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  1. Had constant flashes here for the last 2 hours what a show. Had some torrential hail about 45 mins ago and some lovely overhead bolts. Now watching it move away and seeing the flashes lighting up the clouds.
  2. Got a lovely view of the lightning flashing inbetween the clouds as it moves away.
  3. Literally constant lightning and occasional thunder overhead. I could be stupid but I swear I can see a funnel cloud or some crud trying to descend as the sky lights up with flashes. Here is a phone video from a few mins ago. VID_20200810_234354.mp4
  4. Most of the precipitation has gone now but we still have constant T&L overhead seen a few bolts nearby. Quick video showing the strobe lightning show. VID_20200810_233831.mp4
  5. Really heavy hail now really load rumble of thunder just and some lovely bolts of lightning across the sky.
  6. Seeing some lovely bolts overhead now and hearing some thunder just started hailing as well.
  7. Yep and a lovely round of verbal abuse going on down the road ruining the silence
  8. Seen a couple of bolts overhead just and had a rumble of thunder.
  9. Quick video of some of the lightning here. Taken with my phone so not sure how good it will look. VID_20200810_225851.mp4
  10. Yep pretty much constant flashes as well looking West and North West not much thunder at the moment.
  11. Yeah should be able to see some flashes here as well as it heads North as I have a good view out that way.
  12. Wishful thinking as that brings it over to me as well but don't think it's heading that way probably looks like it's heading N/NW at the moment.
  13. Bit miffed as all the stuff seems to be going west of me again. Hoping another line forms further East or something so some more people can get in on the action as currently most of it is in the middle of nowhere.
  14. Don't think we'll be beating the record in my area which stands at 35.2 at Hawarden and happens to be the Wales record don't think anywhere in Wales is getting close to that. Not sure why but we seem to struggle to breach the low thirties in Wales I do wonder what it would take to beat the record here which was set in 1990 but I would imagine it would involve somewhere in SE England breaching 40 degrees considering the usual difference between the two areas. I wonder if the plumes recently tend to be further east therefore we miss on out on the milder air. Or secondly whether we need a specific wind direction which we aren't getting recently and whether there is some influence from the Irish Sea moderating temps as we don't have the same temperature swings having the warmest lowest maximum temperature of all 4 nations and our proximity in general of being near the sea has something to do with it. Would be interested to see if someone could weigh in on my musings perhaps
  15. Although if you add a few degrees as usually the models tend to under do temps then the SE may be touching 30 and other areas may hit Mid 20s which could be pleasant provided the sun comes out otherwise temps will be suppressed I would imagine.
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