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  1. Was thinking that too the evolution just looks a bit odd and thought it was going to create some HLB at 324/336 hrs but obviously this all academic at this range of course. At least we are seeing something to look though as the last few model runs haven't been great to say the least.
  2. Time to bring out the Barbecues In all seriousness hopefully something appears soon as others have been saying maybe these 'odd' outputs are about to lead to something interesting and they are sniffing something out then again that's been said before.
  3. Caption sorted now not sure a certain individual will be too happy when he sees it 😂
  4. The scenes are looking dry in here as something called snow is falling somewhere nearby meanwhile in Liphook @kold weather is wondering how this tumbleweed got into his back garden. All in good jest of course and to keep this post on topic here is a nice northerly form GEFS Pert 4 at +384hrs which is totally going to come off as shown...
  5. Scenes in the model thread as the models roll out.
  6. Hopefully not to get drunk there instead as that is a pretty dodgy combination.
  7. Well it's plane to see that was an interesting flight then.
  8. Summerstorm

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Enjoy the snow guys wish i had gotten some too but can't complain as i had 2 inches here on Wednesday.
  9. Around -4c here at the moment going to be a rather cold one i think.
  10. Summerstorm

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    EURO 4 is a bit better for those of us in the North and still looks great for the rest of you.
  11. EURO 4 looks a bit better possibly for the south of the region not much but it's something. Time to clutch at straws i guess
  12. Output doesn't look too bad to me 6z suggesting an easterly.
  13. Summerstorm

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Yes it is heading north a bit but won't get far enough for us unfortunately by the looks of things unless a miracle happens. Had plenty of snow here this morning though maybe a couple of inches so I'm happy with that.
  14. Not sure how much we have here but maybe a couple of inches and it's snowing again here now.
  15. Summerstorm

    Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Before the main event some of us may get 1 or 2cm if we are lucky off showers especially the North,NW and NE over the next 12 hours or so also depending on wind direction as to whether they will make it down into Mid Wales and the Valleys. The Icon's take on events for Thursday maybe a little OTT on snow totals but looks good all the same. Then the arpege's take sorry the UK chart isn't out yet for it but looks good also. Hirlam and Arome don't go far enough yet so can't post those but we should have an idea on those by the morning and here is the NMM WRF as a bonus as i don't rate it as much as the other two. Good luck all looks promising for most as long as it stays as it is subject to change of course and we should be more certain by tomorrow afternoon on the extent of the snow.