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  1. Been snowing here for the last 20 minutes or so very heavy at the moment and the wind is blowing the flakes all over the shop. Oh how fun to watch at least i'm not out in it Hope you guys all share in the fun this afternoon
  2. No sign of any sferics yet reckon it's a bit too early yet? not really looked very closely at the conditions/convective forecasts so my bad.
  3. Edit : Just started again lol don't think the snow can make it's mind up.
  4. Yeah according to the NW radar the snow should be lighter here but it's just got heavier still. Don't think the radar is right tonight.
  5. Snowing here now had a dusting in about 10 mins
  6. North west regional discussion

    Anyone got any idea why the shower band over me and Chester/Mold way has completely died out within 10-15 minutes? Been going steadily for the last five hours as well I'm guessing it's to do with the front weakening as it is travelling further north.
  7. North west regional discussion

    Just started falling here now not huge flakes but it's a start hopefully it gets up to you guys in Cheshire soon as well.
  8. North west regional discussion

    Got around 10cm here now from continuous snowfall from the last 8 hours. Not a lot compared to what some of you have had this week but I'm pretty happy with it Thought I'd post this on here instead of the 'South Wales Thread' so I could escape their toy throwing/showing off
  9. North west regional discussion

    Not all of the showers are though still going here been snowing since 2 this afternoon now. I guess the actual precipitation is up to Chester/Ellesmere Port maybe a bit further north?
  10. North west regional discussion

    Yeah it is the flakes aren't massive but it's added a couple of cms this afternoon here and more will probably stick tonight.
  11. North west regional discussion

    I've been stuck on the edges of those for the last two hours but it's struggling to stick though unfortunately but it is blowing all over the shop though.
  12. North west regional discussion

    Ignore this post read the one i put below.
  13. North west regional discussion

    I understand how you feel same is happening here today. Stuck in the middle of a gap along with a lot of Cheshire.
  14. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Just done a small edit to make this post more correct Would mean some of us in the North could join in the fun as well.
  15. North west regional discussion

    You and me both mate stuck right in the middle between the warnings couldn't make it up could you