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  1. good find by the way. There's quite a few car parks here, I chose the "friends" one in the end. Not sure if I'm gonna sit and kill time in this seemingly dynamic rain or retreat to London and find a hill
  2. I'm parked in Croydon after finishing work. As I've no idea whether this MCs is an evening thing or an early hours thing.. should I really be driving south now?!
  3. From what I've heard, smooth appearance (as opposed to cauliflower) is a telltale feature of an evelated thunderstorm and that is well exhibited in that image
  4. Plume rules. At work: "why are you so tired"... "Erm I was checking the radar. At 12, 2, 4, and 6am. Contemplated going out for a look when I was within 100 miles of sferics but then I fell asleep"
  5. This gives me hope. By being likely elevated the storms might wait for me to finish work at 8.30pm
  6. My four days off have fallen on yesterday, today, tomorrow, and Sunday! ... however, having just checked the GFS, tue-wed-thu are already scaled down for Cape from what they were. Can't speak for other charts
  7. I'm working mon-sat next week till late. This means these graphics are as real as.. something real. I'm not selfish but drizzle please!
  8. Does it count as leaving if I drove 90 minutes to get to the action?
  9. Funnily enough that's where I've wound up. Parked up facing the sea. Heading back to London now, I think there's nothing more to see in kent
  10. Ok, I've finished work in London. Where's it heading? I'm about to get in my car!
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