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  1. Another toasty looking strat in the latter stages of the run... Improvements in the past 12 hours, but we definitely need more!
  2. I did get quite a few snow showers from the north westerlies in 17/18
  3. Something clearly going wrong with the 18z run roll out on Meteociel. Fragmented.
  4. I believe he is talking about the 10 day trend from the Met Office tomorrow.
  5. Yeah I agree with the improvement. A nice average -7.5 850hpa for Newcastle here. It seems all of the runs have been getting stuck today. Particularly the FV3 & now GEFS.
  6. Safe to say the GEFS set are a bit of a joke post 11th. That spread. Scandinavian high pressure is consistent throughout so far however.
  7. Think I'm actually going to be sick looking at where that air is being drawn from.
  8. Not quite disillusioned yet with yesterdays output. Baby steps in the right direction.