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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    There's a nice rainy thing coming in from my west
  2. I hope funnel clouds fall under convective because this will provide respite from the tumbleweed for those that hadn't seen...
  3. European Storm & Convective Discussion

    I'm off to Barcelona on the 13th November. Hopefully I'll get lucky. If not, well it's Barcelona
  4. Just had what felt like a convective shower, about 30 minutes ago in ardwick. Its nice now
  5. Accuweather on my phone says t-storms here in manc. But it's a fine evening. If it comes it'd better wait until Paul Draper's gig finishes...
  6. Just bang it in flight mode, job's a good'n
  7. Unlucky for those that'll be subjected to yellow rain. Reminds of the one time I watched oasis live
  8. Storm Alex. I've named it now officially
  9. Incidentally I saw a fit looking bit of semi convection about 30 minutes ago from burnage. I think the glub of rain is in altrincham now
  10. I saw my first bolt in 362 days. A great big long inter-cloud jobby, immediately after 'merging' onto Mancunian Way. It felt apocalyptic. It was also quite gusty 5 minutes before when I was heading up upper brook st. Hope became reality
  11. Bye bye, unsurprisingly non-electrified showery cauliflower. Enjoy the peak district, it's fit
  12. North West England Regional Weather Discussion 23/04/2017 onwards

    I hope you get some strikes in commission for the tip off! It gives me hope as I'm in the mottram area right hoping for an electrical wiff of something
  13. Look like this by any chance?
  14. Some angry clouds to get me in mood... looking east towards ikea in Ashton under-lyme Quote: 34 minutes ago, Supacell said: If the stuff to the north can turn thundery then I may be in business, although showers and storms coming from the NW rarely get here due to the Peak District killing them off. It's kicking off to the south of Birmingham again, could be a good afternoon if you live in the SE Midlands. With you Supacell being of a hillier vicinity, is there anywhere you would recommend drivable that is a good clear vantage point for stormy weather?
  15. and so it has begun.. popcorn pulse wackamole. I'm gonna head towards the stalybridge / ashton side of manc to be in a good position