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  1. Still seeing lightning directly north around 20 miles. Lighting up the sky.
  2. Had this one rumbling away on my way to the gym. I've had thunder from 6 cells today. Been a good few weeks... Supercell on 25th July and numerous days since with rather active lightning storms!
  3. It's going to bug me for weeks now that we didn't stop longer to film here (in HD too), we're both adamant we saw rotation close to the ground.
  4. I got a probable supercell on Thursday! I honestly think I've had 8-9 days of thunder in 2019. Been a good year really!
  5. Appear to me more NW rather than NNW on the Northumberland coast and there's plenty cells close to shore now.
  6. Loads of convection going on here now.... Seeing a lot of lightning just to my SE.
  7. Thunder from these cells popping up just off the coast. Deep rumbles.
  8. Pretty frequent lightning now from these storms moving NNW in the N Sea. Audible thunder too.
  9. Can see plenty shower clouds just off the coast up here and plenty of lightning from elevated storms.
  10. Does anyone know if there was footage taken of the storm that tracked across northern England yesterday? I can hardly find any unfortunately.
  11. At first glance both of us thought we saw some movement. Unfortunately I was recording via WhatsApp at the time and not in 4k! So it is really hard to tell. But it was noticeable to the eye whatever it was. (Just left of rainshaft) Whatever it is, is just about visible just at the beginning of the gif close to the ground.
  12. Something caught our eye here, not sure what but appeared to be some scud rising towards the base.
  13. Storm yesterday in Northumberland, had to go east at this point to avoid the large hail!
  14. I was on the storm that went through NE England. I believe I saw a funnel between Hexham & Prudhoe area. Definite rotation. Large hail also.
  15. Can 'only' see 38 on the latest ARPEGE. Unless it's just because I'm zoomed out.
  16. I may go live tomorrow on the coast if anything spicy pops up.
  17. Lots of lightning and deep loud thunder the last 30-45 minutes here.
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