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  1. It is the The National Geographic 256-Colour 5-in-1 station I believe. Nothing too fancy and rather inexpensive.
  2. 8:30pm Temp 15.3C DP 15.3C Humidity 97% Rainfall 18.0mm 991hPa
  3. Met Office warning suggests that flooding of a few properties and/or businesses is possible.
  4. Absolutely tragic. The missus has grabbed a jumper from the drawer!!!
  5. Reported funnel cloud in the Ashington/Lynemouth area. Image is not mine. I don't know who to credit as the screenshot I received had the name chopped off!
  6. Absolute write off of a Summer in NE England. No heat. No storms. Boring.
  7. Rainfall totals totting up here rather quickly. The radar looks grim for the next hour or so too. Moderate rain for some time now.
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