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  1. It might be easier to upload it YouTube then link even though they compress it a bit
  2. Would it be true to say that july 27th was the most active day ever known for the uk? Hopefully not, because I would like repeat of it in 2019, and hopefully be underneath some of it...
  3. Blimey, this is better than summer! For those near the coast at least
  4. Lightning on the south west coast right now !
  5. Another Kent clipper

    Saturday the 3rd of November

    Oscar jr?
  6. Don't know if it shows the jist but nice skies today
  7. I am so sorry for jinxing it. Monday rush hour will be interesting if this unelectrified rain keeps up
  8. Thanks SS. Ooh, hello. The channel rain is starting to get going. Thunder o'clock soon londoners
  9. There aren't expletives to describe how frustrating 2018 has been for me, and all of us let's be honest. The entire UK can be placed in the no storms club this year. Firstly exhibit A: Stuck in work till 9pm, was all but gone by the time I'd driven to the east coast Exhibit B: An elevated all-nighter makes it all the way to stoke before de-electrifying. No sleep. No lightning. Exhibit C : my favourite type of setup: blowy, squally, anywherey. Anywhere but Manchester. But close enough for rumbles to be heard. And yes, if I wasn't at work I'd be on the motorway
  10. Rhetorical question: what happened to the lightning? Nonetheless, this rain's actually quite nice
  11. Another Kent clipper

    Storm Helene - ex tropical system for UK

    I must say it is strange to have this weather mixed in with unseasonably high temperatures. I don't know if that's significant
  12. The skies are beginning to look rather satisfying in north Manchester. Presumably it's not even a convective day though.
  13. Another Kent clipper

    No storms club 2018 Season

    This lack of storms thing has gone on for tooo long. It is actually painful.
  14. Despite being void of lightning (and I expect it to continue to be so) the weather has been very sexy in Manchester today and yesterday...
  15. Pretty sky looking north from salford