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  1. Gonig nuts in the N Sea off coast of Northd
  2. Seeing a lot of lightning out to sea off the coast of Ashington, Northumberland. Nothing at all on Blitzortung.
  3. Cloud building here in Northumberland.
  4. Pretty cool here on the Northumberland coast in the breeze. A pretty sharp shower has popped up in the north.
  5. More lightning off coast here.
  6. This is the most intense shower I've had so far. & another flash but this time to my NE
  7. Big lightning bolt across the sky in Ashington
  8. Lightning here again and Dom from the Peterlee area reported lightning just a few moments ago but neither are being registered on the detectors. Would love to see a map if they were all on there.
  9. Going to stash this one away in a folder. Don't see it too often.
  10. Almost 2,000 people in the dark in DH9,NE61,NE65
  11. How come things only happen when you're not filming! Couple flashes so got the camera out filmed for 5 minutes, nothing happened and now I've got a sore arm and half a gig worth of useless footage.
  12. Big flash over ashington just now. Anyone else see?
  13. Appears to be back on. Alarms still sounding however.
  14. Powers gone out in bits of NE63. Factory alarms going.