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  1. Same here but surrounded by snow and stuck in the sleet but temps are dropping now so both of us might be in with a shot in a while. DP is still above 0 here which is a problem for the time being.
  2. Rain here at the moment but enjoy hopefully it will cool off later and we can get some snow later. Edit : Now the rain has arrived here temperature has risen to 5 degrees here and wind has changed to a SW direction so don't think I'll get anything till later this evening as dewpoints as too high here. Good luck everyone else though!
  3. Not really just had a look at the radar and it's mostly snow over high ground apart from the precipitation that is showing around Llainfairfechan otherwise looks like mostly sleet on the NW Radar.
  4. Well got up to 5.5 inches here and just to demonstrate how close a call for us here it was looking at the photos some of you maybe had up to 2 inches on the Wirral? just over 30 miles away and we had maybe more than double the amount some of you guys here. I will freely admit i got lucky today though.
  5. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Still snowing here around 5.5 inches of snow at the moment which isn't bad considering we missed the worst of it here in the North East.
  6. Firstly yeah i'm aware the problem i have with Wales regional is that they are all from the south of Wales and very few members from the North post in there anyway maybe around 30-40 from the South and 5 in the North say i wonder whether they should divide it up perhaps. Secondly i recollect that a few of the other members in here class my area as kind of in the North West anyway i am like 5 miles from the border anyway! .Also my post was to demonstrate how marginal this is because by the sounds of it go another 20 miles north of here and you have around half of the snow cover. Also i won't be a grammar nazi and point out your slight spelling mistakes there
  7. Still snowing here got around 10cm of snow now maybe more or slightly less but very heavy right now but with small flakes so not expecting much of a top up here.
  8. For what it's worth it's around 20 miles south of where the GFS predicted it to be on it's 18z at 3am and doing some maths it's moved 32 miles or so over the last hour so theoretically if I keeps moving at the same speed then at 3 am it should be around 60 miles north of where it is now. Which could put it as far north as Omagh or Armagh big emphasis on COULD though! Sorry got the ruler out there
  9. Not sure really but sounds like it @CreweCold could you help me out here? I'm a bit of a noob really when it comes to this so don't necessarily take what I am saying as true
  10. About 50 miles off NI I think border is around the Ballyconnell area. Think you are all clucthing at straws that it carries on into NI.
  11. Same here really still forecasted like 7 hours of heavy snow anyway but it's looking very marginal little further north would be great.
  12. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    To be honest more inclined to believe UKMO,GFS and ECM than anything that AROME and HIRLAM are showing for tomorrow. But you still might get something though just look at the radar and out the window and see what you get basically what i'm doing as well as i'm not allowing myself to get too excited until it is completely firmed up later on even though i'm in the North.
  13. Just for fun as it's way out in FI but anyone for snow on Christmas Day
  14. Not too nervous myself BBC forecast has stayed the same for like the last 2 days for Sunday for here so looking good down here. But good look to everyone else think North Wales/Cheshire might be the sweet spot even it moves North or South i think we'll still get a lot of snow.
  15. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Has the wind direction changed or something? Don't seem to be getting anywhere near as many showers at all over in the North East they just aren't forming in the Irish Sea.