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  1. Had plenty of hail and thunder from 8.45pm in north Manchester, M9 Pity I was working otherwise I would have tried to film it. About five strikes in total, one close isolated strike at about 9.10 in the M 8 area
  2. I know, I thought there was something wrong with the website. Plenty of sferics embedded in the last few days' rain
  3. It sounds like a very messy and squally day. Very british weather but I'll take a rumble of thunder
  4. A welcome convective shower just passed by. Hail, too
  5. It shows a desperate time of the year when convective chatter 7 hours away gets me excited... http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/plymouth-news/lightning-storm-strong-winds-hit-813273.amp
  6. Hurricane Ophelia

    There's a nice rainy thing coming in from my west
  7. I hope funnel clouds fall under convective because this will provide respite from the tumbleweed for those that hadn't seen...
  8. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    I'm off to Barcelona on the 13th November. Hopefully I'll get lucky. If not, well it's Barcelona
  9. Just had what felt like a convective shower, about 30 minutes ago in ardwick. Its nice now
  10. Accuweather on my phone says t-storms here in manc. But it's a fine evening. If it comes it'd better wait until Paul Draper's gig finishes...
  11. Just bang it in flight mode, job's a good'n
  12. Unlucky for those that'll be subjected to yellow rain. Reminds of the one time I watched oasis live
  13. Storm Alex. I've named it now officially
  14. Incidentally I saw a fit looking bit of semi convection about 30 minutes ago from burnage. I think the glub of rain is in altrincham now