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  1. Keep waking up expecting everything has gone TU and a complete meltdown but it's okay Hoping for more upgrades.
  2. So excited viewing this mornings runs. Going to be an interesting time ahead with that low being in the north sea as I'm in Northumberland and we've got a flag display to do! Good to see the agreement too across the models.
  3. GFS 18z is a thing of beauty. Best come in though....
  4. Doesn't look too pleasant for me on the 9th though it's way out.
  5. Reasonably consistency from the GFS.
  6. I now know what it felt like for you bouncing lot in the derby. Model equivalent.
  7. I'm certainly not great myself possibly quite foggy, dry and cold. I could be wrong. I'm sure others will correct me if not.
  8. Not a great fan of GFS 00z - Doesn't seem too bad towards the end.
  9. Hurricane Ophelia

    Think she begins the northward turn pretty soon.
  10. Just had a flash of lightning in Northumberland.