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  1. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    I would still class you as in. I would say I'm out now. Wednesday night's rumbly scraping followed by a similar affair on friday afternoon; only I accidentally drove straight through a cell on the m56, in an attempt to traverse eastwards to catch the good stuff. Gutted I missed most of it but nonetheless, I'm officially out
  2. Yeah, I saw no bolts, just flashes. Is 800ft high or low for a cloud base? At the time, to me, it felt as if the storm was elevated
  3. I caught a few strikes last night but only the sheeting of them. The thunder sounded like it was fighting through stubborn air, a bit choppy strike 1~3.mp4
  4. I'm on my 3rd obvious rumble. The wait is over
  5. I hope tonight is the night. I'm in south central Manchester with not the best view from my biggest window
  6. I like it when supercells are not ruled out
  7. East Anglia is missed out for once. Unless the map is inverted of course
  8. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    That squall line was hilarious the way it bottled it on the eleventh hour. And then worst still, Tuesday 1st August; rain with electrical activity north and south of Manchester. No, I'm conveniently not including Rochdale, it takes too long to get to
  9. when you make your tweaks could you please extend the slight to cover Manchester? I promise I won't moan too much if it doesn't come to fruition
  10. It's all because I posted a guess on here MIA (as Chris Lea-Alex) that Tamworth would get a storm at 6pm on the 5th May or something. I had no meteorological knowledge to base it on, just a surface based hunch. I've temporarily jinxed it for the Midlands and for here in Manchester it seems
  11. Didn't the Midlands get a few cells yesterday? You know it's only a matter of time..
  12. No Storms Club 2017 Season

    Despite posting that I thought I'd heard a rumble this afternoon, I think now it may have been the bins from the other street. Nearest spheric at the time was like Rochdale. I tried to get on high ground but had to turn back at staylybridge to get to work. Manchester was in between squalls from looking at the radar. I'm happy for those in the west Midlands though, things seem to be picking up round there
  13. I think I just heard a rumble!!!! (south Manchester)
  14. A bit of early afternoon cauliflower and stuff in Manchester today. I was happy with that
  15. Well I had quite a mad one at work this afternoon but I took a couple of pictures of the April style showerage. Very on-off rain