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  1. Another Kent clipper

    Storm Helene - ex tropical system for UK

    I must say it is strange to have this weather mixed in with unseasonably high temperatures. I don't know if that's significant
  2. The skies are beginning to look rather satisfying in north Manchester. Presumably it's not even a convective day though.
  3. Another Kent clipper

    No storms club 2018 Season

    This lack of storms thing has gone on for tooo long. It is actually painful.
  4. Despite being void of lightning (and I expect it to continue to be so) the weather has been very sexy in Manchester today and yesterday...
  5. Pretty sky looking north from salford
  6. @Flash bang flash bang etc I know, the late April and late May MCS glubs were just a tease building up to summer of hot blah. You'll have to remove the etc off your username at this rate
  7. Another Kent clipper

    No storms club 2018 Season

    I'd love to see one in the western dry states (is arizona west?). It's been a long time since I witnessed a rain'less' thunderstorm. It's been a long time since I witnessed a thunderstorm in fact
  8. Another Kent clipper

    No storms club 2018 Season

    Oh September 13th 2016. The last proper one in Manchester too. A real MCyes
  9. I wonder what part of the world this is, italy perhaps? Or maybe it's b****y Lincolnshire!
  10. @Reevesie1 I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Nobody wants to be that close to lightning.
  11. One second later after putting camera down.....
  12. I'd imagine that squall thing dissecting London is photogenic to those that are not under it
  13. Ignore that last post. 3 rumbles here in 7 minutes. Good start. Edit. This is a thunderstorm!
  14. Lightning roulette: I'm gonna go all out and bet that pontefract will get the worst (best) of it. Place your town bets!
  15. You're just jealous you weren't there, let's be honest!