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  1. Need some consolation after recent results to be honest Anyway to keep this on post on topic here the GEFS for the 18z run Bit of a mixed bag but some cooler runs in there still to far out to call how the year may end.
  2. In Swanage just had an Ice Cream and now the sun is out and lots of blue around feels nice and pleasant out there. Had a few showers around earlier but seem to have missed the worst and it's clearing up now.
  3. Quite a contrast as I've been staying in Wiltshire before heading down to Dorset and it's been dry and sunny down here.
  4. Staying in Dorset this week so may pay a few visits in here if you'll have me as an honorary member. Been in Wiltshire this weekend before travelling down must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the weather.
  5. Thankfully ended up picking the best week to go to Dorset for a family holiday. Weather back in Wrexham looks mediocre at best.
  6. Massive temperature swings here went from 30.1 degrees down to 24.1c and now back up to 28.8c
  7. Dropped from 30.1 degrees down to 24.1 during that storm but now back up to 28.8 degrees.
  8. Sounds similar to my experience hopefully we can get some more but i'm not particularly hopeful but it'll be a nice surprise if there is more. You should keep an eye on the heavy shower around Chester which might give you one or two flashes.
  9. Ah well will take it was a decent little storm feels like a bonus now after Tuesday night so I'm happy. Will try and photograph the structure as it moves away.
  10. Tweet of the hail from someone in Wrexham looks like a reasonable size.
  11. Yeah looks impressive but missed the worst of it to the east I live in the NW of Wrexham and had some pretty heavy rain and could see the downdrafts but that's all. Mostly IC lightning and it went to the east of me might have been better at night perhaps.
  12. Lots of nice thunder but didn't see many CG's not sure you actually missed much really Tuesday night was better.
  13. Mostly IC lightning I think only seen one or two CG's. Or it's too bright and I'm struggling to see them.
  14. Just seen a couple of flashes and almost continuous thunder here now. Picture with phone lookong to the South.
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