty poor it's a complete role reversal will be interesting to see if the ECM sticks with it's guns or follows the GFS, comparing the ECM and the GFS keeps the low to the North of Scotland allowing high pressure to ridge into the south admittedly it does bring the low SW over the UK before settling after that even for the North but it's still better than the ECM. Also one thing to keep an eye out for is this CFS chart for August if this remains the same then we may end up with some hot air being drawn in from the continent so maybe don't give up hopes yet if July doesn't go to plan although i do sound like i am clutching at straws here.
  8. Yep as @blizzard81 said it's a step hopefully in the right direction and the GFS does seem to be going a bit overkill considering the ECM and UKMO now agree on a more settled spell than the GFS suggests into the week after next also if you look at this CFS chart they suggest above average pressure throughout July unless GFS knows something the MetO,BBC or ECM know then I would say it is wildly exaggerating the low pressure. And I would expect that from the signals the Azores high is bound to ridge in eventually. (Feel free to correct me if I'm talking rubbish I've only just stumbled onto the scene though )
  9. Sounds like they are promoting ECM's run with a brief changeable period at the end of next week and through next weekend before the azores high ridges in again and sets itself up over us by the end of that week by the looks of the last ECM run. Hopefully the GFS will improve tonight but through the last two runs they seem set on promoting low pressure throughout the whole of the week after next so we'll see what it comes up with over the next few runs. The GFS is only one model though i guess as some of the other members have said but hopefully we get something akin to the ECM and Met Office's predictions for the next two weeks.
  10. Well the GFS 18z is pretty poor shows some WAA mid next week before a breakdown on Friday from the west in the form of a LP system which may then lead to a more changeable outlook through till late in the week after next when the Azores High starts to ridge in again towards the end of July. (I'm still a bit of an amateur when it comes to reading the charts etc. So if I'm wrong at all then cut me some slack please )
  11. Not sure to be honest @40*C but he has a youtube channel here though - https://www.youtube.com/user/GavsWeatherVids
  12. Pretty good video here talking about the general pattern contrasts between the ECM and GFS but with the emphasis on some WAA next week
  13. @karyo It's giving me the opposite it's heading the wrong way for me
  14. This is how it is looking here deffo some towers going up at the moment. Also feeling very warm and humid out there.