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  1. Pssst... everyone to Wrexham to watch the mcs that will inevitably sprout up behind your back. In all seriousness, fair play!
  2. For a lightning lover that can only mean a broken heart
  3. I thought that myself but when I looked at the gfs forecast on this website, I saw nothing for the next two weeks. Northern France seems to be as close as the action will get
  4. Hahaha, I'm still in Scotland tomorrow. Gutted the thunder happened today across much of England whilst I was away tho
  5. A couple of shots from the Orkney islands, between st Margaret's hope and kirkwall
  6. I took this a few hours ago from the ring of brodgar, orkney islands. Nothing exciting on the radar at the time
  7. Quite a few pictures in the Southampton local http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/16175874.PHOTOS__Spectacular_thunderstorm_hits_Southampton/
  8. Nope, cos it's moving away from me hehe.
  9. Well, it's a beautiful, clear, dry night on a hill in tameside. Don't know what to do now. I don't think I could get anywhere near that glub heading towards the Midlands.
  10. I'm heading out now. Gonna plant myself somewhere east of Ashton under lyme. I didn't get chance to figure out where the best place to head was and have no expert knowledge
  11. The circular cloud in the channel islands on the left looks rather demonic
  12. Is it time for a new thread? Or is that just jinxing this afternoon's bust.. I mean event?
  13. Another Kent clipper

    European Storm & Convective Discussion

    Any live webcam recommendations for the hague, Netherlands? I seem to be struggling
  14. Well, the drizzle has gone and the sun is (kinda) shining. Presumably the trough has passed. At this point, are things looking confident in a few hours time for some action in the British isles?